Wednesday 1 November 2023

On the Thames beach... in CENTRAL LONDON! Bucket List family trip to River Thames shore

I didn't know if this is legal! I grew up in Central London and wanted to do this for decades. Took a trip with my son down to the river bed on the South Bank. I didn't know if it was legal to go down the ladders on the Embankment onto the beach at low tide... but we do it anyway! On the River Thames shore in front of Oxo Tower, ITV tower, the old This Morning studios and the City of London skyline, including St Pauls Cathedral. I think we can see 8 Bishopsgate being built, next to the walkie talkie building...

On the beach... in CENTRAL LONDON! Bucket List family trip to River Thames shore


Here we go!
So I never thought we would ever do this! Um I don't know why it's just been on my bucket list for a long time uh it's the... it's going on the beach on the River Thames in the middle of the central... "the" Central London. 
So my school - my very Posh school that I had a 
scholarship to - is over there. That's Blackfriars and you can see St Paul's Cathedral just uh over there in the distance um but I'm um I... for years like decades, I've always wanted to come down onto the beach uh on the River Thames and uh we're just doing it today my son and I uh it's very exciting. 
I had planned to you know make a big thing of this you know make a big trip but we just saw a ladder over there and thought well let's do it let's go down let's go down to the beach! 
Hello I'm Neil this is the Dad delivers Vlog where I try new things to make your family happy and the new thing I'm trying today is this - nearly tripped up - it's going somewhere we're not probably supposed to on the beach uh on the River Thames in Central London.
So um I've wanted to do this for a while just to see just to see what it's like down here um I don't know if it's illegal but so I did a little bit of research - a little bit of Uncle Google - and apparently it is illegal to dig um down here so just touching the shore other than stepping on it apparently that's a no no that's uh verboten, but walking on it there aren't any signs that say no entry and there aren't any signs that say um we're not allowed to do this but uh look there's even some sand over here have a look at this!
Here's some dull TV trivia this is where um "This Morning" used to be over there those windows there used to look out onto this Skyline if you ever seen this morning you might recognize the background but um this was actually real and now they've just got TV screens I think recreating this they just got a video oh look there uh there's some boat activity there.
Have a look over here you can see there's um we're filming this in... we're filming this in 2023: probably see a yet another building going up uh near to the walkie-talkie building.
So the studio was back then - behind it is the what I know that as the London Weekend Television Studios the LWT building became ITV Tower and then they sold it off and then they tried demolish it but they haven't quite done the job yet um I think they might have hit a problem which is which is good because I think that's a really - one of my favourite buildings in London and look at the state of it it's been like that for uh quite a while uh they've got the scaffolding ready ready to bring it down. 
I think if you look closely you can even see the faint outline of the "this morning" logo on the wall there. 
There was a giant picture I think of uh Phil and Holly there - it's long since gone let's zoom out.
Yeah it's not usually as busy as this there's loads of people in the background um usually you just have like one or two people uh maybe someone with a metal detector um which isn't allowed apparently without a licence uh yeah this is quite exciting there's a little element of Jeopardy - a little element of maybe we shouldn't be here!
So are you pleased we did this finally - 
yeah - we've been talking about this for years! 
Yeah right, let's go. Too much time. 
We have spent too much time.
If you have any uh questions put... leave a comment down below um I don't know why I'm really excited about this but I am cuz I grew up in London and I've never done this before so uh that's another thing to cross off the list!
It's really clean sand...
Well okay we're going to take this ladder 
- there are a few points where you can walk down.
There's some steps over there uh there's a ladder here this is the one we took next to the Oxo Tower let's go back.
Obviously uh thank you for hitting the thumbs up or the Subscribe 
button really appreciate it it helps me to keep going with this channel make these videos but as we go back to shore right here in the corner is uh what YouTube thinks you want to watch next.
Let's go.

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