Tuesday 7 November 2023

LOFT TOUR! Which retro gadgets are up there???

This is a weird video, I know. But a friend wanted to know if I had an old amplifier up in the loft he could borrow. What better excuse than to take you up there with me for an old fashioned YouTube Loft Tour!

Come along for this exciting trip up into the attic where my electronics go and have a rest...

LOFT TOUR! Which retro gadgets are up there???



hello Gordon uh it's lovely to hear from you so you need to find a uh Hi-Fi amplifier I think I've got something just for you um you said you'd like it to be midi size now I can't remember if midi is like the um you know like the width of those awful all in one Hi-Fi systems you know from amstrad you know that kind of width or if midi is like the standard width you know there's like the width of a video recorder so I'll just get my dog let's put in now the first hurdle I've got is I've got to go into the Loft and Casper hates me opening The Loft ladder so let's see if uh if doggy goes nuts uh when the Loft opens no no he's on standby he knows he knows what's happening but watch this so I've lost the stick to open the Loft that's problem number two so use this baseball bat here we go right what's the dog here we go

so I need two hands

I'm not being attacked it's all right

I don't know why oh and foolishly I didn't turn the light on on my camera so we're gonna go up uh hang on okay I can't use the ultra wide lens with the light so this is probably really close to me now and here we are in the the Field of Dreams uh Harvest what can we Harvest I've got a feeling it's in this one so here's all my model trains and I think I've got all my life at the BBC fit into one box over there but all my electronics was... are here what's this so

I've got a cassette deck I've got mini disc player but this is this what you're looking for um I tried to get my son interested in this and he just does not want to know he wants one of those graphic equalizers like they had in Ferris Bueller's Day Off you know with the lots of buttons and the dancing LED display I think let's get this out

so is this what you're looking for Gordon because this this is absolutely brilliant there's a little graphic equalizer here which obviously you won't need um and it's got two outputs for speakers I'll show you around the back in a minute so you push them in to engage so that's you can have two sets of speakers obviously it's on off I've not used this in 20 years as well you can balance it left and right here oh that's uh hopefully you won't get any crunch there and I'll set it to the middle and then you've got three inputs as well so I can do that oh it's a Sanyo a JA350a and you can do a direct monitor of tape Source by clicking that in

there's a high filter and loudness I think that just gives it a bit of a boost and volume control here and then these LED lights dance up and down uh with the volume and then on the back we have so a a and b speakers left and right

regular just hardwired plug and then we have these phono inputs so I've got phono for a record deck and I'm I'm wondering if that's what you might need it for tuner, aux and record and play for the tape source is this is this what you need Gordon this is what I need to know is this or maybe it's just for um maybe just doing some DJing on the beach um setting up some kind of sound system I've got a much bigger amplifier so I should show it to you shouldn't I just think just in case uh I'd have to find it though so I might pause oh yeah by the way you know because you like old stuff look this is my I did look for the the very old Apple Mac I've got a very funny feeling I might have sold it 10 years ago um between some freelance gigs I don't know but look this look at this look you'll love this so in here is a bag of every mobile phone that I've owned ever I've got the um do you remember this this was a um so you didn't want to do any work today did you um

that's that's a bag sorry I just want to show you this camera um I don't think it works anymore it's a flip camera do you remember the flick cameras um you just literally press record there and if I pull this button from memory you just stick it in it's a USB so it looks terrible because the the plastic is kind of decaying it's a bit of a shame isn't it but look at all these flow oh look at all these phones are my favorite phones um

I thought I had my phone that opens up into a keyboard um that's in another bag and then I've got a really super old orange 5.1 that I bought off eBay about 10 years ago because I knew it would be a thing

I'll show you this just for the fun remember this Oh Happy Days Sim got mild case um anyway so that's not that's not why you called cooler uh trying to remember which box this might be in here we go let's try so I'll pause the video and I'll see if I can find the other amplifier

this isn't the amplifier but I thought you might like to see it this is my old mixer that I used to do mixtapes in my room too um I don't think it's working anymore why why am I keeping all this Gordon

okay okay I've found it underneath the Christmas tree I've got this look at this CD this CD players like the one at UKC radio um I got it from that auction from the from TV Centre when TV Centre was sold off um it's not that good actually because the button's quite sticky but underneath it I don't think I think you'd prefer the Sanyo one but this is my other amplifier it's a Sony three and it's huge it's a beast and there's a Dolby Pro logic sorry about the focus um system with auto input balance and you can you can put video into it as well as audio but it's really heavy so this would not be fun to bring to uh to Brighton but if if you prefer this one hang on pause it and we'll see the other we'll see around the back and here we are around the back my goodness you must have an amplifier like this surely for your um so I'm really curious I'd love to know what you need this amplifier for but just in case this one is of use you can put videos into it LD Happy Days uh video three video two video One video monitor and then phonos and it's got these phonos in and these outputs but I'm sure your amplifier would be much better than this one so here's the question is any of this any good love your work see you soon can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye all right this is going to be the proper one right?

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