Thursday 2 November 2023

EASY Air Fryer CROISSANTS! Ninja Foodi Dualzone airfryer recipe from frozen in minutes....

How do you cook frozen croissants in an air fryer? I bake these delicious supermarket croissants from frozen in our Ninja Foodi Air fryer in minutes, and share the temperature and airfryer cooking times. With MORE air fryer recipes and breakfast snack ideas in the playlist below!

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PERFECT Air Fryer CROISSANTS! from frozen in minutes.... Ninja Foodi Dualzone airfryer recipe


Oh, these are looking good. Let's put them on the plates really gently, delicately. Woah! For the next Air fryer breakfast snack idea. I'm going for these Frozen croissants. We've got these in the UK from Aldi, but I bet you can find some wherever you are.
Now I've got to convert the time. It says, uh, fan on 180 for 20 minutes, so I'm going to drop the temperature to 160°C. I'll put Fahrenheit on screen now. I'm going to turn on the air fryer and put it on to bake. 160 has come up, so I'm going to set the time for probably, probably for 12 minutes just to check how that goes. So, and I'm doing three croissants.
Hit start. Now the challenge with the Frozen croissants is that we've got to have the temperature high enough so that the pastry cooks through, but we don't want to make it brown and come out brown and hard. We are about halfway through now, so let's see how it's going. Oh, the camera's a bit wobbly. Wow, these are looking pretty good. They're on their way, but I'll keep them going.
It's 2 minutes to go. I think I'm going to turn these over, so let's get the tongs. Maybe I should do it by hand. And so we go. I think I'll flip them over just so they get cooked all the way around. But when I'm doing this, I think it's probably not good to interrupt the cooking, but let's see what happens if I turn them over, so we get a nice even cooking on there.
So the cooking time's over at 12 minutes. Let's see how they look. Waa, it's looking great. I'm just going to, ow, excuse fingers. I've got clean hands. I think they might be a bit soggy in the middle, so I'm just going to give them another minute. So I need to reset it to bake 160, and we'll just go for 1 minute.
Time's up. Let's see how it looks. Oh, these are looking good. Put them on the plate really gently, delicately. Woah. I still think that's going to be a bit doughy in the middle. Oh my goodness. Okay, I'm going to put them back in. I'm going to gamble it, uh, so just throw them in, and then we will, uh, go for another minute.
Woah, it's air fryer gambling, isn't it? Let's try again. 
Yeah, I'm calling it. 
Yeah, I'm calling that success. Dad delivers success. Let's cut into them now and see. So I've got my daughter on camera there. Good work. Right, let's cut into one and see how it's come out, and we'll know everything's okay. Oh, obviously it's collapsing. Yeah, I'd say that's a, a success. That's looking pretty cooked for Frozen croissants, I would say: Try 320°F or 160°C for 14 minutes. You might want to try 16 minutes, so 14 to 16 minutes depending on how big they are and how many you've got.
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