Saturday 18 November 2023

How to delete a YouTube video or Shorts videos

How do you delete a YouTube video? That's a video that you have uploaded to YouTube, either by desktop or using your Android phone, iPhone or iPad? In this step by step tutorial, I show you how to remove a video and this also works to delete YouTube Shorts videos! You can remove your video from YouTube using just the regular YouTube app!




Hello, how do you delete a video on YouTube? 
That's a video which you have uploaded and you now want to remove permanently. 
You probably know this already, but you can hide, unlist, or edit videos that you have put up on YouTube. 
The links for how to do those are down in the description. 
The easiest way to delete a YouTube video is to use the YouTube Studio app or go to on any browser.
But maybe you don’t have that app. OR you’ve only got your phone to do this.
Let's do this both on desktop and phone.
To delete a YouTube video using a desktop or laptop:
Open the video you want to delete.
Make sure you're signed in on the correct YouTube account, and this button should appear: "Edit video." 
Click on that, and it takes you to the studio page for the video.
Click on the three dots on the top right-hand corner, and there's the option to delete. 
You get this warning message; check the box and delete forever!
With Android phone, iPhone, or iPad, we can delete a video on YouTube using the regular YouTube app:
Click on your avatar, that's the picture of your face, in the bottom right-hand corner.
And then, scroll down to your videos. 
These are all the videos that have been uploaded, even the ones which are private.
And I’ll click on the three dots next to the video that I want to delete. 
That brings up this menu; scroll down, and there it is: "Delete." We did it!
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