Wednesday 1 November 2023

How to Air Fryer WHOLE CHICKEN Ninja Foodi Dual zone recipe...

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How to Air Fryer WHOLE CHICKEN! Ninja Foodi Dualzone recipe...



How do you cook this delicious... This is a gift from my future self. This delicious roast chicken, which we have cooked in the Ninja Foodi air fryer, it looks amazing, and I'm hoping that it's really easy to do because I haven't done this before. This is the Dad Delivers Vlog where we try new things to make your family happy, and today I'm going to try cooking a roast chicken in an air fryer.
The first thing we'll need is an air fryer. We've got the Ninja... the Ninja? The Ninja Foodi air fryer, and you need a chicken as well. I'm just going to do this all in the pot. Come over here, look over into there. We're going to put the chicken into the basket. It just about fits. So, this chicken is 4.2 lb or 1.9 kg. Oh, it just about fits in. That is... That is really snug. I've got chicken juice everywhere. Right. 
You should just leave it on and just film this.
Should I just leave this in?! 
Look, look, look on the floor.
This is the reality of the air fryer chicken experience. But look, that looks nice, doesn't it?
First thing we're going to do, I read this on the internet. I'm going to cut a lemon in half, and then this is amazing. Come over, have a look at the chicken. I'm going to rub this on the chicken.
I'm not sure that this does that much but put it on there, a bit of flavour, isn't it?
And then, do you know where this is going to go? 
And now, this is going to go into the chicken, so I don't know if you can see that, just going to poke it in there.
Poor, chicken. 
I might do, I might just put the other one in as well, the other half while we've got it. And then I've got some cloves of garlic here. We're going to cut one clove. 
You don't really need to peel it. I'm going to peel it, I’m going to bung that in the chicken. In the... “fire in the hole!”.
I put a second clove of garlic in. If you're doing this for a roast dinner, I think you need to put the whole bulb in. Do you know what? I've cut my finger, and this lemon and the garlic is absolutely, it's not helping my hand, bro. 
Next, I'm going to add some butter to the skin. So, I've got a spoon, and it's a bit cold, so it won't spread. Lemon juice, I'm like, I'm splashing the camera. 
Okay, Casper cam.
He wants the chicken? 
Show me the chicken. Show me the chicken.
I'm going to cut into the skin like that, and I'm going to put the garlic into there, and I put this on the other side. 
Should probably spread them out properly and have some more, but that's just looking good. 
I've got my cooking times here. Let's get them into the, we're going to bung it in the air fryer! 
It's nice, uh, jingle that I've got going there.
So we'll put that in, and then this is the Ninja Foodi air fryer.
Ninja says you don't need to preheat it. 
I've warmed it up a bit, but, um, we're just going to go from cold, and I'm going to dial up roast. I'm going to turn it on.
Then I'm going to dial up roast, and then we are going to put this on for 340°F, which is 170°C.
We'll check how it's doing after 1 hour 10, and then I just hit the big bad on/off button.
It's smelling absolutely delicious. We have 17 minutes to go. Should we take a look?
Oh, that is looking nice. So we've had to flip the chicken over because it was really smoking, and I think it was smoking because the legs. 
I can't point because I'm holding the thing. The legs were pointing up, and I think they were touching the heating element or getting a bit close to the heating element. We flipped it over to cook it this way around for the rest of it, and the smoke has stopped. Let's keep going. 
It's finished, and look at that.
Get a good shot of the steaming chicken. I've got to now get it out of the air fryer basket to rest over here. 
Get a couple of forks.
I'll put it this way up because that's where I put the garlic. So I'm going to flip it over. That looks okay, doesn't it? 
Let's cut into this now. By the way, I'm going to use it with my Global carving knife. I'll put a link to that down in the description. Let's see how the chicken's come out. If we go close to the meat, it looks... that looks really well cooked.
Oh, man, look at that. 
Oh, should I taste that?
It's going to taste like chicken, right? 
It's really nice.
Incredibly, I've had this Global carving knife for, I think, 25 years, and I've used it daily. It has been absolutely there every single day. It's insanely expensive, but it has really delivered its worth to my food over the years. 
You can sharpen it; it just lasts for decades.
The handle is completely balanced with the blade as well, so it feels really good while you're carving whatever you need to cook. 
So that's 170°C, 340°F, 1 hour 10 minutes on roast for this 4.2 lb chicken, or that's 1.9 kg. 
I am calling this a Dad Delivers success!
Some chicken on the lens there. If you want to buy the Ninja Foodi air fryer, it's absolutely fantastic. It's working out really well for us. There's a link to that in the description below. Thank you for hitting the thumbs up or the Subscribe button. It really helps me to keep this channel going. And right here are some more air fryer recipes, or something else that YouTube knows that you're going to love watching next.

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