Monday 6 November 2023

How to fix a toilet that won't stop flushing... Continuous water flow into the bowl...

Our toilet won't stop flushing. After pushing the flush, the water keeps running from the cistern.
I try one way to clean the flush with limescale remover... which works for a bit. But then the non-stop flushing returns... so I'll have to take the toilet apart.

How to fix a toilet that won't stop flushing... Continuous water flow into the bowl...



thank you this is the problem come come with me under here that's what it just keeps Flushing so it doesn't start the only way to stop it is by jabbing your finger on the button like this

and then it stops uh flushing or emptying and the system fills up so how how am I gonna fix this this is the dad delivers Vlog where I try new things to make your family happy like those words but I'm really going to make my family happy if I can fix this toilet somehow well the thing I'm going to try is if I lift this up I can't see anything broken or wrong here in the old toilets it was really kind of a bit more basic but this is all kind of uh sealed up and the main problem seems to be of the two buttons it seems to be this button and it just feels it feels like hey if they both feel the same

um so if I press this one

let's stop this which stops stops that all right so now it's filled up so it is something on this button once it flushes it just kind of stays open and I can't see anything that's really obviously wrong and sometimes it does work but sometimes it doesn't so it's really inconsistent I'm going to turn off the water supply to the to the toilets down here so I'm trying to hold the camera at the same time ah right so we're gonna flush it now hopefully [Music] no new water comes in and then I don't know I'm just going to drench it with a life scale remover

if it's safe should I try it it's all plastic isn't it oh let's just put it in see what happens

and I can't quite get into it so I'm going to squeeze it in I would have used Viakal but I've gone for a supermarket version already this
briskly so it emptied most of the bottle in I should just put the whole lot in but I'm gonna pour some on the top here it's like oil I'm not sure this is going to work but let's leave it for an hour see what happens

now hopefully this will stop everyone using the let's wait up for an hour we'll see they're probably just wheel over it it is one hour later and uh I've just been I should have done this at the beginning but I've just been looking at some videos on YouTube and I don't really want to take this apart but I think that's what we need to do we'll see if the fire cow or lime scale remover has cleaned up the valve at the bottom there's like a big washer at the bottom and that's not coming down again when I push the button so it's this is completely fine that's not the problem problem is it doesn't shut off at the bottom once it's flushed once it's done its job

let's Let It flush so now it's filling back up

releases had a bit of a clean now I'm going to press flush

do you like this speeding up I think it kind of works this might be the new channel uh I'm gonna keep flashing it until I break it well that seems to have fixed it so okay it lasted a couple of days it's a few days later and it's it's back it's happened again it did really work it did work for a while but now now it doesn't so I've got to do something a little bit more major um let's find a screwdriver and turn off the water yet again maybe I should turn it off permanently and have a dry toilet like they have on Van life let's lift the lid again I've watched this video on YouTube where he sort of Twisted off the middle section and then lifted it up and just uh fixed the washers like a giant washer there as if I can do this with one hand but I'm going to try the same thing so I could really mess this up oh okay yeah that twist [Music] twist yeah it doesn't lift up let me try it the other way okay so I'm going to turn it anti-clockwise and find it a bit difficult but

I don't want to snap it okay there's a small blue catch down there I pressed in and that seems to make it easier to oh no that button there I'm going to press that in as I'm turning it so I can't push it in now as it turns oh that's difficult I did have it there we go okay so I turned it all the way and then I turned it back again and that seemed to release it and down there it looks like it's a bit of a blockage that doesn't look good does it

so this is this is what um what happens when you press the button it lifts this Central section up and there's like a washer there that's all looking really clean and that works well it's not looking great is there there's like a white I already put my hand down it but it's gonna be safe isn't this just clean water isn't it uh there's some kind of weird white stuff there I might just get a stick or something although you know what that looks like it's sealant that's gone in maybe it's from where the the plumber put it in so if I get a stick I think it might be sticking against that white stuff I've got this stick let's try this I had to shine a light Let Me Shine a Light down here for you so in goes the stick I'm just gonna produce it just to save

no that's the only thing I can see that's affecting it because there's nothing on the washer so I'm going to try and cut that off maybe with a knife just open it up a bit okay I have cut out most of the sealant just peel it off with my hands that's most of it gone now in fact I think it's all gone now I've got to try and put this back in uh let's just give it a go

it goes back down I guess I didn't put it in quite the same way and I can't get it out again but I think I think we're good to go there just winging it and then get the lid well I don't need the lid back on let's let's leave the lid off just in case it's gone wrong I'll turn the water back on and then [Music] flush seems to have stopped this I think is the winner

and that is how sorry about the noise in the background that is how I fit I usually have a lot more fun than this on the channel I promise so thank you for hitting the thumbs up or the Subscribe button if this does help your toilet situation and right here is what YouTube knows that you are going to love watching next it's better than toilet fixing can you please help my daddy get 10 000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye all right this is gonna be the proper one right?

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