Sunday, 17 February 2019


We are #teamTIGHTWAD, and this day we found joy spending on...

- German supermarket chain supermarket shop.
Because we can’t think of anything better to do.

I think this might be the way to go forward.
Linking the actual JOY to the spending.

LONDON TRIP: JOY VS MONEY #TightwadDad VLOG 002 | Neil Mossey

[LOUD MUSIC] Hello, I'm Neil Mossey I'm from #TightwadDad.
This is gonna be a weird video.
I've come to London today.
I'm shooting this on my phone, I don't even know if it's in focus.
I'm going to log what I'm spending today - so my family gets to see what I do.
[LOUD MUSIC] So the first thing I spent on, was this.
My train ticket.
I guess I can put that up on the screen, the amount of JOY it brought me?
Probably 9.
Cuz look it brought me here.
[LOUD MUSIC] It's a bleak day in London, my toe is still bust, let's have a look.
I'm just hobbling around town with this.
I've borrowed a sock from my Long-Suffering Wife.
The outer sock is fluffy - white stripey one.
But where I'm going next is somewhere very special.
[LOUD MUSIC] Yep it's one of these - they've got some kind of computer problem, so the restaurant's nice and empty.
I know my son will be really jealous but honestly, the JOY was about 5.
Gonna find somewhere else to sit now, for one hour.
[LOUD MUSIC] So I'm going to a quiet area now, I don't
know if I'm going to be able to film.
I'll maybe sneak a shot.
"Doors opening" [SILENCE - PEN SCRATCHING]
[LOUD MUSIC] Okay so that was free because I've already paid and the JOY is about 10 - that was really nice.
Now I'm gonna cross the river again... one more time.
I've got to be in Tottenham Court Road by 3:00 for a meeting.
[LOUD MUSIC] Time for a bus now because I can't walk up there.
I don't know how much this is gonna cost.
[LOUD MUSIC] So there it goes.
The JOY there was 10.
I've got 5 minutes to spare so I timed that really well.
[QUIET TAXI STREET SOUNDS] So the meeting went well, it's now half four.
There's a taxi protest here.
It's really eerie, it's so quiet!
Now I'm going over to finish my evening.
[LOUD MUSIC] So I'm here with my friend Rob.
We're gonna have food!
[LOUD MUSIC] So the cost was high, but the JOY was 11.
It was gorgeous.
But, if we take the total and add all the JOY up.
Divide the JOY so I get an average JOY - the figure comes out at THIS.
£42.79 JOY 9.
I'm trying.

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Saturday, 16 February 2019

Should we spend less money on WHAT? #TightwadDad 012

We are #teamTIGHTWAD, and this day we found joy spending on...
- Swimming lesson.
- Tap dancing lessons for the month.
- Choi Kwang Do martial arts belt grading fee x2 to enter for Gold Belt Senior.
- Ebay: Toy yellow bus for my nephew (He's obsessed with buses, like I was at his age. So I like encouraging this.)

Should we spend less money on WHAT? #TightwadDad Podcast with Neil and Joe 004

Red red red red red red red.
So welcome to episode 4 of the TightwadDad Podcast with me, Neil, and Joe.
And we're here in the happy hut and it's freezing, isn't it!
Yeah, it's cold.
It's pretty cold, you've got a cold.
I don't like this red I'm surrounded in it.
You don't like the colour red?
They might think that I love the colour red just because my headphones are red.
The covers are red here, and the sofas are red. I think blue’s my favorite colour.
Which is what you're wearing.
Yes I think it cheers up the Happy Hut, so I'm sorry if--
I think of it as blood and death.
I've got a question, but I've left it on the computer so I'm gonna have to - do you wanna just talk while...
In episode 3, “Earning money on YouTube how to” - so you could try and get a thousand subscribers - that's what Dad says.
Yeah we're on 320 at the moment, so we've got another 680 - we've got to do that 2 more times to get close to a 1000.
I remember, the question I should've asked last time I got it wrong
“What should we be spending less money on?”
We do spend a lot of money on food.
I think we should buy stuff that would last longer for cheaper.
Do you think we should eat less?
Wouldn't you be really hungry?
We would, we would.
I'm one very hungry child.
And I'm one hungry dad as well so that's the problem, but we should spend less money in the supermarket.
And buy more stuff for less money.
No. It'd be like buy as least as possible for at least amount of money so find a better
bread. You use a lot of bread.
I do.
You do.
Okay, so if we had less bread and spend the money on other stuff?
And then we can eat the same--
I just wondered this. You’re kind of obsessed with yellow.
Your hut is kind of yellow--
It is.
Your paper that you write on is yellow.
It is.
And then your bread is yellow.
I do like yellow.
But I thought you love blue as well.
Do you know what, the one I like the most is pinkl
I got pink phone. I've got pink trainers
Oh yeah! (Sniggers) Pink phone.
And I dyed my Choi Kwang Do dobok, I've put it in the washed with the red jacket and it came out pink.

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Do I spend too much money? #TightwadDad 011

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Friday, 15 February 2019

Do I spend too much money? #TightwadDad 011

We are #teamTIGHTWAD, and this day we found joy spending on...

- German supermarket chain supermarket shop

Do I spend too much money? #TightwadDad Podcast with Neil and Joe 003

Okay it's episode 3 of tightwad dad podcast.
With me Neil and Joe.
So hi thanks for joining us - Joe you were just saying these podcasts are very short.
But Mummy read that micro-podcasts are gonna be the thing, so maybe this is a good thing.
And I did want to mention - you didn't want to talk about it.
Sorry, I've got your headphone lead wrapped round.
I've got a cold.
You've got a cold, so that's why you sound a bit...
I can't remember what my next question was.
Do you want to blow your nose while I look up the next question?

Oh yeah, I know the question: do you think I spend too much money?
I think you spend a decent amount money Just the right amount?

Yeah not too much not too less.
If I feel like we haven't got enough money, it's either because I'm not earning enough. Or because we're spending too much.

Or maybe you should not spend anything and be proud of what you've already got
That's a good idea.
Cos some people don't have anything.

That's a really really good idea.
Oh the making money thing in Episode two I whispered:
“Looking under the... and another way I know this would look weird but I have earned about £50 by doing this altogether, by looking under vending machines or coin machines....
Anything that would involve coins which have a gap underneath they are coins like Coinstars, look under claw machines - especially in arcades you get quite a bit.
Don't you remember?
Ugh, bad memory.
It's cause I'm getting old.
What I thought you were gonna say...
You're not old...
...was looking under sofa cushions.
Oh yeah, in the cracks because when like heavy people sit down if they've got a lot of change in their pocket it would just fall out into the cracks.
I found - remember in that Southsea place I found like £2.50 in different couches or
So that's the end of - is this episode 3?
Thanks for watching.
Can't remember...
You've got a bad memory...
If you've got this far into the video we'd love it if you gave us a thumbs up - if you
got this far.
And make sure you subscribe because I think it would be nice.
It'd really help us.
Because when we hit 1000 subscribers, we start getting money from YouTube.
Hey, that could be our next podcast.
What, how to get money from YouTube?
Make thousand gaming channels... I think I've said too much

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The Day We Became #teamTIGHTWAD #TightwadDad 010

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Thursday, 14 February 2019

The Day We Became #teamTIGHTWAD #TightwadDad 010

I am here completely by choice.
Showing up every day to share what we're spending, for a month.

But that fear is creeping in again.

Are the Pounds my family spends even mine to record and share with the world?

Am I nicking their story?

I asked them, but they want to know why am I doing this?

What change am I hoping to make?

What if the system prefers us to keep our boring spending quiet.

While making us feel inadequate about everyone else's conspicuous spending.

What if we're not meant to be talking about this.

What if we're meant to look like we're keeping up.

We're not keeping up.

The change I want to make is to speak up.

It's a broken game that's skewed against families anyway.

Because providing for your family means spending time away from your family.
Whether you're earning loads, or not much.

I want to make my family happy with the least amount of money possible.

What if I were to find a way to make money with my family?
I don't know how.
But I will find a way.
Because we're only here for so long.

I'll have to push the kids for some better ideas.

I'm going to enforce Family Making Money Ideas Brainstorm Friday.

And first on the agenda is:
“Can we come up with a better name for Family Making Money Ideas Brainstorm Friday...”

We will become #teamTIGHTWAD.

We are #teamTIGHTWAD, and this day we found joy spending on...

- Pilates.
- Decaf soya latte.
- Missing postage letter fee & stamps.

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I hit an unexpected wall #TightwadDad 009

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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

I hit an unexpected wall #TightwadDad 009

Okay, I just hit an unexpected wall.
I don’t mind sharing my family’s figures.
It’s something I’ve not seen anyone else do, and I like the idea of the experiment.

But it turns out that there are money figures that we can’t really share.
Like the ones where it would break the privacy of the people we’re paying.

I thought it would be easy to just put a “£??” in the totals, then at least you get to see what we’re spending on.

That got me thinking though.
Should I be sharing the actual amounts anyway?

I don’t need you judging and comparing yourself to me.
Because that’s what these figures are meant to do.

That’s why this whole system came about.
So we can measure ourselves against each other.

I think the experiment will be more interesting if I take away the figures.

Then it’s all about the stuff that we spend the money on.
Not the amounts.

So this is the last time I’ll include figures.

I am a Tightwad Dad, and this day my family enjoyed spending on:

- Free coffee shop loyalty app coffee.
- £14 birthday presents x7 for the son.
- £1.29 Bread from German Supermarket Chain supermarket.


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Why sharing what we’re spending for a month is a terrible terrible idea #TightwadDad 008

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Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Why sharing what we’re spending for a month is a terrible terrible idea #TightwadDad 008

12 Reasons sharing what we are spending for a month is a terrible terrible idea.

1 It might come out wrong.

2 I will be judged.

3 My family will be judged.

4 I might share some details that I can't take back if I wanted to.

5 It will invite criticism. Of my writing, my ideas and the very way I live my life.

6 I might not have much to say about it.

7 If I keep doing this, I might see that it's all rubbish.

8 My family might be attacked because of what I'm publishing.

9 None of this might happen and it'll just come off as pretentious self-regarding navel-gazing nonsense.

10 I'm scared now I've started this, I might suddenly stop.

11 It might not go anywhere.

12 While I'm doing this, I'm not doing the thing that might lead to the thing where I earn more money for my family.


1 I'm spending time looking at what we're spending, however it comes out.

2 I will be judged by people who aren't sharing what they are spending.

3 My family will be judged by people who aren't sharing what they are spending.

4 It's just an experiment, and I could lie if I wanted to.

5 I will be criticised by people who are busy calling out and finger pointing like they've done nothing wrong in their life.

6 I will explore what I'm trying to change.

7 If I keep doing this, I will get better.

8 My family and I will learn about what makes us happy.

9 This is pretentious self-regarding navel-gazing nonsense, that's what I like about it.

10 I've got to keep going till the end of the month.

11 I want to figure out how to change our attitudes to spending, to make us happy.

12 This might lead to new ideas for my family earning what we need.

I am a Tightwad Dad, and this day my family enjoyed spending on:

- £1.80 Hospital car parking fee.
(My Dad told me he saw on the news that 20% goes to the hospital).
- £41.79 Medium supermarket shop.
(Popped in to buy our daughter a new coat, and ended up with a swimming costume, reduced xmas things for next year and some doughnuts)


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Why am I sharing our spending for a month really? #TightwadDad 007

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Monday, 11 February 2019

Why am I sharing our spending for a month really? #TightwadDad 007

People would rather talk about what goes on in their bedrooms, than what goes on in their bank accounts.

They would reveal the most intimate places in their lives before how much money they make, or how much they spend.

What change am I hoping to make by sharing what we’re spending?

I’m embarrassed to say this but a friend asked me today if #TightwadDad is to help me spend less.

“No!” I said.
“The aim of #TightwadDad is to be more mindful about our spending, and more grateful for the money we spend.
If anything, it might mean we spend more on experiences than things.”

Secretly though, that’s total balls.

I think deep down, holding back money and helping other families feel good about holding back money might be why I’m doing this.

So I have to put that thought out in public too.
To help me be a Happy Tightwad Dad.

I told her that another friend of mine pulls in lots of money and says sorry when they moan to me about their family’s spending.
I told them not to apologise.
The urge to be a Tightwad Dad, I think, isn't just for men.
And it's for all levels of income and spending.

It’s not about the money itself.
It’s about how we handle the money.

So then she told me a story about a recovering paraplegic returning to exactly the same levels of happiness/unhappiness within 2 years of the accident.
(I’m so arrogant - I think it was to make me feel better about my broken toe.)

She actually threw in a new curveball for me to think about with #TightwadDad.

Not only are our levels of income and spending completely movable to feel the same way... but the levels of happiness we’re all reaching for are completely movable too.

I am a Tightwad Dad, and this day my family enjoyed spending on:

+ Free coffee with the coffee shop loyalty app.
Even better, loyalty app machine down so they gave it for free without the app docking my voucher.
(Good job, because I'd loaded up on a stupid £3.95 decaf coconut milk latte with gingerbread syrup).
- £5.50 Bank account fee.


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My broken toe is getting me down. #TightwadDad 006

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Sunday, 10 February 2019

My broken toe is getting me down. #TightwadDad 006

My broken toe is getting me down.
I never feel like I'm pulling in enough money for my family, and I'm also injured.

Hobbling round the town, not providing.
I have completely emasculated myself.

So this is where the fight begins.

This is where we push back, against our dependency on money for happiness.

This is the start of FAMILIES AGAINST MONEY.

Who's with me?

First, I've got to start thinking of others.

I'll make an unboxing video for waterproof shoes for people with broken toes.
To help them be happy with spending their money.

That might get me some followers to join me on this long long journey (of one month, sharing what we're spending).

And then... then I'll work out what the next aim is.

I am a Tightwad Dad, and I’m scared I will be judged for sharing this, but this day we spent:

- £6.05 in the local German supermarket chain for a loaf of bread.
(Ended up with ham, calamari and Frankfurters too while bored waiting for...)
- £152.06 proper supermarket delivery.
- £7.49 Kindle book.
(Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins. Heard him on James Altucher podcast.)
+ £25 Premium Bonds win (me).
+ £25 Premium Bonds win (Long-Suffering Wife).
- £1 Tooth Fairy.


Broken toe? How to bath shower or go swimming? Medical Ideas waterproof shoe review & unboxing

Buy these things!

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What is a Tightwad, Dad? #TightwadDad 005

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Saturday, 9 February 2019

What is a Tightwad, Dad? #TightwadDad 005

I talked to my son about this idea: to share what we're spending with the World for a month, to see if it makes us happier about what we're spending.

I don't want him to be a Tightwad if he's not ready for it.

It takes dedication, to share our resources with a World that wants to take all our resources.

He asked me “What is a Tightwad?”
And then instantly agreed that I am a Tightwad.

But what made me proud was that he agreed in a way, a tone of voice, that sounded like he'd like to be a Tightwad too.

Maybe this is a breakthrough for me working out what this is.

Maybe I should involve the family more in this project.

I am a Tightwad Dad, and I’m scared I will be judged for sharing this, but this day we spent:

- £20 Swimming lessons.


Do I talk too much about money? #TightwadDad Podcast with Neil and Joe 002

I think we could've done better.
Well we'll do better... this'll be a better podcast, okay...
Hello welcome to the Tightwad Dad podcast, episode 2, I'm Neil.
This is my son.
See I don't know if I should even mention your name.
But I might as well because I know that it's gonna come out.
Because everyone's gonna think who's that...
There'll be like loads of comments saying who's him.
So do you want to introduce yourself? yes hi I'm Joe and I'm Neil's son.
Right so this is the Tightwad Dad podcast, in episode 1 I explained what a tightwad is.
And you think I am a tightwad - you'd say I am a tightwad.
So thank you that's good Good.
So my question is do you think I talk too much about our money
yeah you want more because you know you think you're not earning enough, you'll get better job
Can you think of more ways I can earn money?
Or that we can earn money, as a family!
well you know that system - the 50p system
if we did that Do you want to explain that?
We're on holiday and we got these special 50-pieces and we thought like we should collect these from the bank so we go to the bank get some and then would sell the doubles on eBay and if we did that enough a year we'll probably get two hundred pounds a year living it
- that isn't gonna happen sorry No, sorry, I interrupted you.
So the idea is we could take - it's not just any 50ps, it's the ones that look nice.
yeah like Paddington, Peter Rabbit, Johnson's dictionary
And then you can sell them on ebay for more than 50p.
yeah so that's like one pound fifty which is like three times the amount that it cost in the first place yeah it's supposed to cost but it's special that's got different picture on should we try that idea first - selling the 50ps yeah and you know third episode we should talk about - I'm not gonna say now but we should talk about you know - the looking under
- yeah no - yeah that one.
Oh, that's a tease.
Alright so you want to do that on the next podcast?
Okay I'm glad we had this chat.
yeah over a lot of people yeah
Like if they listen to it a lot.
Yeah, what, so how should we end the podcast we should say if you've got this far why not subscribe and leave a like
Oh that's a nice idea.
And please leave a comment if you wanted to know more or what we should do next
Yeah, if you have any questions, or ideas that we could try to make more money.
Or we could just make stuff about what other people would want us to talk about
So thanks for watching, and we'll be back on the next episode of Tightwad Dad.
Can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye

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Today we spent no money. #TightwadDad 004

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Friday, 8 February 2019

Today we spent no money. #TightwadDad 004

I am a Tightwad Dad, and I don’t know if I’ll be judged for sharing this, but this day we spent:

- Nothing.
I don’t believe we spent nothing.
I changed a fiver for a new plan with my son - the “selling 50ps on eBay” idea.
And I got £40 out of the cashpoint.
But that doesn't count.
I decided I will itemise each spend and not hide behind cashpoint transactions.


What is a Tightwad? #TightwadDad Podcast with Neil and Joe 001

[Music] Red light?
(laughter) That's really loud...
No, is it?
Anyway-- It's quiet for me.
Welcome to the very first Tightwad Dad podcast.
With my son.
And you really wanted to do this?
Yeah, why is it called Tightwad?
Do you know what a tightwad is?
It's a word that means someone who doesn't like spending money.
Because they hold onto their wad of cash tightly.
They go "Oh, my money" Yeah.
"My money" "Don't take my money".
So question number one is, "do you think I am a tightwad?"
You do lots of things like - as you just explained.
I do lots of things to hold onto money.
Like what, can you think of any.
I turn the heating down.
Oh yeah.
I turn the lights off.
Getting me off the PlayStation that uses a lot of volts.
That uses about one volt.
Especially my xbox yeah
hey dad look in the window it looks like an M
Okay, that was question one.
So we'll end that there.
Don't forget to subscribe.
Is that it?!
Yeah, well we'll do another one.
We'll do another one next where I ask you another question.
We'll just make them-- It's just one question.
That's a pretty bad podcast.
That's the worst podcast ever.
Is it?
More questions.
More more more.
So that is the learn from this episode is...
I need to think of a better format for the Tightwad Dad podcast.
Imagine if we did this every day?
Would you like that?
Not every day, no.
But we could record a few each time and then put them out one a day
Yeah that'd be good Okay
what was that thing you wanted to tell me?
Well that'll be on the next podcast.
So stay tuned it's the next episode on the playlist
Will you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye

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What if we all fear money. #TightwadDad 003

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