Wednesday 27 March 2024

DELICIOUS French Fries in Air Fryer! Ninja Foodi Max Snacks!!! 🍟

How can you cook the PERFECT FROZEN FRENCH FRIES in an Air Fryer? 
I share how easy and quick it is to make skinny fries: with the correct cooking time and temperature using only a Ninja Foodi Max DualZone Air Fryer.
PLUS how I use the Max Crisp function to cook these frozen chips...

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DELICIOUS French Fries in Air Fryer! Ninja Foodi Max Snacks!!! 🍟



Oops, how do you cook frozen french fries in an air fryer? 
Maybe you're looking up cooking times and temperatures. 
Come with me. This is going to be a quick video. 
I'm going to make some frozen french fries for me and the family, but mostly me. Now, where, where, where did I put these? 
Ah, regular store-bought. These are actually Aunt Bessie's frozen french fries, and it's a 700g bag. I'm putting in half a bag, which is about 350g. I'll put that in ounces and pounds on screen now. 
I've done something wrong. 
I think we need to preheat it. 
Ninja, this is a Ninja Foodi Max Dual Zone air fryer. 
Ninja say in the instructions that you don't need to preheat the air fryer, but I think for chips, we don't want to warm them up; we want them to get in hot and get out. So, I'm going to preheat this first. 
I'm going to go Max Crisp, and I'll just put it on for, I don't know, a minute. 
So now the basket is nice and warm. 
We throw the, oops, we'll throw the fries in, and I am going to set this to Max Crisp. 
Now again, in the instructions, it's really weird because it says you can't adjust the temperature, but on my Foodi Max, you can. 
Now, we want it to be as hot as possible, but I'll probably go for 210°C. That's 425°F. 
And I'm going to try and do it for 11 minutes. I'll put the actual time on screen now, but I'm going to do 11 minutes, and then I'll check how we're doing. So I'll hit start. 
It is now about halfway through the process, so we're going to take it out, give it a shake. 
They're looking good, and put them straight back in. 
Fingers crossed. Got a good feeling about this. 
3, 2, 1, here we go. Wow, these are looking absolutely delicious, perfect. 
These french fries look great, but let's land them on the plate. 
I think these chips are looking absolutely perfect, steaming fresh, and they're crisp without being burned. 
There are a couple in here that don't look great, but that's not because of the air fryer; they're just dodgy fries. 
But the big test, the big taste test. I hate eating on camera, but here we go. 
Just perfect, crisp on the outside, and nice and light and fluffy on the middle. 
I am calling these french fries a Dad delivers success! 
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