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How to get started on ROBLOX if you're a parent...

Want to know how Roblox works? Where to start with a Roblox account? Why we never by Robux? This is a beginners guide for Parents on the Roblox platform, and a tour given by my daughter. How she chooses Roblox games to play, where to find the favorites and what an Obby is! Roblox for beginners who are parents...

How to get started on ROBLOX if you're a parent... Total beginners guide!



If you have kids, chances are they are absolutely glued to this. 
It's Roblox, or is it Roblox? I can't even say it properly. 
My kids are on Roblox 24/7, and I realized the other day that I know absolutely nothing about Roblox, and that feels really bad because this thing spends more time with my kids than I do. 
The new thing I'm making your family happy is find out exactly what is Roblox, how does it work, and where do you even get started for beginners.
For this, we are getting a tutorial with the best Roblox expert, it's my 12-year-old daughter.
There's a lot that we don't cover here like how to download the app or creating a Roblox account or buying Robux, which is currency that you can spend in Roblox like buying different costumes for your avatar character, or using money to skip levels. 
We have a total ban on in-app spending in my house. 
I track everything by just turning everything off. That was after the great Barbie app rinsing me for $20 without me knowing anything about it, disaster a few years ago. 
Thanks, Barbie!
But anyway, here's me getting schooled by my girl on the basics for getting started with Roblox. 
So, I've logged in for the first time, and well, it's not the first time 'cause I've done this years ago, and this is the homepage. Yeah, what do I do now? 
So, um, when you scroll down the homepage, you'll see multiple games you can press on. So, for example, this random game, Guess the Emoji, all you have to do is press the green play button, and it joins you to a server.
Basically, different games are created by different people, and if you look, there are sometimes ages, so ages 9 plus, all ages, all ages.
It gives you an age restriction. 
And does it know your age?
Yes, 'cause that's in your profile. 
So, what is Roblox? I don't, 'cause to me it looks like a bunch of free-looking games that are a bit like Minecraft.
Yeah, I guess so. You can get all types of different games.
You can get cooking games, salon games, Obby games.
So, how do you find the games that you play? 
So, the ones you most recently played, you can find at the top, yeah, and it should be under the subtitle "continue," and you can find the games you've been playing. 
Or you can even favorite games by pressing the three dots there and then pressing the star. 
And if you scroll right to the bottom of your homepage, you will find all the games you've favorited.
But how did you even find the games that you play in the first place? Do you just try them, or did people tell you about them? 
I try multiple games, see what kind of things I like. Like, I find like, kind of like Obby games. 
What's Obby? What's an Obby game?
It's like parkour. You have to jump from place to place.
And right, so Obby, that is short for obstacle, yeah, or like horror games.
And then on your screen here, it says friends 11. Are these real people that you know? Are these, well, you can friend people that you don't know. 
Great, um, but great, but these friends, do you know them all? 
The friends I have, these are I know these people.
Okay, so you've got obstacles games which are like jumping over things, yeah.
What else is there 'cause I don't know? I don't know where to start.
There's multiple games. It's literally like an app store. You have multiple games, and they're all for free, and you can just press on them and play the game for as long as you want.
So it's free, all the games are free? Mm, can I play a game with you?
how do we do that?
If we friend one another, then we're able, for example, this thing, you can blur their name out if they're in the middle of playing a game, so that means they're online, yeah, and that means you can join their game. 
if they're playing a game you can join them, 
that's clever, okay. So if I wanted, so first thing I've got to do is make friends with you, 
yeah, great. Story team people and then there we go, 
that's me,
all right. So now I've got a notification and can anyone do that, can anyone like literally type in your name, how could they see your name on Roblox? Can they see your name when you're playing a game? Can they see your name and go, I'm going to make friends with that person, 
Yeah. So, for example, um, if I join a random game the keys go for it, turn that down. 
These are all the people in the game, yeah. So, this is um, you can look at their Avatar, yeah. 
This is you can report them, this is you can block them. 
So what happens if you click on look at Avatar?
Well, you can just see what wearing, okay. 
If you press the report button you can fill in a report, so you can say offsite links, personal question, cheating, exploiting, dating, scamming, bullying, inappropriate username or swearing. 
What's dating, is that if they ask you out or something, 
yeah, something like that.
What did you think - I shouldn't have answered that question,
no, yeah, that's basically it, okay. And then if you press that I think I'
you just blocked them! it blocks them, yeah, 
Do you know that person? 
No, there must be a way of unblocking someone.
Well, I don't care, it's just some random person, I know it was by accident I didn't I was like pointing like oh, um, add friend, um, yeah. 
So when you're in the same game as them if someone add friends you it will pop up in the corner and you can either accept or decline or just not touch it at all and it will appear in your notifications there
and have people... do you get add friend requests while you're playing sometimes and you well you've only got 11 friends so you must reject them all the time,
is that annoying?
Well like sometimes 'cause like um, there's this one game Tower of hell and it's basically you have to do an Obby all the way up to the top and there's a time limit, yeah, so um, if people send you a friend request it pops up in the corner so when you're pressing the jump button you can always accidentally press accept or decline, 
but you can... if you press on someone you can report block or unfriend,
oh that's brilliant, sorry how did you bring that up?
you tap on them, 
yeah, tap on their name and three dots and chat is you can chat to them but it's all um, monitored so like you can't say like swear words or anything or it'll uh tag it 
And you only get chat from your friends so if you know all your friends, 
yeah, it's okay if you get chat, yeah, okay.
Anyway, so you have made a friend request to me, yes, and I can see that my little bell icon up here so I'll click on the Bell icon 
and you can either ignore it or accept it,
okay, so I'll hit accept and then I can hit chat, 
there we go straight away it added your thing there and it can see that you're online, let's say I join a game so if I go hello here on chat you get a notification 
I don't get a notification though it's only in... so on homepage, yeah, there's these bits at the bottom so this is just looking at games
this is your profile, 
this one you can see chats, yeah, so you can see you said hello say hi back,
okay brilliant so should we play a game together together then?
what was that pizza one that you did,
oh yeah, let me find it, 
what kind of games are there, there's one where you can like make pizzas you know you can 
there's all sorts of games like I said it's just like an app store you can look up what sort of genre you want as well so let's say I look up hobbies it'll come up with all these sort of obbys I can play or horror games it will come up with all the horror games there are there are a lot of horror games
what what are horror games, 
well they're just like creepy jump scares mostly
again I don't know what that is so you're playing the game and then something really horrible comes up, 
yeah it's almost like you have to like some games you just have to like get through the mansion without dying or something I don't know
okay that's cheery um all right so find find me a nice game work at a pizza place
I misspelled it, yeah, 
and that's as easy it's as easy as that you just look up click on the one you like and hit play, yeah, and then how do I join in with this
so you've accepted my friend request all you got to do is tap on it and press join to join me,
oh wow 
and then look it pops up on mine greatstoryteam joined you with this game this is just entirely one of the different games you can do but you can choose what kind of job you want to do, 
okay, now it looks like Roblox is a lot lot easier to play on an iPad. 
Yes, cuz I need my glasses. It's so small on my phone. Let's find my glasses. 
That's why there's a lot of iPad kids. So there's this nickname people have for like kids to show they're really young like iPad kids. It's hard to explain. 
I've not heard that. So young players are called iPad kids? 
Yeah, well, like if you're having beef with someone, um, 
why would you have beef with someone?
A lot of people on Roblox, yeah, 
'cause this is the way you're playing,
I guess. So I don't know, 
this is a whole underworld.
Yeah, oh, it's hard to explain. It's like saying, oh, you're an iPad kid. You can't say anything. It's like showing that you're really young and stuff. Obviously there are a lot of teenagers on this game, yeah, and it sort of shows like seven years old and stuff,
but they play on their phone, so they're not iPad kids. So iPad kids are ones,
well, people can play on monitors, phones, it's just a little nickname.
Oh, you can play this on a computer, 
yeah, Joe plays it on his.
Oh, I didn't know that. So what do I choose? I'm stuck here. What do I choose? Delivery? You can choose whatever one you want. Well, can I work with you? Yeah, I like the idea of pizza boxer cook. So what have I got to do, Chef? 
How do you know what to do when you go into a game? How do you know? 
Well, you sort of have to stay on it for a bit.
So I'm using my finger to drag around so I can see myself.
Oh, yeah, so to move around, yeah, you have this left box here
and it looks like a joystick. 
And then this is to look around, so to look around you just have to, okay, so you touch the screen to look around and you use the joystick that's on the left-hand side, but even though you can't see the joystick.
Are all games like this? 
Um, yeah, all games are like that pretty much.
So there's um, there's a pizza there. What do I do with that?
Um, where 
it was on the floor. Oh, then you can't pick up, okay, there'll probably be cockroaches. 
So now I'm standing on the pizzas. Wait, what does the right button do? 
What right button? Oh, this is a jump button.
Oh, yeah, there I am, where are you? How do you know what to do?
Ah, 'cause I played this game. 
Yeah, but are there instructions?
No, you sort of just have to get the hang of it. 
Are all games like that?
Yeah, pretty much. Wow, so it's not like it doesn't tell you what to do,
you just got some games when you join, it will give you a little bit of instructions, but otherwise you just have to figure it out. 
So I'm in the pizza making area.
what do I, what do I do?
So to make a pizza, yeah, come over here, yeah, um, you grab, you touch the piece of dough on the side. Oh, yeah, and bring it down to, oh, there's an arrow. Oh, yeah, then that will be your instructions, just tap it and then touch it on the thing. Oh, I can't do this.
Okay, so you tap on the piece of dough and bring it to there, 
and then just put stuff on it.
So you always have to put cheese on it, yeah, and you can put um either pepperoni or sausage on it. Do you see that bit there? 
So go to copy that,
yeah, and then you put it in the oven. 
But I haven't copied it, you have, there's pepperoni on it. 
Oh, okay, well how do I put it in the oven? So I drag it like that. You need to also, like, watch, that man's on fire!
Yeah, you can get on fire as well. How? 
Yeah, did you just put me in the oven?
Here we go, whoa, and then you burn to a bacon crisp.
And then what? 
And then you die,
Look, hold on, I have to be on fire for a bit, hold on. No, look, there we go, I burnt to a crisp, and then I rejoined to like this, I just,
oh, I'm back again. Yeah, okay, so basically I'm doing someone's job,
Okay, and you earn money, and there's houses in this game too. You can get different houses depending on how much money you have
from working in the pizza restaurant, 
yeah. So that's how it works, you can buy lots of things to decorate your house with, right? I named it, oh, look, the pizza's on fire. Oh yeah, you left it in the oven for too long. 
So what do I do now, are you walking to the oven?
Yeah, you can burn to a crisp! 
So all you have to do in this situation when it's on fire, there's a fire extinguisher, and you can just tap on the screen, and it'll blow out the fire. 
So there's a lot to do here, isn't there? Yeah, and this is just in one room, yeah. There's a whole restaurant with this game, yes.
There's lots of different jobs. 
I am calling this Dad delivers fail! success! it's a success success. 
If you have any questions, put them down in the comments below, it'll be lovely to hear from you, and thank you for hitting the thumbs up or the Subscribe button, it really helps us to keep this channel going, so thank you. And right here on over there is what YouTube knows you are going to love watching next after you finish playing your Roblox. Hey, you could do the ending now, can you please help my dad get 100,000 subscribers, just click on his face, thanks, bye! Child labour!

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