Thursday 21 March 2024

How to use a Sodastream and gas bottle refill!

How do you change a sodastream bottle of gas? 
I show how to use the CO2 gas canister refill on a Sodastream machine in 3 easy steps in this video.

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How to use a Sodastream and gas bottle refill!



it's a birthday! 
it's a birthday time but disaster! 
there's no there's no soda in the sodastream! 
here's how to change the canister on a regular sodastream 
Casper is very excited about the uh party Shenanigans but uh let's let let's get this gas canister changed
so first we have to open the... the new canister 
don't do what we do... we did... 
you can actually exchange your old canister and you get some money off the new canister yeah! 
but we... we forgot to do that 
you get this canister for less 
right but we've got... so we've got two canisters going 
so what you can do is take the canister out... go to the shop... Swap it and then get a new one 
but anyway we... we we're living it large 
oh and this is... this is how long our SodaStream has lasted! 
each one’s like a use 
look at that 
that's like 720ml 
yeah that's quite a lot of... 
not bad 
yeah a lot of squirts 
so we're going to open the new yeah... 
you can use it from the bottom 
I tear it from the bottom 
okay and then what - then you take this cap off 
does it just twist off 
yeah there we go great stuff and then on... on the sodastream there's a button at the back 
you push that in and then you can pull the top half up and that has the canister attached 
or maybe you're doing it for the first time 
you obviously won't have that 
so I can take that old canister... we take that to the shop and get feels a lot lighter 
it does doesn't it 
yeah oh okay yeah this one's light 
and then you just put it in 
I'm not sure I caught that 
Do you want to do that again 
but inside there's like a... a thread and focus... 
yeah and then there's a thread on the top of the bottle so then what you do is line it up with the hole and just twist it in like that 
and then whoa! 
squirt your dad in the face 
wait and then you just slide it in until it clicks
tray comes off 
Cool reloading so that's looking that's looking good isn't it 
we're going to demonstrate uh how to how we Fizz our bottles in the SodaStream 
So my son is filling it up to the line as you go a bit over yeah you get extra yeah and we don't yeah we don't do it too much because then there'll be a pressure build up there just like explode 
wise words 
and then over to the soda stream and then what you do is you line it up and then you twist it anticlockwise so you twist it the wrong way 
ooh pizza’s ready 
um so we screw it up until it tight until it won't turn anymore 
that's our pizza alarm 
Okay Google stop! 
and then... I like to do three bursts how many do you do? 
how many do you go for, three?
okay yeah you'll want to see bubbles around here
it's bad for the atmosphere all of it is bad! 
so we've got all of this technology just to put some Fizz into some liquid 
but I hope that shows you how to change your sodastream canister um hit us up with any questions in the comments 
be lovely to hear from you just say hi uh' be great to hear from you 
and thank you for hitting the thumbs up or the Subscribe button 
if anything in this video helps and right here is what YouTube knows you are going to love watching next! 
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