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MACBOOK: How to format or delete external Hard Drive on a Macbook Pro

How do you format an external drive on MacBook Pro? If you need to format an SD card, pendrive, external drive, SSD or HDD, I walk you through step by step how to format a disk in a macbook pro or macbook air. This might come in helpful if you need to erase or wipe an external drive like a Samsung T7 SSD, Lacie hard drive or other memory cards.


SAMSUNG T7 SSD EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE 👇👇👇👇 (Commissions Earned)

WIPED! How to format or delete external Hard Drive on a Macbook


Hello, welcome back to the Happy Hut.
It's nice and bright out here today but it is still cold - 2°. So I'll try and get through this as quickly as possible. 
If you have a MacBook Pro or air, how do you format an external drive like this one? 
So that's how do you wipe or erase storage cards like an SD card, micro SD card, a rugged Lacie hard drive, or a portable SSD drive like this Samsung T7. 
I'm walking you through the formatting process step by step because I need to do this right now and wipe this external hard drive.
And, I always forget how to erase drives and format them on a Mac so I'm making this video so that I've got somewhere I can come back to when I can't remember. This is the desktop for my MacBook Pro. You're watching this in the future but I hope it's like your Mac or MacBook Air and we are going to go down into Launchpad and then we'll choose this folder labelled “other”.
It used to be called “utilities”, if you can't find this folder.
The app we need to use is called disc utility, it's this one here.
So I'll click on that. 
The next thing we'll do is to plug in the external hard drive that we want to format and my MacBook is asking “allow accessory to connect?” so I'll click on allow. 
Okay, this is interesting I wasn't expecting this.
It says “the disk you attached was not readable by this computer”.
What I'm going to do is click on “ignore” and see what happens.
Now this is great because on the left hand side of the disk utility I can see the Samsung T7 has appeared so at least I can access it from disk utility.
I can do a few things, if I right-click on the T7 hard drive it brings up these options:
I can run first aid or I can choose “erase”. 
The other place where I can erase this disc is up here on the menu bar. 
If I choose edit - the edit menu - it brings up this option here “erase” but I want to be absolutely sure that I'm erasing the t7 and nothing else. 
So I'm going to right-click on the t7 just to be safe - just to be sure I get the right one! 
And I'll highlight “erase” and then I'll click on erase. 
This brings up an option to name the disc, so I think I'm going to call it Samsung t7 and we have some options for how we want to format our disk.
I'm going to choose ExFAT. 
Say in the comments what you would choose but I've always used ExFAT for storing videos and it seems to work really well for me so I'll click ExFAT and I'm going to leave the other options untouched. So now big moment, I'm going to click on the big scary erase button. 
Wish me luck!
Erase process is complete! 
Click done to continue so I click “done”.
In the top right hand corner you can see on my desktop the Samsung t7 external hard drive - my SSD - is completely ready to go. So now I can copy over files to my heart's content and now you have successfully erased or formatted your external hard drive on your Mac: congratulations!
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