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How to fit a tempered glass protective screen to any Phone! (Samsung A15 tutorial)

How to fit a protective screen to a phone? I show you how to install a new tempered glass screen to my Samsung Galaxy A15, but these 17 TIPS for beginners will guide you through the whole tutorial!

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EASY! How to fit a protective screen to ANY phone: 17 TIPS FOR SUCCESS!


Hello, welcome back to the channel. How do you fit a protective tempered glass screen to a phone like this, the Samsung Galaxy A15? 
It's a lovely phone and I just got one for my daughter, but how do you fit a glass screen that will protect the real screen underneath? 
You're going to see how I fit protective screens to our family's mobile phones step by step for beginners. 
I'm not saying this is the best or the only way to do it; this is just the way that I do it and it seems to be bubble free. 
We currently have three out of our family's four phones with cracked or smashed screens, so it's really important that I get this screen onto the phone as quickly as possible to protect it from another drop or I don't know... I don't know how they do it! 
How do they crack so many phones?
So the first thing I'm going to do is to try and make sure I have a dust free area. 
Oh, by the way, you can see this protective screen has cracked so I'm going to remove this first, but you might be doing this for the first time. 
Some people say it's best to do this in the bathroom to fit the screen in a bathroom and I have done that before but it's... it is a pain doing it on the... on the toilet seat so I'm not going to do that today. 
It looks much nicer on camera to do this on our kitchen table. It's not perfect but it will reduce the dust in the area. 
I'm going to use the box for the protective screen... by the way I'll put a link to this particular screen down in the description. 
I'm going to put the A15 actually on the box here and this is pretty dust free as well but I'm going to use this like a little workbench. 
And obviously the first thing I need to do - apart from putting my glasses on - is take off the old tempered glass screen. There we go.
Trouble is if you have a cracked screen and it takes another knock your screen isn't protected. 
We have some stickers and we have a cloth for drying, got a wet wipe so just open that ready, and we have the protective screen. 
I always go for tempered glass rather than film because plastic film I think scratches easier than tempered glass, and you can see there's a tab. 
That's going to pull away the protective side that's going to stick... so this tab side is the side that goes down onto the phone. 
And before we do anything I'm going to line up the screen to just see how it should go.
Now with any phone there's going to be some play between where the screen actually meets The Edge. 
I want the screen to be dead centre. It's going to be really important that it's Center width ways. It's not quite so important for it to be precisely Central up and down but it's absolutely essential that left and right are centred, and we want the screen to be straight so it doesn't fall off the edge. So what I'm going to do is line up exactly how I want it. I'm going to put these guide stickers on. I'm going to put one on the bottom on the right-hand side here and I'll put one on the other side... on the side here. And this will give us the chance to completely line it up so it's dead straight. 
And then I'm going to flick this sticker over just to hold it in place. I'm going to flip this other one now. I'm going to really stick them all the way over so this screen if I apply pressure this way when I flip it over it should land in exactly how I want it. 
I think I'm going to use the third one because I've gone a bit too far over the edge on this side. So I get the third sticker... make sure it's centered... there.
So that's going to really help me land the screen in the right place once the screen underneath is clean. 
Next, I get the wet wipe and we can clean this screen. 
The wet wipe removes the residue from the previous screen. If you're doing it for the first time it also kind of makes it less static. 
I'm going to put this just to the side here in case we need it then we get the cloth and we'll just use this to dry it, but this won't remove the dust. 
Even one tiny Speck of dust will cause a little air bubble and we want to avoid those as much as possible. 
Now this is the dust absorber. 
What we're going to do is just dab it all the way around the screen and I'm looking with my glasses... It's much easier to do this if the screen is turned off so we've got a black screen and I can see the reflection of the kitchen light on the screen so I can see if there any tiny tiny particles or dust. 
And we want to be quick with this because the longer I do this the more chance there is of more new dust in the air Just landing. And I'll stick this to one side in case I need it in a moment. 
I'm going to tear off the film. 
Tear it to the side and then we're going to land this on the phone nice and straight. 
Now the glue is sticking in the middle... that's good and I'm just going to work it outwards.
Please, please, please don't let there be any bubbles.
There, that's going really well and the great thing with these screens is that the glue does actually spread over time so don't worry if you get tiny, tiny bubbles... because the glue underneath does kind of spread itself out.
But what I'm going to do is just to rub as much as possible just to spread the adhesive from the tempered glass screen protector all around.
This is looking really good.
The other good thing with using tempered glass is - because it's rigid - it's a lot harder to get bubbles, and I found with the film you know just protective film that it's easier to get bubbles.
So we can now take these guide stickers off but if you do have a bubble it is possible to lift it up with your fingernail and try and use the dust absorber to try and get it off... and then relay the corner of the screen where the bubble has appeared.
So take these off and I'm really proud of this so I'm going to hold it up to the camera!
And you can see that it is completely bubble free.
So really... you know make sure you rub out all these tiny... I've got a tiny, tiny air bubble around the edge.
Not under the screen just where the edges aren't sticking properly so I'm really going to rub those out.
The screen actually came with a protective case.
What's great about this protective case is that it's got these Edge bumpers which don't look elegant but they are chunky enough to take the hit if you drop it.
So I'm just going to push that back on.
I am calling this a dad delivers success!
Oh no I've broken it!
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