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IKEA SEGLARO PARASOL REVIEW! 3 years on reviews of the best sunshade

IKEA PARASOL REVIEW: 3 years on, is the IKEA SEGLARO parasol any good as a sun shade, umbrella or rain cover? 
We bought this very expensive IKEA sun shade, and now sharing with you whether this Selgaro parasol can cope with the weather! 

3 years on! IKEA PARASOL REVIEW: is SEGLARO good in the Sun AND Rain?! ⛱🌞🌧



Hello, welcome back to the channel. 
Today is a very special day. It is quite literally the last day of sunshine in my country this year, so I thought it would be a really good chance for me to show you what it's been like having an Ikea SEGLARO parasol for 3 years.
Three years, this has survived and it's in much better shape. Let me take you over here. It's in much better shape than the applaro table worked out. I've made a video about that but to put over the table we bought the eye wateringly expensive for us SEGLARO parasol. We didn't go for the base, we just used slabs which have quite conveniently they had corners taken out so they fit really well but square concrete slabs would have worked. There you are probably aware that there's a special Ikea base for this. It's about half the price of the SEGLARO parasol. It was way too much for us. It's over, I think it's something like $100, it's £100 over here in the UK but let me show you how it's fared. 
We've left. You've probably got some questions. I'm not sure I'll answer them all but it might give you a better idea if spending this amount of money on a sun shade is a good idea or not. 
We got this 3 years ago. We weren't sure whether or not we should leave it outside. Well, we didn't have any option. It's so big and heavy you can't move it anywhere. We probably should have bought the parasol... parasol? Parasol cover. That probably wasn't a good idea not covering it up because you can probably see there's green. It looks like mold but it's just, um, I think it's just like tree growth. What would you call it? It's like a green staining that's happened to the fabric. We haven't tried washing it off because we didn't want to ruin the waterproofness of the parasol fabric. I think my worry at the time was if you put a cover over it, it would get damp inside and it would actually grow mold. The exact opposite happened. I thought the rain would keep it clean but, uh, you can probably see that that idea didn't work out for me so you might want to invest in a 220 cm parasol cover for your SEGLARO parasol. Let me give you a closer look and show you how it's been for us. It's been absolutely fantastic by the way, really happy with it. It's got a clip here which holds the whole unit to the pillar so that if you're having a storm or bad weather it keeps it tight and stops it from blowing around. It's really easy to unclip. Just squeeze that, that releases the fabric and then let me show you the, the, the crucial handle which is really nicely designed I think. This is what it's like after 3 years so it's in really good condition. We haven't cleaned it or anything so what you do it is push the button. I can do it one-handed while holding the camera. You push the button in to release the teeth and then you can push it up with one hand. So it's a bit difficult doing this while holding the camera as well but it shows you how easy it is that brings out the bar to here and you can push it all the way up to the top. Now I'll crank the handle and that pulls this cord that will pull this bottom bit up to the top and that will open up the parasol so let's just open this up now. That's quite impressive, it's huge. It's absolutely massive so we can get this large table underneath the parasol. I need to stand back a bit so you can see it all. What can I tell you, this has had absolutely no maintenance. It's had no cleaning and we've just taken it completely for granted for 3 years solid. Now there is some discoloration on the fabric and there are actually some tiny holes which I'll show you. I'll also show you in a moment what this looks like when the weather isn't so good because we've had it up in rain. I think I he say you can use it in light showers but it's it's pretty big to put it out in windy conditions but this has been out in heavy rain as a sun shade, it's absolutely perfect. The, you can angle it so let me let me show you how that works if you push the button. It's quite impressive and then pull it down can you see it, it sort of comes up and acts as a total sunblock and well I think technically they say it's not UV 100% UV sunblock but look at that look it's completely blocks to the sun. We have an Ikea sofa and a really large Ikea dining table which can get six people around it if you... if you squeeze in. 
It's quite a large table, and this SEGLARO parasol does look at the shade that it throws, and you can adjust it really easily. I'll show you that in a moment as well, but having something this big, I thought would be a bit ridiculous, but it has really helped on super sunny, super hot days to stop people from frying in the garden on the patio here. To put it back up into more like a roof-like position, you just do the reverse, so we click the button, and again, this is all one hand, and that brings it into whatever position you want. To angle it down at the bottom, it's got this little key that holds it in place, and there are these notches, so I can now twist this again one-handed with the camera, and you can turn the pole, the central pole around. So, I'm shooting into the sun, you can't see it, you can just turn it. I can't turn it much more than that because it'll hit the garage. We can turn it like this. You can just hold the handle and hang on. I use my other hand to spin this around so we can turn it the other way. So, you've got a complete 360° turn here. I'm just blocked by the garage behind us, so that stops me from turning it all the way around, but you get the idea, right? This is probably because we didn't have a cover one year, where we can see it, there's a hole there which I think is probably caused by a bug. It might have been an ember from a fire, but I think it's more likely a bug has snacked on that. That's the only hole that we have on what is a massive expanse of fabric, so I'm really pleased with how it's weathered. This is the discoloration again. I was hoping that the sunshine would somehow burn it off or the rain would wash it off, but it's not too ugly, so we've just left it how it is. I remember when we first saw it in the Ikea showroom, it just seemed really super expensive and super massive. Even in the showroom, it looks, it doesn't look small, and neither does the price tag. What I think has helped is it looks really good. The aluminum pole and handle haven't rusted at all, they look as in good condition as when we bought it. The ease with being able to unfurl it, open the parasol and close the parasol, it's just really easy, even the kids can do it, and we like how it looks when it's open and when it's folded up. So overall, it’s... It's been a really good purchase. It has actually lasted way longer than I thought it would and it's been used a lot more than I thought it would. I thought it would just be a bit of shade over the table for when, you know, on the three occasions that we eat out here but we've had loads of family over and it just really helps having that area where the sofas are covered as well as the table. It's just a bit of shade in the garden on the patio. I don't think I'm going to be opening it up when the storm that comes tomorrow. I'm going to keep this lashed up. I'll show you how I take it down. This is what the Ikea SEGLARO parasol is like in really bad super bad weather. We've got a storm coming and, uh, let me just show you what it's like. So I got the kids enjoying themselves on the trampoline. I don't know if you can still hear me but this is how the Ikea SEGLARO parasol looks in the rain. If you are wondering whether or not it's waterproof, it's holding out. It doesn't leak even though there are a couple of holes in it. It's absolutely watertight. I don't think it's designed to be used in the rain and I think Ikea would probably really advise against using it in the rain but look, you can see the rain just running off. Let me go to the corner here. It's working out really well as a, what as an umbrella as if to prove the waterproofness of the SEGLARO. Look, I've got these other Ikea products not the cap but these are drying out because they got caught in the rain and we've had that underneath the parasol and you can see these are absolutely bone dry. If you can get your chairs underneath the parasol, it really works as a bit of brain cover but we do only do this very very very rarely so we wouldn't advise you do it but it... it holds out. I am calling this an Ikea dad delivers success by the way. I made this whole video 3 years ago about the assembling the Ikea SEGLARO parasol how we bought it how we put it together and what it was like for the first time so this video shows you what it looks like when it's fresh out of the boxes and how big those boxes are if you want to see how the parasol looks when it's pristine like this that link to that video is down in the description or on screen now. 
3 years on we still do not regret buying this so I hope this video helps and say hi down in the comments below it'll be lovely to hear from from you thank you for hitting the thumbs up or the Subscribe button it really helps me to keep these videos coming and right here is what YouTube knows that you are going to love watching next.

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