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IKEA APPLARO GARDEN TABLE and CHAIRS assembly instructions, unboxing and how to

This is the IKEA APPLARO or, ÄPPLARÖ outdoor patio garden table and chairs... acacia wood stained brown.
I put it together sort of in real time with the assembly instructions and a first impressions review.
It's great, we really like it by the way.

IKEA APPLARO GARDEN TABLE and CHAIRS assembly instructions, unboxing and how to

0:00 What does the Ikea Applaro wooden table and chairs look like?
0:42 Is the Ikea Applaro table good quality?
1:30 Assembly instructions for the Ikea Applaro table and chairs.
3:30 How to build the Ikea Applaro table
4:25 How big is the Ikea Applaro table? Length 140cm, Width 140cm, Height 72 cm
4:39 How to put together the Ikea Applaro wooden reclining chairs.
8:51 What does Ikea Seglaro parasol look like!


Hello I'm Neil thanks for clicking on this video. Usually I'm a tightwad dad and that's where we try to be happy with what we've already got, as you can see on these words on the screen now.

But in this video I'm going to go against all my tightwad dad principles and actually... we bought a table for the garden.
This lovely IKEA Applaro garden furniture set with table and chairs.
I'm going to show you how we put the table together and also how we put the chairs together, and it was pretty straightforward, but we only have one problem and that's this:


I don't know if you can see this.
It's erm, not a very impressive bump, and I was worried that we were putting the screws in too tightly or that the screw would come through to the surface but this is actually the dowel - this is the wooden dowel that is pushed through too far, and actually broken through to the surface there.
That's not entirely impressive but otherwise the table's gorgeous, we love it and this is how you put together an Ikea ÄPPLARÖ garden table and chairs.

So we pushed them together with the pins and the rubber washers.
You've got to push the dowels into these four posts then with the holes in the middle, push them in round the outside

Okay so the dowels don't go in there like we've done.
They go in this side.

Right so there's two holes in the sides, you got to really follow the picture, so with the sides, make sure these holes are towards you and it's gonna go down like this, and the first dowel goes on right-hand side the second dowel goes on the left-hand side third on the right hand side that's and forth on the left-hand side, and that should tally with the dowel holes on the table.

You know what, it is much easier to put the dowels into the table and putting these on instead of like the picture trying to squeeze them into here - because it knackers your hand.
At least this way around you can push the dowel down and it just stays there.
I don't know how far you're supposed to go down, so it's bringing the wood together which is good... but then it starts to go CRUNCH and then it really goes down.
I don't know when it's supposed to stop.

Okay so this is why this one wouldn't go in, there's a-- what is it?
Looks like dead bee.
Just some stuff from inside the wood has gone down?
Don't know what it is, looks like plastic.
There we go, ugh! What is it?

Maybe a bit of wood from this, it's gone down, you know it wasn't a clean hole.
Alright that should work now.
I put the cross braces in.

Next is the legs. Gotta get this thing and that screw hole lines up with the hole.

I love when on American vlogging channels, they use a knife like a proper knife, we- we use the... IKEA scissors!

Bag of bits. That's for the back.
Other back.
And the back of the chair, that's the bit we need first.
I've made three of these wrong!

This, this is the good one.
We need the thin side up not the deep side.
Bag of bits.
One of these and one of these, and just put it into that hole there.
Next slide this in with the "hole" side up.

And getting the right leg.
There is a right and a wrong, that's the right side, that's the left side.
Put that groove at the bottom and that's gonna go to this metal bit - goes in the groove.
And then this hole lines up with that hole.
Doing this one-handed so you get one screw - plastic bit - then the washer and the nut with the small bit sticking out, and spanner to hold one side, and the allen key to turn it round.

Then get the 2 dowels.
And these things.

Then, do exactly the same on the other side.
So I did this before - it's the wrong way!

Okay now we stand it up.

So the tube and the screw go here, and then I got the washer there, that goes through and then the nut goes on the other side.
And then the same on the other side.

So that's it, it's finished!
And now I can reveal the table underneath!
Ready? Three two one go! Dah dahhh!

Oh I almost forgot, OH!

We also got a parasol to cover this table, so we got a-- I've forgotten what it's called already.
The SEGLARÖ, the IKEA SEGLARO parasol, that covers this table and it's just the right size, and you can click on that video on the link in the description or it's on screen now.
Applaro! It's an Applaro - please sponsor us IKEA!

I guess what we're going to do next just save up the money for the cushions - that should be ready in about three years!
So if this has helped and you reached this point in the video, why not hit the thumbs up that's how other people find it - and good luck with your Applaro.
If you're feeling even kinder why not hit the subscribe button because I'm trying to get to 10,000 subscribers and don't think I'll ever make it, I'm on one and a half at the moment.
But if you take me a step closer, that'd be really kind of you - or leave a comment!

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