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PODCAST MIC into an OSMO POCKET? NEEWER NW-700 with pre-amp, how does it sound? AUDIO TEST

Can you plug a podcasting microphone with phantom power supply straight into a DJI Osmo Pocket?
Yes you can! And I try to show you what it sounds like.

I'm using a NEEWER NW-700, a Neewer microphone pre-amp, the DJI Osmo Pocket mic adapter and of course a DJI Osmo Pocket camera! (On a PolarPro Cinema Grip Tripod Mount)

PODCAST MIC into an OSMO POCKET? NEEWER NW-700 with pre-amp, how does it sound? AUDIO TEST

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Here I try out the different settings in Pro mode - custom audio settings under "Volume Amplification Level"...
I really love using lapel mics, so haven't been keen to try out a podcast style mic... but what really surprised me is how much less ambient noise the mic picks up, even though it's further away from me. I think I'll be recording audio more like this while I'm indoors.

Also, it's the first time I'm showing my studio vlogging setup with the Osmo Pocket.


Hello I'm Neil and this is my audio test to see if I can plug my NEEWER NW-700 into my DJI Osmo pocket and you're hearing it right now!
Here's... I've got another camera over here hello ah
This is what it looks like


I'll show you the setup, but firstly, let's get on this camera...
I had a problem with this where there seemed to be a lot of hiss

I wanted to see if you could plug a podcasting microphone - something that - a microphone that needed a preamp, just straight into the camera, just to see what would happen... and it was fairly good but I think this might be better.
So what I've done - hello there you are - I've gone into Pro Mode - up here basically with the phone attached to your Osmo pocket, if you hit on the three dots...

And you can either be in basic... oh it won't let you change when you're recording
I changed it from basic to pro.
Dunno if you can see that.

It's grayed out because it won't let you change when you're recording
But what you can change while you're recording - which really surprised me - is that you can change it from auto volume to custom volume
Now I had it on auto before let's put it on, auto and then I'll show you my setup.

So what I've done is I've plugged in my podcasting microphone - this is a NEEWER NW-700
And I've got that line going straight into my preamp box

So I haven't got a mixer or anything - I've just got it straight into the box.
And then I've got a lead that goes straight from that, to a 3.5mm jack.

If you follow the lead, it goes all the way up to my Osmo Pocket, overpriced everyone hates it, mic adapter
There you go and it's going straight into the Osmo pocket.

Now what I've found is - and as you can hear - if I'd be quiet what I think was happening was that the auto level in the Osmo pocket was just bringing up noise when I'm quiet and it brings up a hiss
If I'm quiet for a moment - it doesn't help there are people outside mowing but you should hear Atmos not hiss.

So I don't know how that sounds - be interesting to see in the Edit and let it go through onto the video - and what I didn't realize was that I could go into the pro settings and set a manual audio level on the Osmo pocket

So what I did was, press the three dots put it into Pro Mode, there's the basic tab and a pro tab, then go down to "volume amplification level" - See it says Auto
I click on that and choose custom

You can now set the volume and what I want to do is to just keep talking I've got to think of something to keep talking!
So that you can hear straight out of the camera how this sounds at a level of 10dB which seems to be the default setting

So I'm just staying silent there just to show that it doesn't bring up the hiss

If you can hear noise it's my neighbours doing the gardening, good for them!
Alright let's bring it up to 16dB and I might come closer just so you can get that full benefit of the podcasting experience.

So this might be of use to anyone who wants to podcast and video podcast there isn't a word for it yet that I've come up with or heard.
Vlogcast is the-- or vodcast is the closest that I've heard, but anyway this is the audio volume at 16 dB and then let's get everything.
Put it up to 20 dB

Hello - let's put it back up on the screen
So this is-- ah sorry it's my throat that's going mm-hmm

This is the level at 20dB and again you know this might be the microphone I'm sure you've got an even better microphone than me but I just wanted to experiment with what would it sound like if I plugged a podcasting style microphone or a microphone that needs a pre-amp directly into the DJI Osmo pocket and this is what it's like at 20 dB

If you set the level to custom so that you're manually setting the audio level

So anyway that's my test I really truly-- I'm gonna stay I'm gonna stick with this cuz I've got a feeling that this might be the best one the best of the three but I guess I'll see in the Edit and you'll see along with me

If you have any comments or even suggestions for how to do this even better, why not leave me a comment down below
I'll just be quiet again so you can hear some silence.

And if you've reached this point in the video why not give me a thumbs up - let me know that this might have helped someone somewhere in choosing a microphone

This is my test and the setup for the test thanks again I hope--
that's surely that's enough audio for you now!

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It's completely portable.

Anyway thanks for watching and I'll see you soon

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