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A JCB digger theme park in Kent, UK.
I love coming here, so try sharing it with you here as part of my Tightwad Dad Vlog.
Spend so much time visiting places through everyone else's YouTube videos, wanted to put some back with a place we really enjoy.
It's a theme park where the kids can actually drive and operate real live Caterpillar and JCB diggers - and what kid (and Dad) doesn't love a digger?!


In the video you'll see some of the rides and attractions - ones where you drive the machinery yourself and others where you ride in the bucket or on the back.
I didn't show the soft play and restaurant areas which are also great...

I mention there are special Diggerland offers on their facebook feed, the link is here:


Diggerland! It's Diggerland!
Hello I'm Neil this is the Tightwad Dad vlog
It's where we try to be happy with what we've already got
yeah alright yeah
Today we're spending a bit of money in a county - a beautiful County called Kent and we're enjoying the beautiful scenery and atmosphere because today, we're at Diggerland!


So the the brilliant thing about this place is that you actually drive the diggers yourself - or your kids can drive them too, depending on their height
Each ride is a different height restriction
Here we go into the mud... Woah!
Look it's totally clean.
I managed to-- keep my trainers clean, somehow. Look.

Here comes our digger... You ready for this?
This is great so I've got... my daughter is driving us.
I'm doing the power and so you're on steering - doing an amazing job there.

You actually get to drive diggers - it's the best!
This is what being British is all about.
Machinery - building machinery theme park. I, I love this place.
We're here on our half term in October and the weather's gorgeous as well so that's, that's nice.

Now, on the videos it looks really industrial and muddy but it's not
It's actually - it's really lovely tarmac path that goes around the park so it's completely family-friendly completely buggy friendly and I think it's a gem
I think it's one of the best theme parks in the country. "You get to actually ride diggers!"

So we can see - we can see all of Rochester on top of this digger
It's like 86 grand!
86 grand?
You get a good view of the park from here.

What's been your favourite one so far?
Driving that.
Driving the 4x4?

There's Auntie Caz! It's a grudge match. Gonna beat Auntie Caz.

We're gonna win! No you're not!

There is no way I'm getting on that.
My son's up there. Somewhere.

I've gotta say this - the staff here at Diggerland Kent are absolutely amazing.
"And nice!"
Yeah, they're really nice - really friendly - but when they spin you round, on a digger, they're spinning round too
So I don't know how they do that all day long

So that's Diggerland!
I've only shown you a fraction of the rides.
We actually got a really good tip-- Are you okay?

We actually heard a really good tip from the lovely woman who runs the food - shop - restaurant! That's what a food shop is called, isn't it! Restaurant.
She said to check Diggerland's social media, so check their Facebook page - they have offers there on the holidays
I'll put the link to their website and their Facebook page in the description - and apparently quite often they put offers up there
We didn't check that, so we paid full price in there and... it's not cheap, but it's worth it, isn't it?
"Yeah, it's worth it."

So that's it - that's what Diggerland, Kent looks like
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