Thursday, 25 June 2020

My VAILLANT BOILER REMOTE CONTROL instructions manual - read out in full

vaillant ecofit pure remote control display

Hello - I'm trying out a new thing every day.
Today I want to MASTER my Vaillant boiler remote control...
so I'm reading out every single page of my Vailant boiler remote control instructions manual!

I'm trying out each chapter on the remote control timer itself - the Valliant VRT 350f controller for our Vaillant Ecofit Pure boiler.
For a TightwadDad, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! (Or "Not using power")

My VAILLANT BOILER REMOTE CONTROL instructions manual - read out in full

Here are the chapters from the manual, just click on the times below to jump directly to the "How To" in the manual...

1:50 Operating instructions manual for Vaillant VRT 350f remote control for EcoFit Pure boiler
2:35 How to navigate around the remote control screen - what does the sun and moon icon logos mean? What do the buttons do?
11:15 Reading the system status
13:55 Setting Desired Temperatures - What does Desired Temperature mean? Find out here!
15:20 Hot water generation settings
16:00 Setting timer programmes. How to set the timer program on a Vaillant Boiler remote control.
20:20 What does Days Away From Home Scheduling mean?
22:15 Setting timer programmes: Days away from home scheduling
23:20 Setting the language - how to change the language on a Vaillant boiler remote control unit
24:10 Setting the date: How to change the date on a Vaillant remote control
24:30 Setting the time: How to change the time on a Vaillant combi boiler remote control
How to set the time after the clocks go back or forward
25:30 Setting the display contrast on the remote control
26:00 Setting the offset room temperature.
26:55 Changing the heating circuit name. How to change the name from HEATING1 to something else and rename it.
27:20 Reset to factory settings. How to factory reset the Vaillant boiler Remote control
28:20 Operating modes for the heating circuit -automatic mode, summer mode, comfort mode, setback mode
28:40 Automatic mode
29:05 Summer mode
29:25 Comfort mode
29:45 Set-back mode
30:15 System off mode: How to turn the Vaillant boiler system off
30:30 Modes for hot water production
32:40 Cylinder Boost
33:15 Party Function Mode
34:35 1 Day Away From Home Mode - for when you're away from home for one day
35:40 Service Message: What does Service Heat Generator 1 mean with a spanner logo or icon
36:00 Fault Message: Heat Generator 1 fault
37:05 Changing batteries: How to change the batteries on a Vaillant Boiler remote control unit for an EcoFit Pure combi boiler - AA batteries

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