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Long video where I compare the DJI Osmo Pocket built-in microphone, against the best value (cheapest!) small mini external microphones:
and BOYA BY-M1 clip-on lavalier microphone.

Times of each audio test are below these links of where to buy these external mikes!

You can buy DJI OSMO POCKET CAMERA from Amazon right here (I'm paid commission at no cost to you, so thanks if you use these links!)
Edutige ETM-001
Comica deadkitten MINI WINDSHIELDS


0:13 DJI Osmo Pocket: Built-in microphone outdoors
1:25 DJI Osmo Pocket: Built-in microphone indoors
3:20 Edutige ETM-001 outdoors
5:10 Edutige ETM-001 indoors
6:05 Saramonic SR-XM1 outdoors
7:50 Saramonic SR-XM1 indoors
8:45 Boya BY-M1 outdoors
9:25 Boya BY-M1 indoors
10:05 Final side by side comparison of DJI Osmo Pocket built-in mic, Edutige ETM-001 with Comica deadcat mini windshield outdoors, Saramonic SR-XM1 in the wind, and Boya BY-M1 my best value best quality small clip-on external microphone

Hello, I'm Neil, I hope this video helps - I'm standing in a weird position at the moment because I've got two cameras...
I absolutely love vlogging with the DJI Osmo pocket
and so I thought I'd make a video to see how the different microphones you could plug in work and sound with the Osmo pocket


This is the built-in microphone for the Osmo pocket that you're listening to right now
I'm trying to talk a lot so that you can get a sense of what it sounds like, but I've also got the Osmo Pocket in a PolarPro cage.

I'll just go to the other camera there for a second which is... has been really helpful
I'm just gonna hand hold it now mainly because the mic adapter that I'll show you in a minute - that can clash with some tripod situations
The way I've got around it is with a polar Pro grip - I can show you how that works

Just put this into the cage. Like that. And because the grip cage has 2 tripod mounts, I've mounted it on the phone side. And that's the grip I usually use for walking around - I've got it on top of a tripod.
Let's see how it sounds indoors!

So here we are indoors - this is how the DJI Osmo pocket sounds without any external microphone plugged in - in a room - a small room - it's very wooden with a lot of hard surfaces

What I wanted to do is to give you a full sense of how the Osmo pocket sounds straight out of the box, and I also wanted to give you enough time to hear what it sounds like with each of the microphones

So firstly if you don't have an Osmo pocket already and maybe you're watching this video just to see how the Osmo pocket sounds... firstly you will need one of these which is a DJI mic adapter for the Osmo pocket

It's about 35 pounds here in the UK
there are links to all of this in the description but what I wanted to show you was how these other microphones sound

These are other microphones that I use and I love them
Each has their own advantages and drawbacks
The first I'm going to show you is the EDUTIGE etm-001

This is an absolutely tiny microphone - it's about the size of a 3.5mm jack
I'll show you the SARAMONIC SR-XM1
Now I've used this loads on my GoPro Hero5 and what I love about it is it's like a mini shotgun mic but it also can be bent it

It can be turned in the direction that you want it to point that's a great one
And you won't recognize this because it will be wearing this which is a Comica dead kitten or a mini deadcat and it stops wind noise so that will be under that

And finally this clip-on lavalier mic the Boya BY-M1 which comes with a battery and a cable but sounds really good
now the next microphone I'm going to show you is the EDUTIGE - No-one I know can say this properly it's the EDUTIGE etm001 because it just sort of points wherever it plugs in obviously if I just plugged it straight into the mic adapter it would just point downwards to the to the floor which I don't really want so I've got this L-shaped Jack just to sort of point in the right direction

Now it's not a directional microphone and I'll talk about that in a second
So I'm going to plug it in like this - there we go - so flip the Osmo pocket round
So I've got the EDUTIGE etm-001 plugged in and I've got it on this L-shaped 3.5mm jack adapter and this is how it sounds
The, the problem I got with the EDUTIGE sorry I'm holding the camera too close

Now the problem I've got with the EDUTIGE - I love it because it's small and it's just so easy to just plug and go
But the slight problem I've got with it is that it's omnidirectional
which means I think it sort of picks up everything even my footsteps

Maybe I should do some walking with it

I'll do some walking later but this is what it sounds like outdoors
This is how it sounds - just pluged straight into the DJI Osmo pocket

I haven't got any custom audio settings it's all on auto and this is what the etm001 sounds like
I think I've got someone behind me - being audiobombed

So we're back indoors with the edutige etm-001 and I haven't got the L-shaped adapter on so the microphone is just pointing straight down towards my desk at the moment but this is how it sounds indoors in a small room environment
I'm about arm's length away from the camera what you've probably noticed already I've not treated any of the audio in this video this is exactly as it comes out of the camera

I've not increased or decreased the level in the Edit
What I love about the edutige etm-001 is that it sounds louder
it sounds beefier

But because it's omnidirectional - it picks up everything around it
So there's an upside and a downside to it
I love its size - I love it's just just a little stub it's fantastic!
Now the next microphone that you're hearing the next external microphone that I'm trying out for my DJI Osmo pocket - speaking quietly as well because it's a quiet day

I hope this next one is the Saramonic SR-XM1
let's get a close-up here now you can't really see it very well because I've got it I've got it underneath a deadkitten or a deadcat windshield
That's to stop the the wind noise but this is what it looked like when it came out of the box, and what I love about this is that it's it looks like a mini shotgun mic, but it's still small so it's still easy to carry around with you and use unobtrusively

And then I put this massive windshield on!
But the big thing second big thing I love about this is that you can point it wherever you want it to go. (NOISES)

And you can bend it a full 180 degrees each way - I'm touching it now, you can probably hear that

So I'll just be quiet for a moment there's a bit of wind going on... but this is a really small-- I think of all the setups this is probably my favorite because you can just hold it really easily - you can hold the Osmo Pocket - so that's the Saramonic SR-XM1 into an Osmo pocket outdoors... let's see what it's like indoors
And you've probably noticed already that I find the audio from this although it's directional so you can point it more towards your your face - trying to say the word face and voice at the same time there - that wasn't gonna work!

I find the audio level is much lower than my other microphones and that can be a little bit irritating having to bump it up in the edit all the time but I love its portability

I love that you can point it in the direction you want it to you can swing it round if you're behind the camera or in front of the camera
I'm not a big fan of those big Rode shotgun microphones

I find them a bit... like they draw attention to themselves when I'm filming out on the streets which I prefer not to do - but this is the Saramonic SR-XM1
And finally this I think is my favorite of the microphone options

This is the Boya BY-M1
This is what it looks like coming out of the box

Actually bought this for my GoPro Hero 5 - absolutely love using it
I think it's probably the warmest sounding.. just because it-- you're just putting the microphone closer to where you're speaking
I think that sounds the best

Obviously it's not very mobile but the upside is how it sounds I think it sounds great
So we're back indoors again with the Boya BY-M1
I've got the cable running straight into my DJI Osmo pocket

I've just checked I've switched it on and because it has a battery I had-- I kept forgetting to turn it off so I've got this little memory device to switch off the battery so it doesn't run down between recordings!

This is how it sounds indoors and what do you think so far?

Leave a comment if you have any questions I'm sure someone be able to help you also in the description I've put links to all of these microphones but this is how the
Boya BY-M1 clip-on lavalier microphone sounds in a small room indoors
And now we're back outside again just to give you a quick whip through the three microphones one last time

This is how the DJI Osmo pocket sounds with no microphone in at all
and this is how the Edutige etm-001 sounds with an l-shaped adapter so that it's pointing towards me and a Comica deadcat wind muff which i've put in the description if you want to take a look at those

This is how the Saramonic SR-XM1 sounds there's a really quite a big breeze whipped up
What does a breeze do? It just happens doesn't it?
But there's quite a wind here and it's not coming from me
And finally this is the Boya BY-M1 clip-on lavalier lapel mic with a Comica windshield dead muff... Deadmuff?! Deadcat - mini deadcat - wind muff like the other three microphones have

How do these sound for you?
So there you go - those are your options for some external microphones that you can plug straight into your DJI Osmo pocket - if you have the slightly pricey DJI Osmo pocket mic adapter

I think it's really worth it because the built-in microphone is fantastic and I've recorded so much out on the hoof on the streets - the sound has been phenomenal - but it does sound a bit rubbish if it's if you're in a windy situation...

Although we're not supposed to take this out into weatherproof situations - but I DID in this video...
You can see there's a bit of rain on there - you might be screaming at the screen right now to tell me to get it in and get it dry
And you can click on the "i" at the top of the screen to to see my full DJI Osmo pocket in a storm test

I just wanted to say that all of these microphones have strengths and weaknesses and it does help to have an external microphone because I keep putting my thumb over the built-in mics

It is distracting if there is even the smallest bit of wind but of all of these options I think my favorite is the one I'm wearing now - is the Boya - I've got this on hand ready it's the Boya BY-M1

When I'm outdoors the cord is a bit of a faff. I just like having the microphone closer to my voice. I think the the sound is warmer and I think I just feel more present in the videos.

Anyway what do you think?
do you have a favorite?
Do-- do any of these work for you

do you just want to say hi - leave a comment below be lovely to hear from you and to hear what you think which ones you prefer
Maybe you already have a DJI Osmo pocket and you already have your favorite go-to microphone

leave a comment I'd love to hear some more of your stories and your tips and tricks with external microphones for the Osmo pocket
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Good luck with your audio adventures on your DJI Osmo pocket thanks for watching
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