Thursday, 28 July 2022

We found Pizza Vending Machine in Chichester UK

We took a trip to Chichester (Railway station car park) just to visit this attraction!
It's a pizza vending machine that delivers pizzas - but does it taste any good?!
We try out a Pizza Revolution Margherita pizza from the machine and taste it for you on camera!

We found the ATM that pays out PIZZAS!



hello this is the dad delivers vlog where I try something new every day 
this is going to be a quick video I think hello 
we came to Chichester the other day and I've got some footage that I took on my phone at the time because we walked past this 
it looks like a cashpoint that's just in the middle of nowhere 
it's at the back of Chichester railway station car park and we thought “no… this looks like it's a cash point that dispenses pizzas!” 
and that's exactly what it is…
it's a... it's a pizza ATM so I came here with my son and my dad 
so this is probably the granddad delivers vlog so we thought we'd take a day trip to Chichester and put our health on the line 
put the family... the male... all the males of the family's health on the line to try one of these 
so here we are in beautiful Chichester 
we're not here to see the beautiful railway station 
we're here to see this 
it's the... what is it 
what would you call it 
it's an ATM for pizzas because you think you're gonna get like a big pizza don't you but I think there's only a tiny slot in there

it does smell a pizza as well doesn't it 
let's... let's take a look at the menu 
barbecue beef Rib and pickle 
pulverized pepperoni 
Margherita mutiny 
x x x spicy or cheesy garlic bread 
I want to go with the Margherita 
so the pictures they look good don’t they 
it's the margarita mutiny - it's got a wood-fired crust though I can't see much wood around here can you 
It’s inside 
And there’s a choice of cold and hot but there's only the hot available 
how much do you think it'll look like that? 
which which pizza would you go for? 
leave a comment below which... which of these six pizzas would you go for 
That… That...

is a margarita okay?
you don't want any? 
okay so it's a huge screen isn't it 
again this screen makes it looks like there's going to be a massive pizza that's going to come out 
proceed to payment 
there's like a card thing here - yeah - thanks for checking

there we go £8.95 
it says your Margherita mutiny is on its way 
oh look a little tiny... 
oh look at that - there’s like a progress bar but again it gives you the impression that the pizza is going to be that wide 
what flavours do they do? 
Have you had one? 
we're trying it I'm not sure it's good 
I don't know - don’t know! 
What flavours have they got? 
Margherita, vegan one, pepperoni... 
A hot one - That’s good innit!

hey you know vending machines... should we rock it? 
see if we can shake some pizzas out? 
yeah how does it work? 
look you can't even see... maybe... maybe there's just like a man in there just making it

24 hours a day 
What’s that? 
was it? 
oh look at that all right some decorative signage there 
nice there's a bin down the side and look... look oh that's what the boxes look like 
okay so they look pretty decent

how long have you been waiting, about two minutes? 
so it is... it is accurate 
progress bar is up to here now 
we went all this way just for this?
I just realised we need... we need about two thousand... oh it's coming! 
wait it's gonna push it through 
yeah you don't pull it out before it's ready oh it comes look at that
Oooh it’s very hot. Ow.

this is the thumbnail 
that's the thumbnail 
and that is the pizza 
that's pretty decent 
that doesn't look too bad does it 
it doesn't come sliced and it doesn't look microwaved does it 
I've just realised we'd need about 2000 people to watch this video to pay for this pizza 
well there isn't anywhere to sit down and eat it 
there's like a sort of a car park over there and a river and a cycle path 
I guess we'll just sit in the car in the car park 
let's try this pizza!

I know how come how can a robot read that 
yeah how can a robot write that?! 
yeah why is there like a door there? 
yeah there’s a lot that's suspicious about this so I wouldn't know... oh look it comes with a knife!
Yeah there's a lot that's suspicious about this 
there's a door next to it 
I suppose that's where they load it up with pizzas 
you tear off a bit for granddad? 
you've got to eat it before the parking warden comes 
we could offer them some ATM pizza 
granddad, do you want it?
oh there you go there's a bit of pizza 

how does it taste?
I really like that 
it looks it looks nice and rustic is that how it tastes? 
can you flip the cheese on with the knife? oh thanks 
okay oh here it goes

I was worried that the dough wouldn't be very fresh 
it is fantastic I love it 
So our verdict of the pizza rebellion pizza what do you even call it? 
is it like an ATM or cashpoint? 
pizza from a pizza cashpoint pizzeria
It’s a good idea with the wooden knife
yeah the knife saved it this... this review would be not good if we had to tear this with our hands

so this has been a successful trip right? 
this is a dad delivers success! Thud

yeah granddad dad delivers success 
thanks for being even more awesome by hitting the thumbs up button and right here is what youtube thinks you'd love to watch next 
oh I'm gonna have some more pizza.
Can I have a bit?
I won't eat all of this

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