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London trip ideas with KIDS x26

It's another day trip to London with the kids and no plan whatsoever. Seeing completely inappropriate scenes on bikes, meeting a World-Famous YouTuber, shopping in the world's most expensive toy store and finding Inner Peace for a fiver...

We take day trips to London with the kids but with NO PLAN!
Here's another London day trip with 26 ideas of things to do, places to go visit and see.
We just turn up on the train and make it up as we go along to see how many places we can go and things to do in London. Takes in Central London, Aldwych, Covent Garden and Regent Street - Shot August 2021

NO PLAN! 26 easy ideas for kids day trip to London

0:00 Day trip with kids to London, arriving in Waterloo Station
0:34 London bus ride over Waterloo bridge to Aldwych and Drury Lane past naked bike ride day
3:24 Visiting Covent Garden: Apple Store, Tesco Express, Henrietta Street, London Transport Museum
7:20 Bumping into YouTuber Joolz Guides then a Five Guys burger
8:27 London Underground journey: Leicester Square Piccadilly Line
9:20 Piccadilly Circus, Waterstones bookshop, London Beer Bike in Regent Street
10:18 Hamleys toy store plus a Hare Krishna parade and Krishnas chant
11:29 London Bus ride back to London Waterloo station



Okay, let's go!
so I think the first thing we're going to do is to find a bus, well maybe we could join this group here

oh there’s a KFC but we're going to go through the arch there to find the buses 
right now I don't know what bus to get yeah should try this one

It's some kind of naked bike ride 
I don't know if it's a protest
Looks like they're quite happy doesn't it?

All these well-adjusted photographers

What I was thinking we could do next was we get off to the next stop after the naked cyclists and then see Covent Garden. okay

Have you seen the muffin man?
Is that the muffin man? 
That's the muffin man! that's the muffin man st- his name is Aram

the muffin man, on Drury Lane 
so this is Covent Garden
I've got to hold the the camera quite close yeah there's no garden here
it is a ripoff 
that’s… that's always been the case there's loads of shops and places to eat 
I think it was obviously a fruit and veg market, but I know it for its roller disco when I was your age
there's no such thing as roller or disco now 
oh no they've closed down the paperchase!

this is like a theme park isn't it? Can you see the iphone 12? I want it

I like the medium size

Going up the magical staircase oh look
Okay Dad, push me down!

right so we just went into the apple store there
well the kids worked out the only way they could get an iphone is by throwing themselves down the glass staircase and suing apple 
slippery staircase
What one iPhone 12 max? 
no I’d kind of like a pro?
I don't know why I've got this on 
that's better
oh I can smell London now 
oh yeah cigarettes
it doesn't feel very safe so we can go to the Tesco express and get some drinks and then we'll try to find somewhere to eat as well

Do you think we can sit on these? yeah baby! we got seats! yeah I know

so this is daddy feeding the kids 
Have you heard of Henrietta?
yes Henrietta who lives on Henrietta Street! 
I always feel sorry Stella that you are the only member of the family at the moment who doesn't have a phone
well I feel sorry that you know you look at us you know the rest of the family and we've all got... we're all just like doing this on our phones and I feel bad that 
yeah but I'm doing that on my ipad
yeah that's true 
so we're gonna go to the London transport museum now we... we pre-booked tickets on the train... that's 40 minutes of joy and fun on their website... yes we're gonna go and see some trains and buses
here's a train and bus museum montage

we're eating our healthy nutritious Doritos and popcorn here in the London transport museum among the buses

so that was where we went to the roller disco
Do you know what roller disco is? 
oh it's like that guy who um he went roller skating and he went out the door got on the bus yeah
you know that guy 
yeah that's right! oh Frank Spencer
that's EXACTLY what a roller disco is 
so I've educated my kids through the works of Frank Spencer 
so I'm hiding behind a pillar before saying hello to him 
I never thought we'd spot an actual youtuber so um yeah he's a proper youtuber not like this channel it's like a proper one
Tally-ho! Joolz guides here in which I wander around London and tell you fascinating facts don't forget to hit the subscribe button! 
so we're hiding behind the pillar because he's doing some filming I don't interrupt him excuse me

you've actually interrupted me 
sorry sorry
bad man! 
We’d better go. Thank you!
no worries cheers

I don't know what we're going to do now 
What would you like to do now?
Sweet shop! Hamleys! 
Hamleys Sweet Shop.

So we’re going down the Underground now. It’s underground time.

well we nearly got on it!

so this is our stop, okay?

Piccadilly circus.
There is the Samsung thing

so that went really well
excellent toilets - they were closed on the fourth floor so only the basement ones
I went in there anyway 
yeah yeah... good work Waterstones
we didn't buy a book but we bought stuff hey should we cross?
should we just go across on this very colourful crosswalk pedestrian crossing thing
alright so this... this is the... I've not seen this in years... this is a beer trolley and everyone on board drinks beer but they also pedal this vehicle so can you see they're peddling? while they're drinking booze? oh that's so cool 
yeah and the whole thing just kind of holds up traffic it's really lovely 
so this is... this is Hamleys which is the most expensive shop in London
it's probably the most expensive shop in the UK

we're going to hide: we’re the last people here we're going to hide here overnight
No look I’m trying pretend to be a doll

Shall we join in? Hare Krishna!

Will Smith put a lot of stuff on instagram about it in the last couple of years 
some people give five pounds some give more, some give less there's no maximum anything from the heart will be great to receive
guys this is the best five pounds you've ever spent because it's knowledge of the self
okay? alright okay thank you thank you so much

back to Waterloo and we found it - this is where we go so we just need this bus that we've just overtaken on Regent Street
What was your favourite part of the journey today?
Mine was going on the trains and vehicles
Oh, you like the museum? 
No, no, I did like the museum, but I like going on the buses 
Oh on the actual buses and tubes oh great yeah I like that as well! okay let's go

Thank you, thank you bus!

just on the left there... we made it what a great day in London 
do you have any tips whoa! 
if you have any tips for places to go in London with kids leave them in the comments 
can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click on his face, thanks bye! 
alright this is gonna be the proper one right?

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