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Best SIM card for kids mobile phone

Order a SIM card from GiffGaff FOR FREE here! 
(You get discount, I get bonus)  

Put your address in and they'll send you a free SIM card.

How to get SIM card and new phone number for a child’s mobile | Activate FREE GiffGaff SIM

How do you get a SIM card for a new phone, new network, new phone number?
And what is the best UK mobile phone network for a child’s phone?

We've had a GiffGaff SIM card for 3 years now and are really happy with the coverage and service - I'l change this message if anything changes.

In this video, I share how to order a Sim card for free for your child and how to set up a GiffGaff new phone number and account. It's hard enough giving a mobile phone to an 11 year old, yet alone finding the best mobile network for a child. This way is without a monthly contract, but is not pay-as-you-go - it auto renews and bills your credit or debit card each month.

If you order a SIM card from the link above, GiffGaff will post you the SIM and the video shows how to activate a GiffGaff SIM.

0:00 What is the best UK mobile network for a child?
1:24 How to order a free SIM card from GiffGaff for a new phone number
1:39 How to activate GiffGaff SIM



Hello, how do you get a new SIM card for a new phone with a new number on a new network and what is the best UK mobile phone network for a child's phone? 
Hello I’m Neil welcome back to the channel
I have put a paid promotion message on this video because I’m not being paid for this but I’ve put a link down in the description below to what I think is the best mobile phone network for a kid's first phone 
You probably have the same fear that I have with a first-time phone which is you don't want to sign up to a long-term contract especially for a child so I’m going to sign up my own daughter to this network GiffGaff to get her up and running with her new mobile phone 
I’m going to go through the process step by step with you so that you can follow along and see how it works and avoid any mistakes that I make along the way 
This is a tricky time isn't it because it doesn't feel right to give an 11 year old a phone but all her mates have got one so we're doing this through sheer peer pressure 
If you use the link below you get a discount and I get a bonus so it's a win-win situation but I hate all mobile networks!
I’ve been with EE, vodafone o2 virgin mobile 
I’ve been frustrated by them all their customer service sucks so I moved to GiffGaff and what I like about this network is that everything is done on their website 
And I promise I'll put a message in the description or remove this video if anything changes in the future
When you click on the link below this is currently what comes up where it says one SIM fits all and this is where we can order the SIM card that they'll send to us through the post for free
I’ll just put in my name, email address and postal address
It takes the SIM card a couple of days to appear, it comes in an envelope like this
Let's open it up and this is what it looks like inside
I’ll just take this off the envelope: it looks like a giant SIM card!
There's a standard SIM, a micro SIM and a nano SIM so you just need to choose which size SIM card you need to push out from this card 
We can now go to and then click on help and then go down to activate your SIM 
And here's a link that takes you to the right page so just click on activate my SIM and then we type in the six digit code that is printed on the SIM card 
We'll type that into this box
Now we can click activate your SIM 
I’ve used my email address for the kids accounts and you can have more than one GiffGaff account and next we create a password for this account
Then we click register, now we can set our marketing preferences and now we can choose our monthly plan 
They call them Goodybags and the way it works is that they debit a card once a month 
Next we'll click continue. The next step is to put in our payment details and it automatically puts you onto an auto renew so that it charges your account by the same amount each month 
Now we can click on this box to agree to the terms and conditions and activate our SIM 
oh it's exciting, and there we have our brand new phone number which means that this SIM card is now activated and now we can put it into our child's phone 
Next I’ll open up the SIM tray and I can see there that it's the nano size that I’ll need so I’ll push out the nano size card here and put it into the tray and then we can put the tray into the phone very carefully 
I’ll turn the phone on and now the phone has a mobile network signal and you can see at the top of the screen there it now says GiffGaff we now have a new text message from Giff Gaff saying welcome to GiffGaff: this is your new phone number
You are now good to go so if I give it a call from my mobile phone, there I am ringing away
Ah it's not a very flattering picture is it, but it works!
Now she can start ignoring our calls and a whole new circle of life begins, there you go happy new SIM card! 
If this video is helping thank you for hitting the thumbs up button and good luck with calling your kids and right here is what YouTube thinks you'd love to watch next 
Can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye! Okay I’m gonna hang up.

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