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How to set all Facebook posts to private and bulk Delete Facebook posts photos and videos

How to bulk delete your Facebook posts, photos and videos?
Or how to set all Facebook posts to Private, or Only Me?
And how do you download or backup all your Facebook data: posts, photos and videos before finding out how to delete your facebook account?
I know exactly how hard this is, so I go through the Facebook bulk delete process step by step. First I backup and download all my Facebook posts videos and photos. And then I bulk delete my Facebook posts using the Activity Log. It's hard and time consuming but I am really pleased that I have set the privacy of all my Facebook posts to Private or Only Me.

How to bulk delete all your Facebook posts AND set ALL posts privacy to Only Me on your account

0:00 How to bulk delete all your Facebook posts AND set ALL posts privacy to Only Me on your account
1:25 How to download and backup all my Facebook data: posts, friends, photos, pictures and videos
6:15 How to bulk delete facebook posts, photos and videos ahead of deleting your Facebook account



You and I want to hide all our Facebook posts 
I don't blame you 
How do you set all your Facebook posts, photos and videos to private or have a privacy of “only me” WITHOUT deleting all our posts or our Facebook account
Or maybe you DO want to bulk delete your Facebook posts 
I know exactly the position you're in because I’m in that position now 
I don't know why I’m holding on to this stuff and I don't know why I’ve been putting it off for so long 
I do know that people's tweets and Facebook posts have been held against them 
There are high profile cases where people have lost their jobs for things that they've said online, things that they’ve posted on Facebook like 10, 15 years ago and it's being held against them now 
I don't stand by anything I’ve written, least of all on Facebook! 
I’m a comedy writer and I’ve been trying stuff out online for about 15, 20 years 
I’ve posted things that are deliberately wrong 
I’ve said the wrong thing. I’ve said provocative things, just to see if they were funny 
I don't stand by any of it and I sure as Facebook do not want any of that to be held against me 15 years after I put it out there 
I am going to bulk remove all my Facebook posts 
I’m going to set them all to private or as Facebook calls it “only me” and I’m going to be doing this in real time step by step so you can see the process every step along the way 
You can jump ahead in this video right now to start deleting but I’m going to first backup and download everything that Facebook has on me 
All my Facebook posts, photos and videos: I want to store them so at least I have a copy of them 
And I’m hoping that if I then delete everything I’ve already done what I need to do to... to keep my stuff 
So first you need to click on your face - your avatar on the top right hand corner of your Facebook home page and then we're going to go down to “settings and privacy”
And then we're going to click on “Settings” 
Over on the left hand side there's this column here of all the different options we're going to click on “your Facebook information” and that brings up this page and you can see from some of the options here down here for instance you can deactivate and delete your account 
I don't know why I... I think I need to still be in Facebook just to check what's being said about me and to check where I’m being tagged so all of this staying with Facebook is from a place of mistrust! 
But this is the menu that we need and we're going to go into “Download your information” and that brings up this “downloads” page 
You can pause the video here just to see about the different options 
Basically you've got two choices: you can either download an html file which is like a web page 
It's going to look like a web page when you open it once you've downloaded it 
The other option is json... a json file and that is a file that you could take to another social network and upload it there, so it's to enable portability of your data 
I don't want to repeat the mistakes of my Facebook page! 
And you've got some options with media quality, we're going to keep that “high” and you can also select a date range if you just wanted to download particular years 
I’m going to download everything so I’ve got everything in one place 
Scrolling down to the next section you can select the information that you want to download so this is the list here: things that you've saved 
your messages, posts, all your pages and profiles 
I’m just basically going to see how I have timesucked... how I’ve wasted my life on Facebook, so I’m looking forward to this 
Plus all the other information that Facebook or “Meta” as they like to call themselves now as they distance themselves from their appalling behaviour over the last decade.
Now I don't know why, but “request a download” hasn't appeared here so the button's here but I can't click on it 
It says you need to select a date range... right so we'll choose “All time” so now the button has appeared: big blue button, “request a download” 
I’ve no idea how long this is going to take so let's do a time jump! 
Whoa! It's 17 minutes later and I’ve got this email from Facebook in 17 minutes! 
The file you've requested containing your Facebook information is now ready for you to download 
Yes so it took 17 minutes and I’m dressed differently because I’m doing this the next day because I did not think it was going to be that quick 
I am now going to click on this “available files” link and that opens up the download your information page 
In the top right hand corner we have a tab here: available files instead of the “request a download” tab, and there is one download here ready for me to download 
There's a little option here for delete so you can get rid of it when you don't need it but I’m going to hit download, and I’m going to download this file and while that's downloading we will get to deleting and setting all our Facebook posts to private - I promise you - but let me show you what's in this download of all your information from Facebook 
And it comes as a zip file so I will open with the unzip thingy 
Let's see what's in this folder! 
There are a really impressive 46 folders 
Look at all these things, all these different types of Facebook data. The one I want to go to first is “posts” 
Let's dip into a couple of these so there's an album and a media folder
There are so many folders but they're all presented in html which means that if I double click on them, like this one, let's go to album 6, it presents your posts as a familiar web page which is kind of cool 
So these are some of my many photos but outside of those folders we have “your posts” 
this is my very first post October the 29th 2007 I’m eating stuff in borough market 
I mean it's just it's quite literally my life flying before my eyes 
I’m glad that I’ve got them all on my drive here 
You know really great stuff like me with the famous UK presenter, Gok Wan.
You can see me there nestled behind the camera confidently producing this shoot 
Here's me with broadcasting legend Danny Baker on my very first job in television as a runner
I was such a professional, look this is... this is me at work here knocking tea over every keyboard I ever worked with 
But now I want to set all of my posts to private and I’ll show you how to delete them as well 
First we click on your avatar in the top right hand corner and we'll go to settings and privacy...
And then we're going to go down to activity log and that opens up the activity log page 
In the activity log on the left hand side you'll see right at the top, “your posts” and I’m going to click on this pull down menu and it brings up your posts as a... as a page 
So this here is literally everything I’ve ever posted 
When you scroll down to the bottom it stops and it reloads more posts and photos so let's speed this up 
This is me scrolling down to the very bottom of everything I’ve ever done on Facebook so this process takes me about five minutes 
It might take you longer but oh my goodness there's so much junk here! 
The next thing we can do is to scroll back up again right to the top, and when you get to the top if you click on one of these tick boxes here or check boxes let's just take the first one to show you what happens 
All of these buttons come to life so we have deselect... that obviously deselects the tick 
There's this archive button here 
I cannot see the point of the archive button 
It just puts it into an archive folder 
The next button along is the big bad trash can, I... 
I’m so tempted to do this 
Let's see what happens. I’ve selected a few of my posts. 
When you hit trash it brings up this dialogue: move to trash 
Items moved to trash will be deleted after 30 days 
Wouldn't it be great just to delete everything 
I won't do that just yet, I’m gonna use this button here “change audience” so I’m going to hit the all box and if I tick this box it selects all of my posts 
And you can see here this number has gone up to 1762. 
That's how many posts I’ve put on Facebook in my life.
I’d love to know how many you've made: leave a comment down below and hit a thumbs up if you've reached this point because I’d love to know if anyone is going through with this! 
I am so excited that you and I get to do this.
We can now set all of our Facebook posts, photos, videos everything to private or only me by clicking on this button here: change audience 
And it brings up this menu 
You can select the audience 
You can select public and set everything to public 
I don't want to do that 
Friends, which I’ve already done 
This is the one I want: I’m going to select only me for all of my posts 
And all I need to do now is to click on this confirm button 
That's making sure that you're sure about this 
All of the selected posts will have their audience changed, so obviously if you have lots of posts with different types of audiences and custom audiences, it's just going to wipe them all and set them to “only me” 
I’m going to hit the change button

Do it, do it... oh what! 
Something went wrong! 
Facebook... naughty... 
Let's try again then
Change audience, only me, confirm 
Something went wrong 
Facebook you utter rotter 
Right this is one of the many reasons we've got to leave Facebook 
What I’m trying now is... I’ll go into date I’m going to filter out say 2019... save changes... there those are all my posts from 2019 
Sorry, you can hear some randy pigeons up above 
Then I’m going to select all, so that's 108 posts, and I’m going to hit change audience, only me, confirm change 
Yes it's worked! 
Okay so that's one year, one of the 14 years 
I’m gonna now have to go through every single year and set every year to “only me” 
I’m sorry... if I can find a quicker way I’ll put it in the description below but Facebook is not being nice 
Who'd have thought - I know... I know I’ve been spending far too long on this 
I know but it's nearly over Casper! 
It's nearly over 
I mean should I just delete... I should just delete my Facebook account shouldn't I?
Or at least delete all the posts, but right here is another video that YouTube thinks that you will love. Good luck with your Facebook deleting.

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