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REVIEW Legoland Windsor best rides PLUS 26 things to do UK

We went to Legoland Windsor, shot back when face masks and sanitiser were a thing.
Had a great day - and here's a review of 26 rides and attractions that we did to help you plan your trip in 2022. Also has some things to watch out for: wasps, parking charges and ludicrous long queues even for a theme park (thanks to their fast pass not working very well for the rest of us).

HONEST REVIEW Legoland Windsor best rides PLUS 26 things to do UK

0:00 Legoland Windsor UK theme park review 2022
0:35 Legoland Spinning Spider, Destiny's Bounty and Legoland Express train rides
1:37 Lego land Aero Nomad, Thunder Blazer rides
1:59 Lego Friends Heartlake City: Mia's Riding Adventure, Heartlake Shopping Mall Legoland rides
2:45 Lego City Legoland rides
3:25 Haunted House Monster Party, Bricks Restaurant, Legoland Castle Hotel
4:45 Legoland Creature Encounter, Creature Creation
4:58 Heartlake City Pizza & Pasta buffet, Heartlake Cafe, Ice Cream Parlour and First Aid stand Legoland
5:22 Lego City fire academy and Legoland Miniland London models built in Lego 
7:27 Should I buy parking at Legoland? (NO) Legoland Parking charges
8:38 Legoland Windsor UK Lego store
9:15 Legoland Windsor Pirate Falls and Jolly Rocker rides, Ben and Jerry's ice cream store
10:34 Legoland Laser Blaster ride breakdown and evacuation
15:47 Legoland Viking River Splash ride
16:09 Legoland Windsor UK theme park review - candid 



I should do the intro here shouldn't I? 
hello my name's Neil and this is the dad delivers vlog and today we are in Legoland Windsor 
I don't know if this is going to work but I'm going to try it and show you as many Legoland Windsor attractions as possible 
So you can help choose your rides before you go 
we're here! 
Is that London?
yeah that's London over there 
There’s Windsor castle

so we're going for the spider first 
spinning spider 
wow he's really going for it so you're in the capsule and you spin it around by hand and you kind of turn yourself with a wheel 
yeah some of the dads are going for it a bit too hard 
here we go ready? 
oh dad spin!

I thought… I thought the ride was a bit short but actually yeah it's a bit too long

destiny's bounty 
it's a quick review of um it looks like a spinning ship 
The queue is short
The queue is short there
Dude the queue is short there
yeah but it's just a spinning ship isn't it

so we're going to Heartlake City now through the land of the pharaohs 
try and show you some rides on the way 
there's the aero nomad and we haven't been on it but for aero oh sorry out of ten? 
Thunder Blazer you want to go on it? 
do you want to go on it? 
yeah do you want to?

He looks how I feel.

So we're in Heartlake City 
Mia's riding adventure 
Oh shop! 
I'm gonna buy a Lego Friends cap if one exists 
this… this isn’t… this isn't a harsh criticism but it's what time is it 11 o'clock and the hand sanitizers are empty 
at least people are using them though 
but we had a theory that the rides that appealed to girls probably used this hand sanitizer up the fastest than the dirty boys rides 
This is Lego City 
wow it's a little Lego City building on top of it that's good 
oh this is the food area 
Octan vending machines 
we're debating whether or not to get one of those refillable cups 
what do you think? 
yeah okay 
oh it's a display thing oh that's nice dancing…

But the lack of social distancing makes it a bit difficult to see

You always know it's good when the first question is how long are you upside down for 
yeah that was funny 
I thought that made me laugh because the ride turns you upside down 
basically you're screaming like a girl... I’m screaming like a girl...
I give it a nine 
quick ride for the wait but it wasn't like scary 
I'm not sure would have wanted to stay on it longer 
oh you know when you see a vip pass and they've got kids with no hair...

kind of puts the queueing in perspective right? 
I’ll put the menu for bricks restaurant on screen now so you can see how much it costs when I was here 
and it looks like you've got the hotels... the hotel rooms up there 
15 quid for a refillable cup, what do you think about that?

unless you can refill it fifteen times I say it’s better

Creature Encounter, looks closed
Creature creation so we can build some bits in a… with a bucket of Lego 
pizza and pasta buffet £15.99

Heartlake Cafe... Ice cream parlor in Heartlake City oh this is the first aid stall, that's what we needed for the wasp sting that we had 
Wasps are a real problem here 
Of course the first aid stall would be in Heartlake City because you know, the Lego friends care 
This is the Lego City fire academy 
it's one of the first rides you can get to when you enter the park so the queues tend to be big from the outset 
I like this ride because they try to get you to do it as quickly as possible

There’s Leicester Square… Covent Garden, sorry

other people filming it 
There’s uh covent garden that we're in the other day 
post office tower 
I won't plug BT 
Trafalgar square 
this looks like uh 10 downing street down here

and Big Ben

There's a bus pulling in, that's clever

just past St Paul’s with the uh London eye in the background…
City hall…
we’ve got waterloo back there…
 we'll take a look at that in a minute… tower of London… Tower Bridge

Lloyds of London wow that's amazing 
hope it's insured 
I've not seen that I don't think - there’s canary wharf there

and the gherkin 
when I got here I thought oh nice there's some people in costumes here and then realised that's actually what they're wearing… oops

okay here's a pro tip so if like me you've not bought your parking in advance uh you have to buy a ticket when you're here but um you do that at the the ticket office at the front gate and obviously at closing time there's a massive queue there so if at some stage during the day… I've had to come back to the car to get a battery to keep this camera going and I've got my car parking ticket now with no queue there whatsoever 
so you might want to try that if you want to get your parking in before you leave it's like a thing that you scan at the at the gate so you've got to come back and pay for it at some stage anyway

here are two other tips erm… there are a lot of wasps here and it's been like that the last time we came here years ago like four or five years ago 
There seems to be like a real wasp problem here so bring some wasp allergy things if you… if you need them or some wasp sting cream because our daughter got stung - ah, poor thing and luckily we had the… the antihistamine tablet but we haven't got the cream so you might want to come prepared for wasp action 
wow the shop looks great oh that's a cap

I think that's the one

So this is pirate falls and uh we've waited 90 minutes for this ride 
I'm sure it's worth the wait 
No there's nearly a drop is it… is it worth the wait? 
probably I'm not sure 
Okay so this took... this took one hour 50 minutes and we're just at the front now 
okay I'm not allowed to film on this so I'm not gonna able to show you much of the ride but I'll show you as much as possible as I can after we spent nearly two hours queuing for it you get squirted out

you don't know… you don't know which watergun is going to go off

that’s… that's not us 
uh it was good, it was good so it's like two hour wait for a three second drop I'll give that a ten


We stopped off for an ice cream I can't... I can't remember the name of this place but it's very good

alright, okay redo.

Oh someone's got out… got out we've done something 
I'm saying someone's taking a dump

hey we should be able… to be able to oh you can't shoot

this... this is actually quite a scary ride wow

look do you think we lost all the points? 
I had zero
Okay so there’s a little problem with this ride
glad it's not us 
it's like the first rule of theme park is don't stand up even on a bench

Oh yeah

Aim for the thing

look what I'm gonna do I'm gonna put the camera down to see if I can get a better score while I'm not filming 
okay so it's just a tannoy announcement to say they've got to abandon the ride and shut it down!
do you think someone got hurt?

I know we spent our time, I know we spent our time but it's exciting we're in an emergency situation 
management are coming, another ten minutes 
for the abandoned ride

okay right aim take aim right now so I'm going to stop the camera now to get a good score and we'll see if we can get an extra ride

so it stopped again 
I swear we could have fit in like two rides 
yeah I know we could have done 
it… because the park closes in half an hour and the ride has stopped again

oh this management… management's coming

I’m going to have to take you out here

wow so we're walking backwards through the ride here we go

just telling them that we're taking everyone off

okay cool yep

wow so that was the Laser Raiders 
I'll give that an eight I think that was pretty good I give that uh
Get a picture?
Yeah not much of an apology there given we'd wait and waited to get for that one 
Legoland is that really how you treat people when you break the ride? 
it's quite impressive just front it out 
get everyone off 
so that was laser raiders 
okay so we're going to try a viking river splash 
there's a 25 minute wait and the park closes in 20 minutes so I'd be interested see how that goes 
I'm still a bit um surprised that they kicked us off a ride and… 
I know where they're going why why they kicked us off because they're worried that people keep on going on it until they close 
okay so this is another situation where I can't use the camera on the ride so I'll just give you a shot of someone going around on it someone else going around on it and uh we'll see you on the other side for a score 
I am Neil's child and this is what that looks like so you have to hold on and basically go around this like whirlpool river thing 
Is Legoland Windsor thumbs up or a thumbs down or wiggle in the middle 
thumbs up oh like that yeah with slightly crooked thumbs up 
okay we'll give it a double thumbs up and a high five I think would be having some kind of procedure where if you kick someone off a ride that breaks down that you know makes them feel like they haven't wasted half an hour of their life 
sort out the costa coffee stall 
that tasted disgusting 
Costa are not bringing a good thing to your park I'm afraid Legoland 
bits of it look a bit tired perhaps bit shabby and given look how many people there are so they can afford it 
they can afford a bit of paint here and there 
Legoland needs to sort out the wasp problem 
the wasp problem is a problem but all in all, you know I think that's a that's a… that's a big thumbs up 
There's a qualified thumbs up and the cap - very happy with it so thank you Legoland 
Leave me a comment below if you've been here before why are you queueing in the women's area dude? 
if you can help me get to 1000 subscribers I'd really, really appreciate it and thanks for watching 
can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye 
alright this is gonna be the proper one right?

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