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NEW ZV1 FIRMWARE UPDATE! How to use ZV1 as webcam USB streaming Sony ZV-1 camera latest version 2.00

Sony have just released a firmware update for the ZV-1 camera! 
It's version 2.00 (from v1.00) and has a new feature where you can plug the ZV 1 directly into a computer and use it as a webcam, with only a USB cable and no extra software or hardware! 

The HARDEST part was dealing with an error message: 
To start USB Streaming, unplug the USB cable. 
Execute USB streaming function before connecting USB cable. 
The solution is at 4:35

NEW ZV1 FIRMWARE UPDATE! How to use ZV1 as webcam USB streaming Sony ZV-1 camera latest version 2.00

And Version 2.00 firmware update for Mac is here:

0:00 NEW ZV1 FIRMWARE UPDATE! How to update ZV1 as webcam +USB cable Sony ZV-1 camera latest version 2.00
1:55 What is the latest firmware version for the Sony ZV-1 camera?
2:10 How to check for the latest firmware version on my Sony ZV1 camera
2:40 Where to get and download the latest system firmware update V 2.00 for the Sony ZV 1 camera.
3:00 How to set up the USB connection on a Sony ZV1 and connect the camera to a Windows PC. How to Execute USB streaming function before connecting USB cable.
5:20 How to set up Sony ZV1 camera for a zoom call with a USB cable
5:30 Where is the USB streaming function on a Sony ZV1?
6:10 How to connect and use a Sony ZV-1 camera as a webcam with Zoom.



How do I firmware update my Sony ZV1 camera to the latest version? 
Now as you know firmware is the the software that runs the camera so I'm effectively upgrading my little Sony ZV1 camera.

It's very exciting, Sony has just released version 2.00 but I've really not done this before because I've never firmware updated a Sony camera, so if you're like me and you've never done it before I'm going to do this step by step so you can follow along and hopefully avoid any mistakes that I make along the way.

And welcome to the happy hut! 
Hello I'm Neil Mossey usually I'm a development producer helping high achieving creators and performers just like you to get ideas out of your head and out onto here on YouTube but I have recently upgraded my camera to the Sony ZV 1 

I really miss not shooting this on this camera right now and I've been making videos along the way of my journey with my Sony ZV-1 camera.
I'm British so I should be calling it a ZV1 camera.

I am going to be following the instructions right here on the Sony website and the reason why this is especially exciting is that there's a new feature being released in the firmware update, and apparently you could just plug this straight into the computer and use it as a webcam.
Without any extra software or hardware. 

I've been using my ZV1 or ZV-1 so much with this, it's a very cheap capture card.
I got it for about $15, it works beautifully.

We're not going to need to use that anymore, so why not stick around to the end of the video to see if this actually works.
I'm going to plug this into the computer and I'm going to see if this works with zoom because that's what I've been using with the capture card.

We're going to try and do that with just the USB cable and this firmware version 2.00 update so let's dive in with the very first instruction here: before you start check the system software version.
Well first I... I know that I haven't updated this but we're going to check the firmware version that's already on the ZV1 camera.

We are going to press the menu button and then go along to setup and set up is the tab at the top which looks like a toolbox.
It's that yellow tab there, the fifth tab along and then I'll press the down button to go into the menus and we want page five.
And if you press the down button and go down to version and hit ok we can see that the firmware version on my ZV1 is 1.00 

We're gonna say goodbye to that soon! 
Next I'm gonna make sure that my battery is fully charged and I'm going to take out my memory card.
Oh no I need that! 
Next I'm going to hit download on the Sony website.

Read through the terms and conditions and hit download and I'll just save this to my desktop then I'm going to double click on the dot exe file that I've downloaded.

On the camera I'm going to select menu setup USB connection and check if mass storage is selected.
So I'm now going to turn the camera on and the Sony website asked me to connect with the supplied cable which isn't that long so I'm going to wing it and I've got a really long pink cable so we're going to see if this works.
I'm going to plug this into the computer and it's retracted the lens.

I don't know if you can see there...
I miss my ZV1 focus!
There you go USB mode and then I'm going to click next on the system software updater.
Oh no the battery level's too low! 

Charge the battery and start from the beginning again.
So I thought I'd be okay I was on three but I lied when I said it was fully charged actually I was on three bars of battery I thought that would be okay and it's not so I'm just gonna charge this up and we'll try again.
So I'm going to double click on the firmware update and I'm going to switch the camera on and plug the USB cable into the computer... so click next again.

Verify the version of the update information on the bottom left hand corner of the screen that's just down here.
It says current version, v1.00 version after the update v2.00 which means we can now click next.
Oh this looks good so this is exciting I think it's going to take a few minutes.

I won't make you sit through all of this but here's some highlights from the screen.
The update process has been completed! 
Whoa it's just come to life there we go there's a message on the screen there to start USB streaming unplug the USB cable execute USB streaming function before connecting USB cable.

So the update has been completed from the system software updater so the firmware update is done I think.
Next I'll disconnect the USB cable now all we have to do is check that the firmware has updated so I'm going to hit menu and we'll go to the same screen that we did before in setup.

Oh yeah screen number five go down to version hit okay...
Yes we've done it! 
That's a firmware update version 2.00 for the Sony ZV-1 camera fantastic.

Click ok, am I ok? I'm more than ok and we'll get this camera up onto my webcam position and let's see if it works on zoom.
I've plugged my ZV1 into my pc again and this box has come up on my windows.

Select to choose what happens with this device guess I will just take no action but I'm slightly stuck because it's saying I've got to execute USB streaming function before connecting the USB cable and I don't know where USB streaming function is.
I'm going to hunt around for it in the menu.

Okay I've figured this out it seems so simple but it's taken me 15 minutes to work this out.
The USB streaming function is on another menu - it's on the second tab, tab two.
The option right at the bottom there can you see it says USB streaming, we're going to hit ok.

I've now got my USB cable connected to my Sony ZV 1 camera or is it ZV-1 camera?
Leave a comment below see what you prefer.
Let me show you what's on screen now, it says start streaming from connected device! 
This is the moment of truth.

I've opened up zoom on my computer and I'll hit start and let's see if we can get this camera going.
I'll click join with computer audio.
I'll hit record so you can see what I'm recording and down here I'm going to see what happens when I hit the select camera button.
Whoa there it is! 

ZV1 camera is an option on zoom so I'll select that and I'll start video and there we go oh my goodness we can...

Oh this is crazy for me because I've spent six months using an HDMI capture card to run my ZV-1 camera through zoom I'm doing this just with a USB cable no extra hardware no extra software.

It's not even the proper Sony USB cable that I'm using and it it seems to work and this is the recording! 
This is the actual recording from zoom, I'm using the onboard microphone that's what you can hear right now, but this is the zoom recording this is the actual zoom recording.

That is the Sony ZV1 camera firmware update.
I have loads more ZV-1 camera videos or ZV 1 camera videos they're in this playlist here and right here is what youtube thinks you should be watching next.

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