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Going live on StreamYard for the first time on my YouTube channel, is it any good? 2021


Going live on StreamYard for the first time on my YouTube channel, is it any good? 2021

0:00 Going live on StreamYard for the first time to stream on my YouTube channel, is it any good in 2021?
0:18 View of stream yard setup and the dashboard
1:09 Going live with Stream Yard
1:55 Does Streamyard distort music on the audio? Audio test with a guitar.
2:40 Tour of streamyard dashboard, how to write description for a live stream, vision mixing, screen share, graphics and lower third banners.
4:20 How to show live comments on screen during a live youtube stream.
5:15 Tour of my home youtube studio setup and lighting rig.
7:20 Mark A Wright on lighting his live music facebook live streams
8:00 Tour of my home set



Hello, so this is me... just before I go live on YouTube for the very first time.
I thought I ought to get the camera out, and um, show you the setup before it all goes however it goes!
I'm, um, a little bit nervous about this because I've never gone live on YouTube before.
I've got a-- this is my setup, hello.
This is me in Streamyard, I'm using Streamyard to do this, so I've gone into the Studio.
I've setup my caption, I've got my guest.
He's got a link so I'm waiting for him to join the call.
And I'm also - I've managed to get an old monitor out of the loft [LAUGHS], and it's great because it means all of the screens that I want to share live on my live stream are just somewhere else, on another screen so I'm not panicking and hitting I don't know what buttons.
These are the choices here for what I can switch live.
There's-- That's me.
And with my guest I can be side by side.
Or I can be box in box.
And, ooh, we've got a guest appearing now, and you can share screen.
Anyway... let's see how it goes!
We are joined... Yeah go on, bit of music would be great thanks Mark!
We are joined on the Great British YouTubers podcast with Mark A Wright, so I’m even pointing the right way with my mirrored camera and I’ll show you how that works in a minute.
Mark how are you? 
I’m very well Mr Mossey how are you doing?
This is an experiment to talk about going live on YouTube while going live on YouTube and it's part of a bigger live video that's going out right now but you're probably watching the recording and Mark we've been talking a lot the options open to you as a musician for... for streaming live and I’m doing it on stream yard which is why I’ve got a logo scorched into the-- the corner of the screen.
Is streamyard something that you've looked into just before I show you around how it's working for me.
I have and the reason why I haven't pursued it is because it tends to distort audio if you're playing a guitar so I don't know whether this is going to do it to you now so it'd be interesting but...
I... when I did a streamyard link with someone before and it was basically I was there as a guest for 20 minutes and like a two hour stream... 
I did some rock and roll and it sounded awful so I think the speech is great for music I think that's something about how it processes the audio.
But if you are interested in looking into streamyard let's go live on my second camera.
Hello this is the happy hut, this is where the the magic happens and I’ve got the live link to Mark A Wright down in the corner there so if you can see this Mark but this is the dashboard.
This is the streamyard dashboard.
I found it really easy to, to set up.
You just get a streamyard login at 
Once you've logged in you can basically title your live broadcast so I’ve put in a description and a title and hopefully that's the one that you can see when... if you're watching live right now.
Wow that's a bit of a sort of Bohemian Rhapsody kinda look up there isn't it.
This is the dashboard in front of you.
Everything is laid out so clearly so I’ve got my options here for the layout.
I can split the screen, so I’m doing it on the screen there, so that's a split screen there or we can go box-in-box and I could go big and small and we can screen share.
We can screenshare with both of us. 
I’m just working along the... the line here so isolate that again, or I could punch up the... the screen share completely and you can choose which chrome tab or which window or which monitor even - which display to switch live.
The other really nice thing with it is that on the right hand side you have banners so if I turn that off, it names us if I split the screen. 
You can see us - sort of feel I’m ignoring you I’m here, and you can switch up any banner you like so I can put up this banner you can get as many as you like you can even change the colour of them.
With the pro version the banner is taken off - this streamyard logo is scorched in live you can take that off if you pay for the paid version. 
I’m thinking of doing it.
It feels so much more natural to do this as a live than a recording.
So Mark we've had two comments come in, should we see them?
Basically all you do is click on the comments button and it lays them out.
NoMoreNewbie let's switch this out straight to air so I’ll split the screen by clicking the split screen button it would help if I switch to decaf. 
I think my camera operating would definitely improve, so we have a selection of comments.
Let's switch NoMoreNewbie up live. 
Hi Neil I’m taking a quick break from work and that's your live stream hopefully it's going well. 
I think it's going okay no more newbie and I’ve been looking into streamyard so really interesting to see behind the scenes of it being used.
Thank you well that's really kind of you.
I hope this encourages you to dip your toe in because I was terrified of doing it and Mark very kindly offered to to be on a live stream so to talk about live streaming on YouTube as a live YouTube stream is a very exciting moment for me I think.
I think it's the perfect way of doing it actually.
Well just while we're here I’ve screwed the camera to the wall on a monitor holder, this is a tip from the DSLRshooter.
He showed how to do this but put this onto like a pole that you could move around.
I screwed it to a wall and it's just... it's just saved everything because the hardest part of making a YouTube video is to just get the camera out and mount it on a... on a tripod.
Because if you're performing live I guess you've got a date and a location, you've just got to do it but if you're making videos ad hoc just getting the equipment out is hard enough.
So that's just permanently set to go and so you know all you need to do is pull out that camera stand and then you know it's already set for the angle that you want it to be
that's great!
Totally, it's really easy to set up and you're just good to go and I got a an old monitor out of the loft because you can get monitors in... in charity shops in the uk for like 20 quid at the moment?
So I’ve got your Facebook page here so we can click on that live.
So you've got your equipment that's set up to go, so you fire it up anytime... 
Do you find that has led to you being more creative because you're able to be more spontaneous making your YouTube clips because you haven't got to think about setting up?
Totally 100 percent.
It's a good question what I’ve been able to do is to just make tiny little improvements each time.
As I say that I can see that I’ve left the box up in the background but generally it just means I can make little incremental improvements.
So with the lighting I’ve not shown this actually I’ve got this from lidl from a supermarket.
It's just a lighting panel.
If you were to get this as like pro photographic gear it would probably cost over a hundred dollars, this this cost me about 30 dollars?
Is that something that you plug in or is it...
Yeah it's a plug-in light and you know even comes with a remote control so you can change the colour, you can change the intensity.
I think lighting is so important actually with live broadcasts so if you go... if you can pull up my Facebook page or my YouTube page...
You'll see how I’ve lit my room which is basically it's the same position so where I am now I’m just in the corner of my room, you can see it.
Now you can see what's going on in the background, now there's a big Elvis sign.
That's my flat screen television.
And if you look at the background, it lends itself to being lit and that just changes colour gradually throughout each performance on each song.
But it's about creating the atmosphere while still keeping the authenticity of where you are.
The amount of people that stream live and they do it in a kitchen and they put their angle I mean you must have seen this... where so and they do it and it's like the phone's like that and they're like "Yeah yeah... so what I’m doing is and I’m looking at screen yeah so what I reckon..." 
You're seeing like their plates and like washing up and fridge.
Why would you show us that!
Think about where you are.
I consider this my studio, this is it.
Everything I do is in this position, so even your thing "oh it's just Neil in the shed", but it's not just Neil in his shed.
It's not just cobbled together, you are lit yeah because you're--
Hang on, bit of a cable issue there.
Let's say your YouTube clips always look really good as you then lost picture!
Well thanks and it's just tiny tiny notches, so down here that's a Routemaster bus cushion.
I’ve got an up lighter here.
I’ve got my homemade YouTube play button for when I got 1000 subscribers that my son made out of hama beads.
And these folders are actually they're-- they're real I’ve got stuff in them.
You've realised that that area, your working area, is in effect your set.
That's what you welcome people into.
It's what you use for work but you're also conscious of the fact that you know what, there's some files in the background... the lovely picture of the YouTube thousand subscribers.
None of this would really be noticeable to anyone watching but what it does do it invites you in.
Hello, thanks for watching!
Click on the link in the description to see the full episode now, and the Great British YouTubers Podcast is available on your nearest podcast app!

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