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FORMAT ZV-1 SD CARD! How to format Sony ZV1 camera & ZV 1 memory card storage formatting

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How do you format an SD CARD in a Sony ZV-1 camera? 
I format my memory card or storage card in my Sony ZV 1 camera in real time so you can follow along.

FORMAT ZV-1 SD CARD! How to format Sony ZV1 camera & ZV 1 memory card storage formatting...

0:00 FORMAT ZV-1 SD CARD How to format Sony ZV1 camera & ZV 1 memory card storage formatting...
0:20 Which way should the button be set to lock or unlock an SD card? How to switch the lock slider on an SD memory card
0:45 How to find Format storage card on a Sony ZV1 camera menu: move to SETUP, which is 5th tab with a toolbox, then right click on the dial to the 4th screen, then down to Format
1:30 What is the best SD or micro SD memory card for the Sony ZV1 camera?
1:40 What is the best way to format an SD memory card for the Sony ZV 1 camera: FAT32, NTFS or ExFAT?
1:50 How do I format my memory card in my Sony ZV-1 camera?
2:20 Sony ZV1 test video footage sample


How do you format a SD card for a Sony ZV-1 camera, or ZV1 camera?

This is going to be a really quick video where I just flick through how to format one of these and also I'm plugging in my zv 1 camera so you can see the menu screen along with me. 

So the first thing I have done is to make sure that the lock button on the SD card isn't set to lock, and you do that by sliding this button here up to the top.
Make sure it's clicked up to the top. 
That means it's unlocked. 

Now there's a reason I want to format this particular memory card because when I hit the display button - this button here - I get this error message: "unable to display"
Now I think it's because I've deleted some of the files on this card and it's kind of got a bit confused. 

Let's go full frame now on the output from my Sony ZV1 camera and we're going to jump to the fifth tab. 
The yellow tab there that looks like a toolbox. 
This is a great tip that I managed to get on YouTube. 

If you press the FN button - that's this button here - you can jump those tabs really easily. Can you see that? 
So instead of having to press the right arrow on the dial, you can press the FN button - the function button - that jumps you through tab tab tab to setup. 

This is the menu screen that we want. 
And on this dial, I'm going to press on the right hand side, which is sort of like the right arrow to get me to this menu screen. 

It's the 4th menu screen and down here you can see "Format".
It's sitting there waiting for me. 

And if you're interested, this is a SanDisk Ultra 128GB micro SD card in an SD card adapter.
I formatted this card to be ExFAT if you want to pre-format your card before you put it into the camera. 
The button we're going to press is in the middle of this dial here. 

That's the OK button. 
I'm sure you're aware of this, but if we format this memory card, it's going to wipe everything that's on the card: all your videos, pictures... 

So make sure that you've backed up everything you want to backup before you format, but you knew that, right?
We're going to click up to enter and then press OK again and it's formatting the memory card!
Formatting completed!

If I press display to see what's on there, it says "No images in this view". 
So let's test to see if this works. 

I'll hit record. 
Hello. This is footage from my Sony ZV1 camera, and I'm just recording this as a test to see if my memory card has been formatted.
Is this video working for you? 
Please leave a comment below, it'd be lovely to hear from you.
I've got all these other Sony ZV-1 camera videos in my playlist here. 
And right here is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next, thanks for watching.

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