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HOW TO SEARCH YOUTUBE COMMENTS and activity log history 2021

How can you search for your own comments on other YouTube channels?
Is there a YouTube comments history, for the comments I have left on other people's YouTube channels, or even some kind of YouTube Activity Log for my own activity on YouTube.  
There is!  
These are all other options under the "History" tab under your main YouTube home menu. 

HOW TO SEARCH YOUTUBE COMMENTS and activity log history 2021

0:00 HOW TO SEARCH YOUTUBE COMMENTS and activity log history 2021
0:40 Is there a comment history? How to find my YouTube comments history.
1:20 How to find my YouTube search and watch history, activity log data stored by Google.
1:45 How to search my YouTube community posts comments.
2:10 How to find my YouTube comments left on other YouTube channels. DIRECT LINK TO URL
2:35 How to search for my youtube comments left on other YouTube channels, using browser find with CTL+F OR CMD+F



You know on YouTube when you leave comments on other channels videos? 
How can you search for your own comments on other YouTube channels, and is there some kind of YouTube activity log that you can look through?

Yes, there is and I'm going to get you through this as quickly as possible.
I'm going to show you two different ways to get to find your own comments, and walk you through step-by-step on how to find your own comments on other people's channels!
My name's Neil by the way, and [COUGH!]

Hello, my name's Neil by the way and I do a lot of experiments like this here on YouTube, so if you want to see more stuff like this why not hit the subscribe button?

But let's go and find some comments, so we're going to go to obviously, and on the top left hand corner you can see this hamburger menu. 
The three horizontal lines.
That brings up this menu, and we're going to go down to "History".

Now this could be very dangerous couldn't it, but this is my watch history.
I'm not proud!
You can see I'm watching a lot of my own videos, er, in there.
But I wasn't expecting to find comment history in here.

This is just your watch history.
If you take a look at the right hand side, you've got two options down here.
There's "Manage All History" and you can go direct to comments, but let's click on "Manage All History".
And it takes you directly to your YouTube history.

Now this isn't the page that we actually want.
This section logs all of your searches and all of your watch history.
To get to your comments from here, look on the left hand side.

We've got "Other Google Activity".
This is literally all your other Google activity.
But we can scroll down, you can see all these other things that are being logged. 
And here we go, we've got YouTube likes and dislikes.

You've got YouTube purchase activity, but if I scroll up, got comments on YouTube Community posts... if you want to search those.
We've also got comments on YouTube videos, so I'll click on that. 
And this brings up my YouTube comments. 
I'm scrolling through this really quickly now just to show how many comments it stores. 

Look it goes all the way back. 
These are all the comments that I have left on YouTube on my videos and on other people's videos. 
So this is probably what you're looking for. 
Let's quickly look at the other way that you can check your own comments. 

You can jump directly to that page by clicking on comments here on the right hand side of your history page and it takes you directly to the same page. 
I've got a link to this URL in the description. 
That should just jump you there directly as well. 

But how can you search your own comments? 
Leave a comment for me? 
Ironically, leave a comment for me if you have a better way of doing this.

The way that I've been searching my own comments is by scrolling down as far as possible and for as far back that I want to search.
I've scrolled down to the 7th of December, so that's about a month-- A month's worth of comments. 
There's no search bar on this Google YouTube activity log. 

I'm going to use my browser search.
If I click on the three dots on my browser, I can go down to find and that brings up a little search box. 
You can also do that if you hit I think control F, or on a Mac command F. 
Let's say I know that I've left a comment on Gordon Laing's channel. 

So if I type in Gordon, you can see that it's already jumped me to the first comment that I left on a Gordon video, but up here you can see that it's the third one of nine instances of the word Gordon.
If I click the down button in the find box, that jumps me to the next mention of Gordon. 
So... this is how I spend my time on YouTube. 

I've written "Ha ha. That's what we need, bungee cables."
It's... it's not the world's best Search tool but this is my workaround for searching for particular comments that I have left on other channels. 
Is this video what you're looking for? 
I hope it is. 

Obviously, I'd love a thumbs up if anyone reaches this point of the video.
If the screen looks out of date, I'll put an update in the description below. 
But this is how to search comments in 2021, and right here is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next.

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