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How to put up IKEA LACK small floating shelf

How do you put up an IKEA Lack small floating shelf? I try new things to make my family happy, and today I'm fitting this small corner shelving from Ikea that's been sat on our floor for about 2 years. I've fit Lack shelves before but this one is the hardest because you have to screw it to the wall pretty precisely for it to work.

How to put up IKEA LACK small floating shelf



let's go into the bathroom... see if I’m going to destroy any crucial infrastructure... 
oh! Oh man... who left the loft door open... 
oh hello welcome oh... got caught up... 
hello welcome back to the channel where I try something new each and every day and I think today's video is more for my IKEA dad channel! 
Because today I’m putting up this, it's an IKEA Lack floating shelf and it's the smallest one, so if you've got a shelf that's bigger than this little tiny thing? 
I’ve got you covered because I made a whole video where I put one up in my daughter's bedroom 
the much longer IKEA Lack floating shelf 
that link is down in the description but this is the smallest IKEA Lack shelf 
it's 30 cm by 26 and the back looks like this, so it doesn't look like the other one where you've got that big bar that you have to put on the wall first, and that's what makes it float. 
This Lack shelf gives you no margin for error.
You've got two screw points to put this up 
with the big shelf I could pretty much put that anywhere I wanted.
And the place I put it up is fairly arbitrary and completely made up. 
But with this little shelf I’ve got... I’ve got to put this exactly in the corner here so it has to line up exactly with this wall 
this alcove right next to the bed 
which means that the screw holes have got to be in exactly the right point and you and me do not want to screw this up because life's too short to be putting up IKEA shelves for a second time 
and we want to put it up right, so being level would be a win so that all the stuff doesn't fall off onto my beautiful wife's head in the middle of the night
by the way this is our this is our bedroom look... I... I know you've noticed that we've got separate duvets and it all I can say is it's summer 
we have two completely different temperatures 
I was explaining this hack to two younger colleagues of mine about how brilliant it was we got separate duvets! 
and they... they just looked at me and absolutely horror 
fresh in their new love 
why would you want a separate duvet? 
because my body is a whole different ecosystem and it works! 
it works really well 
I might have to cut this bit out and just not explain the duvets 
what we will need for our floating shelf is a pencil, a metal ruler that goes to the end, a nice spirit level and a drill and screwdriver 
as is always the case in the bedroom that is the screwing position. 
that is the issue with this floating shelf build 
I’ve got to get the screw in exactly the right point otherwise there's going to be an annoying gap or it won't go up at all 
what I’m going to do is just set the height first, so I’m going to put the shelf up this way up 
because these latches hold on to the screw it really won't work that way up 
it's going to go that way up and I’m just going to get the right height 
the request I’ve had is that it's roughly around here in line with this bar 
I’m going to put it slightly above it and just draw a little pencil mark there 
so that's the height of the shelf 
next I’m going to measure how far across the first screw is 
this is very kind of IKEA 
yeah I’m gonna... I’m gonna go with four cm 
that does give me like a millimetre or two the right side so it won't bang up against the wall and these walls aren't level! 
it's an old house 
the walls aren't flat or level 
the next measurement I want to take is how far down from that top line I want the screw to be so I’ll measure again and I make that 1.5 cm 
but it's okay if that's off because it can be however high I want it 
I want 1.5 cm down and then I want to go four cm across there so I know the exact point 
I’m gonna go for a number six - 6mm drill bit which I do on everything 
so I’ve got these rawl plugs, wall plugs or wall anchors and I always use the same wall plugs 
and they're these ones which controversially they don't have the little wings on 
the wings are really helpful because they hold it in place in the hole and it means it doesn't spin round when you screw in 
but you can't take them out ever! 
it will destroy your wall trying to pull one out so I took to like cutting them off 
if it goes halfway in and you want to pull it out and drill some more, those wings really don't help so I’m... I’m absolutely against them 
so let's do some drilling! 
now these walls are really hard 
actually no this is a stud wall so I think we're gonna be okay
okay that went in quite easily 
now I’ve just suddenly remembered there's... there's a shower the other side so I’m gonna check if there are any crucial pipes 
just take the camera with me 
I’ll take you on the journey 
let's go into the bathroom, and see if I’m going to destroy any crucial infrastructure 
oh man! 
who left the loft door open? 
oh, here's the shower and a metre down and about 30 across yeah I think I’m safe I think I’m really safe on this one 
oh man I need a crash helmet I really do
I always put them at the beginning of the video because I think... yeah all right thanks... just me Casper! 
you come to the... yeah I’m okay thanks... I’m safe... I’m safe thanks for checking on me 
do you like by the way that I checked if it was safe AFTER I drilled the hole? 
anyway where's my... here's my wall plug 
that's gonna go into the hole 
right, moment of truth 
it would help if I had an actual screwdriver 
I know, my son's got one 
he hates me borrowing them 
this is just a secret between you and me okay? 
a bedroom secret 
I think he probably does more work than I do but there we go 
let's put it in and obviously we're going to leave it far enough out so that the shelf can latch onto it 
now it has pulled to the left a bit 
I’m a bit worried about this 
fingers crossed 
it needs to be out quite a long way 
I might need longer screws 
it's perfect, absolutely perfect. Yes! 
this is it 
already... we haven't finished, but this is a Dad Delivers success! 
even though it's an IKEA dad channel video 
the next thing I’m going to do is to measure the distance between the two screws on the back of the IKEA Lack shelf, so I’m going to measure 22.5cm on the wall and it's got to be level as well
Second wall anchor, wall plug or rawl plug. 
there you go 
this is it the literally the moment of truth I don't know what I’ll do if this doesn't work 
so I’ll line them up
No, it’s not working 
let's take it out slightly 
it might just be... again bedroom problem... a length thing 
yeah I feel that bite 
no I have got slightly bigger... slightly... slightly longer screws, so I’m hoping that this will fix my problem 
oh no because it's longer, it's coming in at an angle 
oh no! 
that goes there, okay this is... it's done! 
That’s a Dad Delivers SUCCESS! 
No... no hang on... no it's not right because the screws are out too far 
um... it's not locking so I’ve got to take them in a bit more 
Yes! totally solid! Yes! let's put some hand and body lotion on 
yes! this is a dad delivers success! high five! I am really pleased with this so the difficult bit is how much of the screw you leave hanging out of the wall 
I don't believe that anyone is watching these videos so if you have made it to this point thank you so much 
and say hi in the comments it’d be great to hear from you, and right here is a video that youtube knows that you're going to love! 
Can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers, just click on his face thanks bye! alright this is going to be the proper one right?

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