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How to fit IKEA Vallamosse shower rail and head in 5 easy steps!

How do you install an IKEA VALLAMOSSE shower head and adjustable riser rail bar in the bathroom?
I follow the Ikea assembly instructions to replace a shower rail and put up a brand new Vallamosse shower head in my Dad's bathroom. 

How to fit a shower rail and head: 5 easy steps! IKEA VALLAMOSSE review


Hello welcome back to the channel 
it's the place where I try something new every single day and today it’s... it's not the dad delivers vlog... it's the - I’m over at dad's - it's the GRANDDAD delivers vlog! 
Hi granddad! 
And... and today I’m going to put up this! 
it's the... Ah ha! It has been amended 
it's the IKEA Vallamosse or VallamosseY today - shower rail 
I’m going to put up the shower rail to replace this 
this is how it looks at the moment - yeah it's a bit of a nice impressive design feature there: the green string holding up the shower head 
so we went to the big blue and yellow box to get this! 
the IKEA Vallamosse shower head - yeah - shower head and rail and this is what comes in the box 
let's do a little unboxing 
you've got a gorgeous shower head 
it is plastic but it's chrome coloured 
you get the shower rail to hang it up on whoa! just dropped a bit 
and helpfully it even shows you which way up it goes 
and you get the crucial hose to connect the shower head to your water fitting 
I’d say that's about a metre long? 
I’ll put it on screen now if I’m wrong 
I’m going to be putting up this IKEA Vallamosse shower rail and head step by step so that you can follow along with me, and hopefully avoid any of the mistakes that I make along the way 
and I think the very first thing we've got to do obviously is to climb into the delightful... it's almost like the TARDIS 
it is smaller on the inside than it looks from the outside, but we're going to get this delight off first 
this is my dad's long-serving shower head 
it is barely clinging on for dear life there after a long life of service to... to other owners of this house 
it's the green string that really is the... the finishing touch but... but we're gonna probably lose that today and replace it with some gleaming IKEA chrome 
now obviously your shower rail - the one you've got the moment you want to get rid of - might not be like this one but I’m going to just do this so you can see how mine comes down just in case it helps you take down your shower curtain 
I keep calling it a shower curtain - it's a shower RAIL 
where I’m going to start with this is to just start pulling at it and without much effort there might be a screw underneath on your one but this one just literally... oh my goodness... it just literally pulls off the wall 
so I should take off the shower head oh... 
oh dear that didn't sound too good! 
you probably won't have to get rid of a string but I will... and then I think the rail just comes out like that oh my god 
and then this just pulls off... oh my god and it's already... you can see that it's broken there 
I think the screw is just literally falling off with rust 
I’m not using a power tool for this because it would probably fly off and just tear the cheap metal screw 
and it's come off easily but it's left a couple of holes here so I’m hoping to cover those with the IKEA rail when we put that up 
there's nothing there 
alright I might try my power screwdriver and see if that works 
I am running a very big risk with this 
I’ve put a really sharp just flat head screwdriver on even though it's a cross head just to really dig in and try and turn it 
I’ve got a funny feeling it's just going to destroy the screw but here it goes
oh man it's bent my screwdriver
wow okay so it works by not using the drill to just turn the drill 
it's got all this weight and it's kind of pulling on the whole thing 
I’m using the thickest cross head screwdriver 
that's really satisfying 
one down one final one to go 
there we go... well that's one way to do it 
get rid of that 
this isn't looking good 
I’m going to try some wd-40 just to loosen the screw 
no it's not working so I’ve got a hacksaw I’m going to try and take it off but it's going to look really ugly! 
and it might crack the tile as well 
it's just going to take off the head it's not actually going to be flush 
it's turning! 
thank goodness - I think the wd-40 really helped 
yes yes yes! 
oh yes I did it so we're going to use these two holes now here to put the new IKEA shower rail into 
now I can put this top piece on 
it looks like this... it's got a hole going through it 
that means that the pole can pass all the way through and I’m going to fit this up here 
let's just screw this to the hole that's already there 
now predictably this the screw... the screw is too long! 
it won't go in any more than this 
I’m gonna try it with a smaller screw 
what we're gonna do now is to slide the pole into the holder and there is that sticker staying up so I’ll just feed it through the hole here 
so now I can fit the bracket underneath to hold it by the base 
let me get you closer to the action 
this hole here is going to take the pole in this little notch that matches that notch in the... in the pole there so now it doesn't spin 
it's locked... locked in place 
now I can put on these little chrome caps to cover up those ghastly holes and hold everything in place 
one goes at the top and obviously this one goes in at the bottom 
it is really crucial that you put this the right way around because this tab here - that actually locks the pole in place 
it goes into the little gap at the top there so make sure that this is the right way round 
now we get to put on the shower hose 
there's a little washer in there that means it doesn't leak so I’ve put those in and I’ve screwed the shower head to the hose here 
all we need to do is unscrew the hose that's already there, and it's a bit stiff but we can force this off 
and now I can put on the nice new clean IKEA shower hose that's connected to the head 
and now we can put on the shower head 
I’ve not been able to tighten this up all the way 
I don't know if the washer does go in there 
I’ve put it in for safety - doesn't seem to leak and we can put that on the... on the shower rail 
look and it tips down like that! 
ah I’m really really proud of this 
I’m calling this a dad delivers - sound effects - success! 
let's enjoy the beauty of the IKEA Vallamosse shower rail and shower head with hose
and there's not much room in here for me to do this, but right here is what YouTube thinks you would love to see next! 
can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye! alright this is gonna be the proper one right?

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