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How to change your YOUTUBE CHANNEL NAME

Do you want to change your YouTube channel name?
I change the name of my channel right here in this video, step by step for beginners - because this is the first time I've changed my channel name.
This easy method is the quick name change, but there's a more difficult process if you want your channel to not be first name last name.

How to add ROWS to your YouTube Channel:

How to change your YouTube Channel BANNER: 

How to change your YOUTUBE CHANNEL NAME

0:00 How to change your YOUTUBE CHANNEL NAME: go to Customization in your YouTube studio dashboard
1:10 How to change how your channel looks
1:35 Where to change your YouTube channel name: click on Basic Info tab for channel name and description
2:20 How to change your YouTube channel name if you don't want the name to be first name last name. (You'll need to move your channel to a Brand Account).



How do I change the name of my YouTube channel?
That is an excellent question and one that I hope to answer with you by actually changing the channel name of my channel right here in front of you before your very eyes! 

My name is Neil Mossey, I'm a digital development producer helping high achieving creators and performers just like you.
There's a sound effect. 
A high five would be better than a dig wouldn't it? 

To get ideas out of your head and out onto here on YouTube.
We need your channel but first we need your channel name to be changed just like mine, so let's take a look at my YouTube studio.
The first thing we can do is click on the three lines here to expand our menu.

But the section that you want is the tab down here.
It's called customization, so click on that and of course make sure that you are logged into the channel that you want to change.
You can do that up in the top right hand side here just by clicking "switch accounts" and then choosing the one that you want to change.

So we're in this channel here it's called "Neilnypops trains and stops" 
It seemed like an excellent name for a channel when I set this up, but we can see three tabs here under channel customization.
There's the "layout"...

There's a whole other video on this in the description: this is where you can change how your channel looks when someone goes to the home page of your channel.
The second tab is "branding" and this is where we can change our profile picture and select a banner image.

I've not done mine yet and that will be the subject of another video again that's down in the description.
The tab we want is basic information - "basic info", and I almost didn't find it but the place where we are going to change our channel name is here.

It's above the channel description.
Let's type something in now.
"My channel where I go for walks." 
Excellent prose, this is why I'm a development producer... 

But where do we change our channel name? 
I think it's quite hidden, even though it's really obvious and right at the top.
If you can see here there's a little pen icon.
We can click on that pen or pencil, if I hover over it says "edit channel name". 

Click on that and there you go, here's the box where we put our channel name.
I'm going to call it "Trains and stops with Neilnypops" and hit publish.
And as you can see there's confirmation at the bottom: changes published.

Let's have a quick look at the channel.
I only have one video on here. 
As you can see the channel name has changed so if you haven't got this box I think you'll have a box that looks like this.

Where you have two boxes.
There's a first name and a last name and that's because this YouTube channel is basically linked to the google account that created it, and the first name as you can see is great story team and I didn't put a last name in.

I didn't set it up properly.

I set it up like it's a person so it's a little bit more tricky to change this channel name.
All we can do is just change the first name and last name.
It's like a personal account and it's totally okay to change it here, so I could put "with Neil Mossey".
All that would happen here is if I save this, it would just change the name of the google account that this is linked to.

If you want to know how to change your YouTube channel to become a brand account, you can have a channel name which is a single word, or anything up to 50 characters long...
And you can even allow other people to manage your YouTube channel with you - just click on my other video here, I walk you through the entire process.
It's a bit like this video, but much longer and I'll walk you through every step along the way.
Let me know in the comments how you get on, I really hope this video helps!

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