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Where is my ZOOM RECORDING? How to find Zoom video files and TWO bonus tips

Where are my Zoom video recordings kept on my computer! 
If you have a mac or PC I show you the exact location to find your video files recorded on your Zoom call.

Click on your avatar on the top right, choose 'settings', then click on the 'recordings' tab on the left hand side, and on the right you will see your default Zoom meeting recording location.

Where is my ZOOM RECORDING? How to find Zoom video files and TWO bonus tips

0:00 Where is my Zoom recording?! How to find your Zoom meeting video recording location
0:24 How to find where on your computer Zoom calls are recorded
1:10 BONUS TIP: Tick the Optimize for 3rd party video editor option for better recordings!
1:30 BONUS TIP: Tick the "Record in HD" box for better quality Zoom call recordings



Hello welcome back to the Happy Hut.
How can I find my Zoom call recordings? 
Where on my computer, or PC or mac, can I find the recording file for my Zoom meeting? 
We're getting through this as quickly as possible and I'm going to show you 2 other things you can change in your Zoom call settings to make your Zoom recordings even better.
To find where on your computer your Zoom call recording is... 
go up to your avatar in the top right hand corner and click on that to open up this menu.
And then we want to go to the first choice on the menu which is settings.
This opens up a whole menu window with lots of tabs down the left-hand side where you can change different settings. 
But the first one we're going to go to is recording, and there as if by magic is the very first piece of information in this menu.
Local recording, store my recording at... 
And this is the location where your Zoom call recordings are currently being stored.
You can click on open to open the folder right now, or you can click change to set where you want your Zoom calls to be recorded.
But before you go there's two other things you can do to make your Zoom recordings even better! 
Down here... see this checkbox here?
Optimize for third-party video editor.
I would really recommend that you tick this box because the way that Zoom records isn't very friendly if you want to edit those recordings later.
The second bonus change you can make is by clicking on the video tab on the left-hand side and that opens up these options.
Make sure you've got this box here, HD ticked.
Because then the Zoom recording will be in high-definition and it will be a much better recording to use. 
I hope this video is helping.
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And right here are some other things that I do with my video recordings. 
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