Thursday, 21 February 2019

What can we spend more on? #teamTIGHTWAD 017

We are #teamTIGHTWAD, and this day we found joy spending on...

- Decaf coconut latte in a coffee shop chain shop at 0630am
I put the time in there to show that it was a dedicated visit and not just killing time.

What can we spend MORE on? #TightwadDad Podcast with Neil and Joe 005

I wasn't ready by the way for this one.
Now I'm ready.

Okay this is Tightwad Dad podcast number 5 - thanks for clicking on this I'm Neil hello.
Welcome to the happy hut I'm Joe.
I think we're getting better at this... yeah we're getting better - it is already episode 5
So we're freezing in the Happy Hut still
I'm warm.

Today's question what should we be spending MORE money on in the family?
What do we need most?
Other than food.

Yeah what could we spend more on, more money on
What do you think we need most?
I don't know what we need most, cuz we got heat lights food erm-
DRINKS! yeah?

What you think we should spend more on drinks
Oh I like drinks
I like drinks too but we keep saying we should just drink water

Hey what happened to that Coke Zero because Mum had like 16 of them and now they're like none left
She's hidden them in a really good place

I think I've found them
Well you always find our hiding places wherever we put anything you usually crack it within about two days.
Where do you think they are?
I think they are either in the cupboard in your big cupboard in your room.
No they're not there
You gave me a clue.

You always make me crack you'll find them
That's one step...
Where else? Where else do you think the coke Zeros are hidden.
CLICK - The dresser.
You've done it.

You gave it away.
I'm gonna have a coke now
We don't spend any money on drinks do we that was really unusual that we got those cokes.

No, that's so untrue - you spend money on our water bills
Right, yeah, the water in the tap that we drink.
And apple juice
Yeah I drink a lot of that
Grape juice
That's for treats.
The fizzy water
The fizzy water is the economy 17p a bottle
Yeah I buy 17p per bottle.

17P? are you kidding me For a big bottle of two litres
Yeah fizzy water
I did not know that.
Why, are you surprised by that?
That's really good
That's why we do it!
If you're American you wouldn't know what was talking about unless you actually know about pounds.
I feel like quite a few American people are watching us.

What because it's on YouTube - well no you wanted to do this just as a sound only podcast
No I like so I like it
Oh that's good.

Because you said could we make a podcast like the ones that I listen to in the bath where they have swearing on
oh yeah
But we're not gonna swear
That was really funny when he said "f-word Muppet" that was really funny
I think it's a James Altucher show.
Okay anyway if you got this far is the video thanks for watching if you have any questions or any ideas for what we could spend more money on or less money on put in the comments.
Why not hit subscribe button - really appreciate it - even though we said it on every episode

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