Sunday, 10 February 2019

My broken toe is getting me down. #TightwadDad 006

My broken toe is getting me down.
I never feel like I'm pulling in enough money for my family, and I'm also injured.

Hobbling round the town, not providing.
I have completely emasculated myself.

So this is where the fight begins.

This is where we push back, against our dependency on money for happiness.

This is the start of FAMILIES AGAINST MONEY.

Who's with me?

First, I've got to start thinking of others.

I'll make an unboxing video for waterproof shoes for people with broken toes.
To help them be happy with spending their money.

That might get me some followers to join me on this long long journey (of one month, sharing what we're spending).

And then... then I'll work out what the next aim is.

I am a Tightwad Dad, and I’m scared I will be judged for sharing this, but this day we spent:

- £6.05 in the local German supermarket chain for a loaf of bread.
(Ended up with ham, calamari and Frankfurters too while bored waiting for...)
- £152.06 proper supermarket delivery.
- £7.49 Kindle book.
(Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins. Heard him on James Altucher podcast.)
+ £25 Premium Bonds win (me).
+ £25 Premium Bonds win (Long-Suffering Wife).
- £1 Tooth Fairy.


Broken toe? How to bath shower or go swimming? Medical Ideas waterproof shoe review & unboxing

Buy these things!

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