Tuesday, 14 March 2023

Jobs for teenagers - leaflets round

How do you get a job for your teenage kids? The Ultimate Father-Son Bonding Activity: Helping him deliver leaflets and destroying my hand. My son has a leaflet round, so I went out with him to chat and try to help... but I think I got in the way of his deliveries. Together, we learn about hard work and making a living as we deliver Chinese restaurant menus, leaflets, and local magazines through the doors. Follow our journey as we're getting paid, while sharing our struggles and triumphs in working together as Dad and son. If you're interested in teaching your child about financial literacy, generating revenue and earning money, this is the perfect video for you! We only got yelled at once. Find out how much cash it actually earns.

Helping my son earn $45 per month... in one afternoon



Yeah... so I don't know how to start this video. 
This is the dad delivers Vlog where... uh we're trying...
Yeah, right, what? 
I don't get it? 
Literally, you're delivering stuff. 
Oh yeah! No, we ARE delivering - this really is Dad Celivers where uh we try something new to make your family happy and today we're making our family Happy by delivering some leaflets! 
And getting paid 8p a magazine. 
I'm gonna try and take you on this journey with us just to show you what it's like.
I, uh, did my... cut my thumbnail... no my fingernail in the letterbox. 
It's uh quite easy to do. 
How about you rip it off? 
What's the what's the hardest part of doing this job? 
Just having to walk all the way to every single house and individually putting it... risking your fingers... 
Yep I've cut my finger all the time because of the paper as well, it hurts. 
Yeah paper cuts... paper cuts is a thing! 
Just throw me... you need some now? 
Just throw me one. 
Do you need these as well? 
I need two. 
That's not two. 
Hey have any of these said we're not supposed to deliver? 
I didn't even check the list. Oh! I didn't even check the list.
What do you mean?
Well it's on the list - which ones not to deliver to. 
Oh well. 
Ah, just do it as usual.
So you don't like the paper cuts, or the long walks, or the long walks or the fresh air!  
And no I like that, but yeah you know the little um things on the brushes? 
Oh the brushes inside the letter boxes. 
Excuse me. 
Yeah they're a bit of a pain. 
Did you do that one? 
I did it. 
You didn't? 
I did it. 
Oh, you did it. 
Did you ever have a pager? 
I did! Oh - I loved it. I absolutely loved it. 
People really like it still 
Yeah, yeah. 
Do you think if I made them a thing again people would buy it? 
Who did you page? 
Well I used it for work when I was at CNN. What's great was they call you... 
So um it meant that you could choose who you spoke to. 
It's not like now where you've got to like completely keep looking at your phone for every single half message and post. 
At least with a pager you knew that someone really wanted to get in touch with you. 
Which was kind of nice. 
I just threw it in and it... I knew that letterbox was weak so I literally just pushed it through and it all went through. 
Ah that’s good. Here, take all of them.
You get paged?!
What are the good things about doing this? 
Huh, what are the good things? 
8p per magazine obviously...
I've done it again! 
Which one are you doing? 
The walking, the fresh air... that's good. 
What else? Is that it? Yeah.
Dad why don't we have a ring? 
Why don't we have what? 
A ring.
A what? 
A ring. 
Yeah I don't... I don't want to be looking at everyone who visits our... our home.
Do you know what I think people do with the ring door cameras? 
I think they record the person's face who's at the door... 
And then they do a reverse Google image search to see who they are. 
That's why I've...
But you’re bald so it’d come up with anything. 
It could come up with...
Like that footballer... 
Like the footballer or the bloke off of EastEnders.
Forgotten his name!

Do you know what would literally make me quit? 
If those things were um if this whole thing was symmetrical...
What and you just had to do one long street? 
For 470 homes? 
Yeah that would suck. It does break it up a bit I suppose, isn't it? 
Having your fingers snapped by the letterboxes.
What I like about this round... 
Is that we're helping to spread the message of our favourite Chinese restaurant. 
That's true. 
Your favourite.
I don’t want it to go out of business. 
I like it, but... 
Yeah! I don't like Chinese food. 
I don't think Covid was too kind to... 
They've got weird tasting vegetables and they ruin it with sauce. 
Oh right, what Chinese?!
How could you say such a thing! 
You take that one I'll take this one. 
Why, because it's got a Tesla? 
Yeah - you want the Tesla. 
You could buy one of those if you had a million Subs. 
You could buy two. 
We just got yelled at for the first time, haven’t we? 
Uh, oh yeah!
He sort of ran out and sort of went... “OI! Don't want these !” 
And he sort of pushed them back in my hand. What do you think about that? 
I completely understand his... 
He took it too wrong. 
I did that... it's a shame that we had that one yell right at the end. 
So is there anything you want to ask me? 
Uh, oh, did you do anything like this? 
I did! I had a paper round. 
Of course you did. 
And it really sucked because I had the situation you're in, where I knew it was getting really bad rates. I had like really heavy newspapers. This was in the decade where Rupert Murdoch made the newspapers huge! 
And on a Sunday it was like each newspaper cost about half a kilogram - weighed about half a kilogram. 
How many did you have to do? 
I had to do, like... I think about 75 of them? Okay. They were ridiculous. 
Still that's quite bad... 
So I had enough - so this is what was painful. 
I had enough. I did it for a few months! 
And I went to the newsagent, said I've had enough. And he said would you take like 50% more money? 
And I thought “well you could have like offered that earlier!” 
And that's what taught me that, don't take what you're offered, because it's always going to be bad. 
Yeah and if they really really want you then you can ask what you want... 
Exactly, well exactly, exactly! 
And then he doubled the rate! He doubled the money! And that really made me angry! You got more money?
I didn't do it, no I didn't do it. I stopped doing it, because I thought well... 
You could have done that earlier. 
Yeah, but... 
I think you taught that man a lesson! 
Well you're right! What sort of lesson, by working for little money and then leaving! 
But it did teach me to not worry about asking for more, if you're being paid by the hour, or by the day, or by the leaflet. 
Oh what would you rather have? 
Would you rather be paid a thousand pounds every day, yeah? 
Or half a mil every year? 
Yeah - but like do you know, I mean like you cannot... you're only paid at the end of the year. Yeah. 
What would you do? 
What's the choice? 
Yeah, no... I think... I think I'd really enjoy that year, looking forward to it. 
But I'd be worried - I'd be secretly worried that I wouldn't actually get the money. 
Ah. I wouldn't... No, you would get the money.
So when you first got this job, we thought that you'd be getting 10p... 
I thought literally... I thought because that's what it said! 
Yeah, well it did yeah! 
But they... they only meant that for one month and then the other rate that they didn't tell us about was that it's actually... 
They didn't tell us that.
It’s 7p. Because they didn't put the word 7p anywhere 
Right... right and then they increased it to 8p again without telling you, but you thought you were doing 10 per leaflet. 
Exactly! Where's my 2p?! 
So how do you... how do you feel about all of that now? 
Do you want to do this for another month? Or is this the last month? 
I don't know because first off I literally... I would be fine if I was just being paid 10p a round. 
Will you be okay with that? 
Yeah 10 or 11p. 
But knowing that it could be 10p and it isn't 10p... 
That's not good. That’s annoying.
Is spoiling it. 
I hate that. 
Yeah but it racks up to like... yeah yeah no no no I know, I know!
I'm just saying that the small difference means a lot. 
I mean there's like the whole 10 quid! Yeah. 
And also they didn't pay me properly the first time! 
I've just noticed that all the cars are driving really slowly because I'm holding a camera up and wearing a high vis vest! 

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