Tuesday, 10 January 2023

How to make a LINK to subscribe to your YouTube channel

How do you make a link to subscribe to your channel?
A link you can put in the description so that when the viewer clicks it, the link directly takes the viewer to a subscribe dialogue button where they can become a subscriber?
It's all in this video, plus the subscribe link is just below

How to make a LINK to subscribe to your YouTube channel



Hello welcome back to the Happy Hut 
It's not the warmest day in the world today 
I'm Neil and I help high achieving creators and performers just like you high five to get ideas out of your head and out onto here on YouTube to make the world happy. 
But the hardest thing that I find here on YouTube is gaining subscribers and I'm taking a wild and crazy guess that THAT might be a problem for you too. 
I'm going to share with you a little something that might just might get you one or two extra subscribers and it's this! 
It's this little link that you can put in the description for your videos where you can say “click here to subscribe”. 
When you click on the link, it takes you directly to a subscribe button for your YouTube channel. 
I don't know why YouTube still places a great weight on subscribers. 
Years ago you had to actually subscribe to a YouTube channel to be able to be offered their videos. 
Now YouTube offers us videos from channels that we watch with without us needing to subscribe to them BUT as you know, YouTube doesn't release features without say, 500 subscribers to get community posts... 1000 subscribers for the precious monetization - that might be something that you're aiming for right now. 
You need 10000 subscribers to get YouTube stories, and 100000 to get a play button. 
I've uh... I've got a play button, but it was made by my son for a 1000 subscribers. 
That's the Brown play button. But just think, one day we might even be able to get to hold one of these! 
It was all a dream! 
But back to our massively successful YouTube channels... and back to this magical link where you can put it in your description right now and when a viewer clicks on the link, it magically takes them to this window where they can subscribe to your Channel with just one click. 
Hopefully it might get us some more subscribers. 
Would you like one of these links? 
Excellent choice! 
It's very simple: just copy the text that's on screen now, or funnily enough it's down in the description for this video. 
And it's youtube.com - you don't need to type in the https:// youtube.com/@neilmossey?sub_confirmation=1
And obviously where it says your handle, don't type in the words your handle - that's where you put in your actual YouTube handle. 
It's a new thing that YouTube has introduced where everyone gets their own unique YouTube name and if you want to change your handle, or your YouTube name before doing this... I've made a video all about it right here. 
Let me know if you get one of these for your channel down in the comments below and thank you if you hit the thumbs up button or the Subscribe button and maybe one day we will all get that diamond play button! 

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