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How NOT to fix my garage flat roof again

Fixing my flat garage roof again... 2 more leaks appeared in the garage since the last video. So it's back up the ladder on the roofing felt with more tar. Plus the bitumen is much thicker this time thanks to me tipping the liquid out on the last garage video. My wood store (aka box of planks) is ruined by rain water so I try to recover that, all while trying to make this video in the style of the ace YouTuber Emma Chamberlain. It's fun.

How NOT to fix my garage flat roof again



Do you want to go out?
Okay, I'm trying out this little microphone 
I don't know if it's any better than... 
This is Sunday and I don't want to Vlog 
I want to just fix the things in the house 
I want to get the camera out. It slows it down... 
But then if I don't film it, I don't do the jobs.
This is a video about how our garage roof isn't fixed despite the video where I think I said I fixed the garage roof.
I did. I fixed it. On the other side.
And then I noticed all these other leaks 
I don't know if I should be showing you our security 
I got that leak fixed which is wonderful and then another leak appeared and I didn't film me fixing that 
But I poured the rest of the tar that I had on the roof and I don't know if you can see the mould there... but I think I've got a tub full of tools 
I have a feeling that that tub is full of water 
I don't want to look 
oh no it's dry! okay 
same is not true over on this side 
water comes in there which I could cope with except... tragically it's gone into my precious wood pile 
If you identify as a man and you have kids... I don't know if you have your own pile of wood 
I don't know if it's a male thing or if it's just a me thing 
But this is really terrible because the leak is captured by my... is captured by my pile of wood holder 
look can you see the water! 
so it's now ruining all my wood 
anyway I'll deal with that later 
The most pressing thing is I've got to somehow fix this leak on the roof 
This is the weather for the next few days 
Can you see that? minus six and minus four! 
If I can get the tar into the hole... Oh no, I’m stuck.
I’ve locked myself in! 
Send help 
send for help 
I've... I've locked myself in the garage 
Have you actually?
Yeah I don't know how... this door never works!
You’re so lucky, I didn’t decline.
Yeah. Can you let me out? 
Casper go get help!
Can you just turn the handle clockwise? No no no... just turn it clockwise? 
There you go 
Ah thank you 
I was gonna decline as well! 
I thought I'd make my videos more like Emma Chamberlain for once what do you think? 
What do I need to do to make it more like an Emma Chamberlain video?
Wear heels.
I’ll even use...
Tell you what, on this one I'll even use some Emma Chamberlain music 
I need to get a ladder.
I really don't like this ladder 
When you're taking it down it's... it's like it's going to take your fingers off 
Emma Chamberlain at this point would probably do a little bit of a fashion check? 
So I've got my painting gear on 
It's basically all the stuff that I don't want to throw out but I've got quite a lot of it! 
And this... this I got this at my old infant school party 
It's in Camden in North London 
Because the school's moving out because they're going to demolish the Infant School in Camden Town to build a new underground station 
Except it's still lying derelict 
I've got this six years ago now and it's still lying empty and derelict 
But I suppose I got a t-shirt out of it 
Casper is absolutely useless at playing fetch 
Someone left a comment on the garage roof video to say “did you stir the tar?” 
Did you stir it? 
And I don't know why, but I lied and I said yes and... well I did a little bit 
I did sort of stir it a bit but I clearly didn't stir it enough because look... that's what tar should look like, not the liquid that I was pouring before 
so at least it's thicker but because I've poured out all the liquid it is now super tough 
BUT the advantage with this... I can pour it really easily and it will just stay in place instead of just running off the roof. 
I have no idea where this leak is.
The liquid, the actual water that's running in... I don't want to fall off the edge 
It's there 
There's um oh that seems sealed, so it could be there or there 
I’d better answer that.  Hey it's Dad, hi Dad!
[DAD: Fallen down a hole or somehthing?]
Who me? 
Well, ironic you should say that - I'm on top of the garage roof 
Oh right okay, I’ll phone you back later.
Okay - I'll see you in a bit [Music] 
Before it was actually easier because I could just pour the tar on like it was with rain water, and it would just run where it runs and it would run into the gaps. 
But it's a bit more sticky now so I've got to spread it around with this old paintbrush that's solid from the last time I did the uh the tarring. 
The last time's over here and that's set really, really well and that... that works really well.
It's a bit like spreading peanut butter at this stage because all the liquid's gone out uh you know the peanut butter that you haven't stirred in a while. 
I don't know whether to speed this up, or to just let you enjoy me spreading the tar on the roof. What do you reckon? I think I'll leave it real time 
The stones are getting mixed up in it.
I think that's it. 
It looks like something that a six-year-old has done.
I think that um all the bits that need to be sealed are sealed. Just give that a try. 
Okay so I've done that, now it's time to assess the damage to the wood pile. 
I think maybe I'll put some sad music on this. I definitely will speed it up. 
This was part of the happy hut. I wanted to turn this into something and I don't know what 
I don't know why I'm hoarding this 
I think it's because whenever anyone wants a piece of wood then then I've got...
Let's clean this up. 
So um this is... that's how much water is in here and it stinks. 
It really stinks... oh man 
Throw those away, oh geez, oh my God. And my two saws! 
Maybe if I leave the wood out while it's minus six maybe that will kill off the mold?
What do you think? 
I don’t know why I’m keeping this. 
I think... it’s to build some kind of model Railway system that's hidden in the happy hut... and I could just sit there in my 60s and just watch a little train go round and round. I think that's all that's all I want in life. It'll happen one day.
But I’d better use that energy and that Ingenuity to, you know, stop the house from falling down and then... then I could build my little model Railway.
What I should do now is show you what happened next but um... I don't think it's going to rain for... for a week now and I want to get this video out.
I'm... I'm not sure that was very much like an Emma Chamberlain video? 

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