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How to fix fridge freezing food Daewoo John Lewis American freestanding fridge freezer problem

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Does your fridge FREEZE your food? That's what happened to us, and couldn't work out why the fridge was frozen all the time. We defrosted it, we turned it off and back on... and then I tried this... 
Removing the quick can cooler on our Daewoo/John Lewis refrigerator reveals this secret door...
It's called a Damper, and this is way too much time on video devoted to our Damper.

The secret door in our FRIDGE... FIXED!


okay so this is uh quite an experiment let's see if we can see the damper closing so I'll put the camera here... [FRIDGE BLEEPS]
hello welcome back to the dad delivers Vlog where I try new things every day to make your family happy and today I'm making the family happy with... with this and making the family ecstatic 
this is going to be really short dull very specific video 
does your fridge freezer or rather your fridge freeze all your Food? 
that's what was happening to us and this is what's left from the... well it's quite a healthy load of stuff but it's mainly jars because we're having to throw out all of our stuff because the fridge was freezing all of our food 
I'll talk you through quickly everything that I've tried 
this solution might help you fix your fridge 
the second thing to rule out is... is your thermostat Frozen? 
maybe your bits inside your fridge are frozen and need defrosting so turn your fridge off for a day and see if that fixes the problem 
I just realized that I'm suggesting “turn it off and on again” over an extended period 
that didn't work so then I tried adjusting the doors which... which is... is a challenge it has to be said 
there's a nut in there and up here so I used that with a spanner to... to lift the door to make sure that the door seal was right 
I thought it was that, but no the fridge froze everything again and I thought this was the one that was causing it 
you can see where the door meets the fridge here and I thought that it didn't look like a good fit and I thought that's where the cold air was escaping and it was kind of constantly keeping the fridge on 
so we tried... tried fixing that 
tried cleaning the door seal as well that didn't work so I... we were just on our final phone call to Daewoo and we couldn't even get through and I was just looking through the internet and I found... found out by chance about this little door this Secret Door that's caused all the problems 
oh it's open okay that's exciting! 
let me adjust the camera, maybe I'll get some light in there as well 
let's go in there properly look at this! 
there's a door 
it's like Narnia 
this little door is what has caused all the problems but you won't see this little door and I'll show you why in a moment 
but I think it's a... it's a little portal to the... to the freezer and when it wants to cool the fridge down this little door has got a motor on the side and it closes and opens to keep the... or to regulate the temperature in the fridge 
should I leave... should I leave the camera in? 
I'll show you how it works 
it's really... I found it quite exciting to discover this and I'll show you... I'll show you in a minute how I got to the... the Magic Door 
okay so I'm Gonna Leave the camera running but also run the microphone cable into the fridge so this might not go very well so hopefully you can still hear me even though the camera is... is in the fridge 
so I'm now going to adjust the temperature of the fridge and put it up to eight degrees and I'm hoping that that will trigger the thermostat and you should see the motor closing this little secret door 
let's open the fridge 
yeah it's closed! so you saw it closing before your very eyes 
I think... I think it's the first time I've put my camera into... into the fridge so that is what the problem is 
that little door there - what you need to do is check that that door... that door was open 
let's go through it again - that little door it's called a damper - was stuck open and it... it had ice on it 
I had to kind of scrape it with my hand 
you can open the door, open and close the door yourself 
I used a screwdriver to open it but it was jammed open 
anyway so I pushed it closed and all this ice fell off in my hands so that's the problem 
the problem is there's a an ice build-up on the hinge and it stops that door opening and closing 
let me show you again so I'm going to set the fridge to five degrees and put the camera in again 
I need the light again - oh there it's going let's go!
behold that now lets the cold air in to bring the temperature down to five degrees 
so the final pain point to get to that - and the pain point that I'm in right now, why I'm Vlogging this, is that... that door isn't exposed 
they hide it with this nice bit of Kit called the quick can cooler 
it's the name for a group isn't it? “quick can cooler” and it was quite difficult to get out so I'm going to try and get it in on camera and that will be our dad delivers success for today if... if it happens. Please let it happen.
the problem with it is that when you push things back in you feel like you're going to destroy your really expensive Appliance - and this is why I'm sharing it on the internet in case you need to take this off and put it back on again 
I think the trick is, it doesn't help that the doors open - as well the little damper door 
let's give it a try - I've gotta - I've got to put this back - I love that little beeps on our Daeoo fridge that to me is like the... the radio 2 theme
[Music - RADIO 2 JINGLE] 
so what I'm doing is I'm lining up these sides and I'm gonna force it up but it won't because the latches need to go in so I'm gonna... oh don’t want to snap it - I really do not want to snap this - right I'm forcing it back that's the way 
oh my goodness all right I tried this for an hour last night so what you do is you line it up so it's level with the ceiling the roof of the fridge and just push it back with force 
and then in here there are two screws so I'm going to screw back those 
[SINGS] radio two! That was handy, my camera's holding the lid up and obviously to get to the damper door you need to do the reverse of this okay [SINGS] radio two now... 
our fridge has been freezing things for three months so I am calling this an unqualified dad delivers success! 
and if you have searched for “how can I stop my fridge from freezing” I hope this video helps and right here is what YouTube thinks you should be watching next! 
can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click on his face thanks bye all right this is gonna be the proper one right?

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