Thursday 24 November 2022

Sony ZV1 wide angle lens is Neewer or Ulanzi better?

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Make your Sony ZV1 camera BETTER! Neewer vs Ulanzi wide angle lens



I'll give the uh the windshield a fluffy hairdo! 
There we go! whoa there we go 
hello welcome back to the Happy Hut - it's a very sad day today because today's the day that I'm going to take off this Ulanzi wide angle lens! 
it's coming off today 
it's been really useful but I don't like it 
and I'm going to explain why it's been good for me and the zv1 or zv-1 camera - I think that's gonna be the last time that I say zv1 - the Sony zv-1 camera 
and the reason I'm taking it off is this! 
It's the Neewer wide angled lens for the Sony zv1 camera 
I'll be unboxing that in just a moment and I'll be comparing the two lenses 
I'll be comparing this Ulanzi against the Neewer against how the Sony zv1 looks straight out of the box with no wide-angle lens on the front 
if you're interested in getting a Sony ZV-1 camera or you already have one you'll already know the frustration with the lens 
so let's just recap the problem the Sony ZV 1 or zv-1 is a wonderful camera 
it's beautiful I love mine, I use it all the time 
I'm up to about 2000 videos that I've shot on it - you know 2000 individual video files but the zv1 is absolutely terrible as a vlogging camera 
it's terrible for vlogging 
it's been sold to us by Sony in its advertising as... as the perfect vloggers camera and it's not: because for me vlogging is being able to hold the camera at arm's length and for it to take a good shot at arm's length 
I'm standing a little back from the... the camera now, if I move forward and hold the camera with my hand so this would be holding the camera at arm's length... this is what the shot should look like 
it should... it should have me in and enough of the background for it to feel like a good piece of vlogging because I'm talking about the place where I'm at 
but if I take the lens off... and this is the Ulanzi wide-angle lens this is the shot that you get 
if I hold the camera like a vlogger would. like Fun for Louis, or Emma Chamberlain or any of your favourite vloggers - this is too close! 
my head is too big in frame 
this is not very comfortable - if I really stretch out this is the kind of shot you get 
let me take it off the tripod 
this is the shot that Sony thinks is... is the shot for vloggers 
I... I hate to disagree with you Sony, you give us so many wonderful products but my big face on my videos isn't one of them 
it should be further back and I'm really, really stretching my arm out now 
so if you're out on the streets - out in public - and you're really craning your arm out like this while you're goose stepping down the sidewalk, uh trying to talk to the camera at the same time as... as holding the thing it's not good 
it's not good enough 
this shot is too tight and the reason it's too tight is because the... the lens isn't wide enough, so the wonderful people at Ulanzi 
I think they were the first out of the gate to make this 
it's a wide-angled lens that you put onto the end of the camera like this 
it just screws on so this is what the shot looks like 
sorry, I've got some rain spots because it is starting to rain we're going to get through this quickly 
this is the shot with the wide angled lens on 
there's an added complication with the Sony zv1 as well which is that there's inbuilt stabilization so if I take the lens off 
I have now taken the built-in stabilization off 
it's called active stabilization 
I have no stabilization now and if I walk around you might notice that maybe it's not quite as steady as it could be 
so I'm going to walk to the end of the garden - this is with no wide angle lens on 
this is how I would hold the camera so this looks like a better shot because my face isn't quite as big 
but the movement is really jerky 
the zv1 has some inbuilt stabilisation which smoothes that out 
but to do that it zooms into the picture a bit so let me turn on the stabilization 
this is the camera the zv1 camera with active stabilization on so it should feel a bit smoother and a bit less jerky 
but look at the size of my face! I can't even look at the screen 
this is way too close for you to be near me 
I... I'll try and put the camera down - we'll do a straightforward side by side comparison now 
this is what the shot looks like normally with active stabilization with no lens stuck on the front and this is how the shot looks on the Sony zv1 with the Ulanzi wide angle lens so this is with the wide-angle lens on and this is with the wide-angled lens off so just pure natural camera lens 
you can see the shot is tighter 
this is how the shot looks with the wide angle lens back on the camera 
I've got two other features that I can show you if you are interested in this lens 
there's a link in the description uh down below 
if I go behind the camera you can zoom in - so the zoom seems to work completely normally and now going into digital Zoom
and I'm going to zoom out
so the zoom seems to work completely well with the wide-angle lens on 
let's go in further
I'll pan up
it's the same - stabilization seems to work and the zoom seems to work completely fine with the wide-angle lens on the camera this wide angle lens seems to have served me really well 
especially when I've been shooting in the bathroom for some of my DIY videos 
there's no way I could have done that on my zv-1 because the field of view would just be too tight so at least I can get most of the room in with this lens on 
but there are a few cons I think with this particular lens 
the biggest one is it's ugly! 
it looks stupid! 
I don't like my beautiful ZV-1 looking like this 
it's got this Big Blob on the end of that really elegant pop out Zoom and the worst thing is this, thing is held on by sticky tape!  
I've got some footage of... of unboxing the Ulanzi wide-angle lens 
this is what comes in... in the box but you need to stick a plate onto the end of your camera lens and this wide-angle lens then screws onto that plate 
now my plate looks slightly different because I've used the JJC stick-on plate 
I kind of like how the... the centre is cut out like a box but I'd already stuck mine on to the camera and it fit the Ulanzi lens so that was handy 
but it's a $700 camera and I'm sticking a lens on with double-sided sticky tape! 
Sony what are you doing to us! 
for me it's been useful: this has been stuck on here for two years and I've even been able to use the stick-on ring to put an autocue on the end of the camera 
I've got a link to that video for the autocue - portaprompt - that I use 
that's in the description but the ring has been on the whole time and I just hate my camera looking like this 
it looks like it's squished its nose or something but I have used this lens a lot so here are the pros 
the biggest one is that it's $50 at the moment so it's much cheaper than the Neewer wide angle lens that we're about to see in a moment 
the sticky tape that I've used has lasted two years so the system works 
I'm not looking forward to taking it off though 
I'm not sure how easy that's going to be 
there is also a macro lens on this thing 
so there are actually two lenses 
if I unscrew the outer one - it's a bit fiddly - but it leaves a second lens on the camera which is a macro lens 
which is a lens that you can hold very close up to close objects without it falling out of focus 
so I've got a really nice mushroom growing out of the table next to the Happy Hut. 
my demonstration table 
if I push close you can see how much detail it picks up so this is with active stabilization on and look how close I can go 
or I'm gonna get the mushroom touching my camera 
you see how close that is 
I'm going to grab my fake coffee in my YouTube logo mug
I'll leave a link in the description but this is a really sad and exciting time for me 
can you be excited sad? because we've got the Neewer - it's just about raining so this is very well timed 
I've got the Neewer wide angle lens waiting for me, so I'm going to take off the lens 
perhaps for the very last time so sad 
okay let's get the lens cap on thank you for your service 
now moment of truth - I'm going to take this ring off 
like I said it is JJC but it's exactly the same as the... the ring that comes with the Ulanzi 
I think I'm going to borrow my daughter's hair dryer to warm up the glue gently 
I probably... probably don't need the diffuser do I 
I'll give the uh the windshield a fluffy hairdo! there we go whoa! there we go 
and oh can it be true? oh let's take... it's brilliant the tape has stuck to the ring not my beautiful lens 
oh hello lens there you are! 
I've missed you! 
you now look like how cameras look 
now we get to fit the Neewer wide angle lens so the first thing we need to do is to fit the tube onto the camera 
in the instructions it says that the Neewer logo should be up 
I guess they want it to be seen but also there is some kind of strange cut out here so if you put it this way up I guess it... it can do that but if you if you put it on the way they suggest then the centre cut out means that it's kind of flush with the bottom of the camera 
so I'll get the precious Allen key and as you've probably guessed it grips the outside of the lens on the zv1 
I kind of like the look of this! I might leave it on 
so now this is on, you then line up the tube the extension tube - Red Dot to Red Dot and press the button on the side here and now when you turn the camera on... because it pushes it out slightly so I'm going to turn it off 
There we go - it disappears inside 
now we can put the lens on 
now one question I... I did have when I was buying this was can you put the Ulanzi lens - where is it? 
can you put the Ulanzi lens on this extension tube? and you can't, because they're two completely different sizes 
yeah that doesn't fit at all 
and then we'll just screw it on here - take the lens cap off - I prefer the look of this 
I feel like I can hold the camera with it 
it has a like a rubberized grip so this section here this ring here is rubberized which feels it feels really good to hold 
the rest is plastic for weight and this is metal and glass 
this is bolted on and it... it feels great so you press the button to release the tube and the lens like that and put it back 
oh this is good - this already feels good 
I'll turn the zv1 on 
it pushes out slightly - there's some people online saying it looks really loose and dangly 
I guess if you really give it some Force the spring inside does give a little 
you do really have to boing it up and down to do that if you're just holding it... it doesn't feel too bad 
let's turn the camera on and we are now recording on the zv1 
I'm actually holding the camera by the Neewer extension tube this is how the Neewer wide angle lens looks on the Sony zv1 
I'm holding the camera like vloggers do 
what I can do, I can just pop the button to take the lens off and we can compare it with how the zv1 looks with no wide angle lens so... whoa this... oh sorry I'm shaking a bit 
this is how the zv1 looks with no wide angle lens on - straight out the camera 
this is what it looks like at arm's length with active stabilization 
this is how the wide angled lens looks the Neewer wide-angle lens for the Sony zv1 this is how it looks! 
this is how the Ulanzi wide-angle lens looks with active stabilization and with me holding the camera at arm's length 
we'll do a side-by-side comparison so this is the Neewer action lens at arm's length on the Sony zv1 camera - active stabilization 
and I've got this playlist! 
my zv1 playlist: my Sony zv1 videos all of them - accessories, tips and tricks, everything that I've gathered while using my camera for two years I put into that playlist there 
can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click on his face, thanks bye! 
hi alright this is gonna be the proper one right?

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