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Gift ideas for men - boyfriend, friend, brother, husband, dad, teacher - presents for him

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These gifts changed my life. IDEAS for dad, boyfriend, brother, husband, teacher or best friend!

OF COURSE these gift ideas are great for anyone, but listing this as for men to help everyone searching gift ideas for Boyfriend, Dad, Husband, Brother, Teacher, Boss, Best friend or any friends!
Could equally be a great gift idea for girlfriend, wife, sister, mother or Mom in your life.



I’ve also got lots of other bits in here....
It's robust! 
Hello, I know what you want! 
you are looking for gift ideas for him 
for men 
a gift idea for the man in your life, maybe it's a brother, husband, teacher, best friend... who knows 
it doesn't even have to be a man! 
I’ve got you covered. This is a quite a talky video but I’m going to go through a whole list of gift ideas for him. And everything on this list has been honestly... it's been transformative in my life, so I’m just sharing them in the hope that it might spark some ideas for you... if you are looking for gift ideas for a birthday or anniversary or Christmas! 
Christmas is coming! 
And they're also listed below in the description, so if you want to jump ahead any time you can just click on the little time stamps in the description. 
Let's dive into the first one, and this was a surprise for me because I got this as a gift and at first I thought it was one of those gimmicky gifts. 
You know the kind of things that you see in catalogues, or the “sharper image”. 
This is absolutely brilliant! 
It is a laptop or work desk for your lap so it's like a lap tray that's built for doing work on. 
I didn't think I’d use it and I’ve ended up using this every single day. 
Here's some completely not-staged footage of me at work using it in an armchair. 
These are the things I like about it: these are padded and the fabric is really nice. 
It feels quite luxurious, it's a bit like sofa material and the base... this is like a carbon fibre material. I don't know if that's coming across on the camera. 
There's a carry handle to move it around the house or bring it back when someone else has been using it - which happens quite a lot. 
And over here there's like a mouse pad here, and it's mouse material but up here you've got a thing to hold... hold a phone if you want that while you're working. 
You can have your little timer going. 
I think this is great and there's a link to it down below in the description. 
You'll be pleased to know the next gift idea is really cheap! 
I got this from poundland so you can get this from a dollar store or a pound store wherever you are in the world. Whatever currency you have. 
It's a correction pen - a white out pen. 
This has changed my life. I don't know if you have this problem and I don't know why men are obsessed with this, but I am. 
When you get devices they come with transformers and the boxes start to all look the same and you have no idea which box is for which. 
So I use this for labelling my plugs and the amount of plugs that have had to be thrown away has dropped a lot. 
And the number of devices that keep working is also increased, so if anything this... this pen is great for the environment! 
This is me demonstrating it just to ram the point home. All we need to do is to warm it up on a bit of paper. Get some white goo on the end so that it writes smoothly and then you can graffiti your plugs however you like. 
This plug is for my electric screwdriver. Look how easy it is to label this. 
You can get these in supermarkets, stationery stores... or there's a link in the description if you want to get one from Amazon. 
The next gift idea is maybe a little bit personal maybe a bit intimate? 
It's this! It's the Philips 3000 shaver. 
It's wet and dry: this shaver is absolutely brilliant and I don't wet shave. 
I’ve never wet shaved there's a whole other video that I need to make about that but it means that I am really, really fussy about my electric shavers. 
It's absolutely gorgeous. It's really easy to clean. You can dry shave or the kicker for me is that you can use this in the shower. 
Let's face it we're just out and out lazy. 
It's cordless, it's rechargeable and there's a really clear display to show you how much charge is left in the thing. 
There's a little beard trimmer at the back there and you can wash it. 
You can open it, empty it really easily but you can rinse it out in the shower or under a tap which is absolutely crucial... to be able to just drag this across your face and rinse it is... is absolutely brilliant. 
This is the next gift idea: not the beaten up trainer but this is a retractable elastic drawstring to replace your shoelaces. 
These are called lock laces and they're basically elasticated shoelaces so you don't have to... you don't have to do your laces up! 
I absolutely love these and I’ve put lock laces on all my trainers and even my walking boots. 
They even come in different colours so I’ve gone for blue on these hiking boots. 
Now this might come as a shock or you might have noticed that the man in your life is phenomenally lazy. 
We call it being time efficient or “prioritizing our tasks” but basically we're just out and out lazy and if we can save time doing up our shoelaces then... then this is a win! 
Let me show you how easy they are to put on and I’ll speed this up: so firstly you take your old laces off and then thread these through like they're normal laces. 
Next you put the gripper on and then cut them for length and then you can attach this tag on the end and that stops the gripper from falling off. 
I’ve tried other brands and they're okay but the reason I love the lock laces is the gripper... the gripper is so much easier to use. Like even within “not doing up your shoelaces” lock laces are even lazier and obviously if you want to check out the lock laces there's a link to them on Amazon down in the description. 
The next gift idea for him or any best friend is for the kitchen! 
It's a Microplane and if you've not used one of these before they are brilliant. 
They are like a very very fine grater. 
You can use it on chocolate to sprinkle some on top of your coffee, or put in an ice cream. 
Ginger for cooking or those power coffees you know those power coffees “that men drink”. 
This isn't a power coffee. You know the ones where they put the coconut oil in and some ginger. You can use it to grate garlic and I actually prefer to use this over a garlic crusher because it's so much quicker and easy to clean. 
I think it also goes in just a bit finer as well. 
And the one we use it for the most is parmesan cheese! On top of that lovely Bolognese sauce. 
We say parmesan, do you say parmesan? 
All you have to do is rinse it to clean it so we're back on that laziness slash time management hack. 
Anyway I think the microplane is a really unusual idea for your BBDH: your brother boyfriend dad or husband. 
Or all of them! 
The next gift idea for him is an expensive one, whoa hello! 
So maybe this is more for Christmas or holiday or a birthday? 
It's a Bosch GSB 18 volt cordless drill
Oh that's brilliant 
Red arrows! 
Look at that it's... it's the red arrows! Flying over.
Okay I don't know what impression we give of um life in the United Kingdom but it's not every day that the red arrows flying formation team fly over you while you're making a youtube video!
I don't think I caught any of that did I? 
Okay I’m not sure I kept my composure then but I could see just over the camera 
I could see this arrow formation of our nation's elite royal air force pilots just flying over and I’m here with a drill! 
Back to the Bosch GSB 18v. 
I don’t know if I’ll leave that in!
It also has a hammer action and you can use this as a power screwdriver. 
I am absolutely inseparable from this drill. It comes in this robust carry case. 
I’ve also got lots of other bits in here.
It's robust. 
I wish I could show it to you looking pristine but I use it all the time so here's some clips from some of my other DIY videos on this channel. 
What I love about the Bosch drill is that it feels really substantial and it actually comes with an extra battery. 
But the batteries last ages of mine and not just because I don't do any work around the house! 
I know men are particular about their tools and buying one unannounced might not be a great idea but I just wanted to share that this one has been absolutely great for me. 
I can't believe the red arrows flied past and I didn't film it.
Let's go for a gift idea now that is a lot cheaper but it is just as tough. 
This is my metal water bottle. 
The ones that I buy are from a brand called ion8. 
You can get these in a whole range of different colours and you can see that this one my one is absolutely battered because I’ve used it daily for about three years. 
The kids have these too so I’ve engraved my name on the bottom here and here's some footage from when it was brand new. 
Pristine, happier times. 
I don't like plastic water bottles. 
I don't like how plastic water bottles make my water taste all plasticky so having a metal water canteen makes me feel like Jocko Willink. 
You know that famous army guy. 
He calls it a canteen except you know mine's pink. 
The next three gift ideas are a bit more touchy-feely. 
Oh it's gone a bit quiet isn't it? 
After that testosterone from the red arrows. 
So they might come off as just a bit more thoughtful for your bbdh, your boyfriend brother dad husband? 
These gifts have transformed my life so they're a bit more left field. 
The first gift idea is this: I wish I had a copy that I could hold up and show to you but I’ve ended up giving it away to so many people because it's such a good book. 
It's a book called Sleep by Nick Littlehales and he is a sleep coach for elite athletes and elite performers. 
He was the first sleep coach for Manchester United? 
You might have heard of this football team or soccer team wherever you are in the world and he basically trained footballers how to sleep properly. 
And what's great about his book is that he shares all of these techniques for getting better sleep. 
He also describes how he trained the whole of team sky when that became a phenomenon in the tour de france and what he'd do in the bedroom - how he'd arrange the bedroom and the cleaning procedures that he'd go through to help improve their sleep. 
As you may know sleep is where we repair our bodies every night and Nick Littlehales’ book goes into really accessible detail about how our bodies go through these 90-minute sleep cycles all the way through the day and night. 
And what I love about the book is that he explains how you can deploy these power naps during the day just like team sky, chris froome, manchester united... 
There's also some really funny stories in there about footballers with plasma screens and how their girlfriends have decorated their bedrooms and how that affects your sleep adversely, so it's worth it for that and it's worth it for the team sky tour de france stories. 
So anyway that's Sleep by Nick Littlehales. 
The final gift idea - my gift to you - this I think this has probably had the greatest effect on my life... is this! 
It's a meditation technique called Acem. 
It was developed by some Norwegian students in the 60s and they run courses basically teaching you how to do meditation. 
I thought the course is perfect for me I took it about three years ago and the technique is really simple. 
You just sit in a chair like this, sit upright close your eyes, and they give you a meditation sound but it's basically a nonsense word. 
It's a nonsense sound of about three syllables, and you just say this sound in your head over and over again in a loop with your eyes closed.
And the weirdest thing happens it's... it's brilliant. 
It's like um... it's like having a reset button. 
Because your eyes are closed and because you're saying this thing that doesn't make any sense over and over again, your amygdala - the bit of your brain that looks for threats and panics - eventually it just kind of shuts off because there's nothing to... to worry about. There's nothing to think about, and while you're doing it you get these thoughts coming into your head the... you know just stuff like “haven't paid the bill” or something that you've remembered from earlier in the week. 
These thoughts pop into your head while you're meditating and unlike mindfulness meditation, it's totally okay, these... to have these thoughts popping in. 
All you've got to do is to just keep saying this nonsense sound over and over again in your head. 
I think you're advised to do it for about 45 minutes a day. 
I do it for 10 minutes sometimes and it's like... it's just like flipping an on and off switch and you're just ready to do something after the meditation. 
It's like your mind has been cleared of junk. 
I’m just offering it as a gift idea that the ability to just take a break and to take a rest and to shut your eyes and to have something to do while your eyes are shut is... it's a really gorgeous thing. 
So I know that's a slightly uh odd and unexpected one to end on but I hope there's something... it may be the drill... Maybe the drill is the way to go for your boyfriend husband brother or dad, but if you have any gift ideas for him, for men, leave them in the in the comments. 
I’d love to hear them and I’d love to try them out as well. 
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