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Lidl Vs Aldi New Supermarket in the UK

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I'm cheating on our regular supermarket, Lidl. An Aldi has opened up today 20m closer to our house so let's brazenly walk in and take in the delights of a new supermarket smell. Just don't tell the Lidl.
And I also use the stuff from Aldi to make my daily egg frittata or omelette, with the chorizo and button cup mushrooms. But is THIS the start of VLOGMAS?!

I'm cheating on our supermarket... VLOGMAS!



Hello welcome back to the channel I don't know if I'm going to release this video because today I'm... I'm going to cheat on my Supermarket 
So around the corner from us we've got a supermarket called Lidl it's uh... it's one of the lower end supermarkets in here in the UK 
They're all over Europe I think they're over the United States as well 
I mean we use it because it's cheap but also because it's the nearest and it served us really well over the years but... I've made some videos about it on this channel 
But over the years the staff are brilliant but the supermarket itself is... is now getting a bit tired... a bit run down like me! 
And lately I don't know if you... you you're experiencing this with your Supermarket but the shelves are just bare empty and most other supermarkets they sort of make an effort to spread the stuff out to cover up the supply issues... the supply chain issues that we're facing here in the UK at the moment for obvious reasons 
But they haven't even got the stuff to spread out on the shelves because that's partly what I'm doing... why I'm thinking of cheating on them 
The second reason is that their main competitor - that their arch rival - their Nemesis  - has opened up a branch and it's about 20 metres nearer to us... so not only do we get a brand new supermarket and the excitement of another chain 
And it's the head-to-head rival... 
But it's... it's... it's brand new and more importantly it's less far to walk 
I'm gonna buy the three products that are usually buy in Lidl... I'm gonna buy them in Aldi and I'll see if I save any money 
We're here! It’s all new - look benches! 
You can sit down and... look at the car park!
New baskets - look - the hand sanitizer stand doesn’t fall over when you touch it!
The doors don’t... The doors don’t fall off when you touch them! I know, this is the first product that I wanted to buy: mushrooms for my omelettes, £1.25 so we’ll see how that compares
Now the next thing I need to find is chorizo slices.
The thing with the German supermarkets is that they... they know to do their meat...
I can’t find the chorizo
Okay, I’ve found it - and it looks like it’s the same price! 89p
It’s so clean! Now the last thing I need is erm some Gouda slices - or is it Gouda slices? Leave me a comment below, how do you pronounce it? 
I'm gonna try and not be distracted by the stuff in the middle 
the Aisle of Aldi... is that what we call it? 
now the gouda slices usually cost about three pounds 20 so let's see how much they cost here
It's £3.19, which I think is exactly the same as Lidle. 
it's literally penny for Penny identical to Lidl... except without the bare empty shelves and the wobbly cleaning station 
I've got completely distracted by the dog harness 
I think I'm gonna get this for Casper - apparently it lights up - charger - and the neon dog coat 
I think he's gonna like this - we were actually looking for one - which is the trouble with the middle of the aisle things - they are things that are sort of in the back of your head 
Okay I spent way too much than I should have done 
Let's uh let's go to the checkouts now and see the damage
What I actually went for
oh yeah okay thanks
oh cool I like the attention 
Well that went really well! 
I went in to spend about four pounds and came out spending 32 pounds something but oh there's nothing like a brand new Supermarket to lift the spirits is there? 
look Casper I got stuff! I got stuff for you! quick find the shoe well done! all right should we go and put the stuff on you'll have a little doggy fashion show while I make an omelette with my Aldi stuff 
come on then Casper come here Casper come! good boy! look what Daddy's got! oh what is it what is it? ready? yeah I can't do this with one hand 
oh yeah very good you're helping aren't you? right you ready? sit! 
you look like a member of the emergency services! 
oh Casper you look... you look ready to have your pay cut by the government! oh Casper! oh it's beautiful oh yeah give us a wag! very good boy! oh I think that's a hit because we bought a coat before and the trouble was there was so much coat that it was basically all around his bits and pieces 
although - this is fairly close to his bits and pieces so when he goes for a tiddle it just goes all over the coat 
That's how dog coats work isn't it? let me know if I'm doing this wrong but I think he's just gonna wee all over the underside of that 
I was kind of hoping it'll all be lit like um some kind of neon stripe?
I think that's a hit! we'll adjust it - Casper that looks amazing! oh it looks amazing Look at that - make it twinkle? 
let me share some closing Thoughts with you while I make the omelette with the Aldi stuff
So there’s this thing on YouTube called Vlogmas, I’m sure you’ve heard of it - It’s where vloggers try to make a video every day through December 
I've never done it before and I'm thinking of giving it a try 
what do you think? oh these chorizo slices look smaller 
thing is, I don't know if it's a... if it's a good idea 
I think it is a good idea because it just means I get to share more junk like this but this is a LIDL chorizo slice - chorizo - this is an Aldi chorizo - chorizo slice 
I have to put one on top of the other yeah it's definitely smaller look at that! 
the Lidl chorizo slice is much more generous than the Aldi one 
that's Lidl and ALDI 
it's exactly the same weight but there are 22 slices and this has 24 slices 
it's exactly the same product for exactly the same price but shaped differently 
we need two eggs - so I don't know I'm just thinking of making a video every day just to see what would happen but I don't even know if I can keep up one video every day 
so I take the two eggs 
anyway put the two eggs in 
I know what my first vlogmas videos would be 
I could fix the leak over there, I'd clean out my Phillishave - you know it's really exciting stuff! uh what else? oh and I’d share, I’d share how I got the scaffolding Tower up on the... the side of the... the building here last week and survived! 
so I cut the chorizo pieces into, well, into pieces 
I cut the slices into bits 
I'll bring the camera around - I'll get two mushrooms - I'll get three because they're little 
I'll just cut these up and I should wash them but I like living dangerously 
and then I get a knob of butter [Music] and then I fry the mushrooms or saute them or just make them warm and buttery 
I put the chorizo in at the same time so I'm doing this with one hand not very proficiently 
the gouda slices or gouda slices are for a roll later... I didn't get any rolls! didn't get any bread! future Neil, quick! go back and get some bread! 
I'm gonna whisk the egg and I'll just sling this into the pot
[Music] I like to not disturb it so that all the bits are evenly distributed but I always mess that up so let's just Stir It
I wanted to share this with you for a long time and the trick is to get it solid without it burning 
right it's the moment of truth 
can I get this flipped over without it falling? right I usually have a success rate of about one in ten so it's gonna be really unlucky If This falls apart on me, on camera 
but I am doing it one-handed 
Shall I go for it? oh almost yeah yeah! I'm calling that a Dad delivers success! 
I did it! I did it! it flipped! 
it sort of stayed in one piece and that's it - that's my beautiful egg frittata slash omelette slash first time at Aldi and YouTube can put up a window of one of the other videos 
there'll probably be a how-to that you're not interested in so let's see what it offers can you please help my daddy get 10000 subscribers just click in his face thanks bye all right this is gonna be the proper one right?

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