Tuesday, 28 July 2015

How to earn a Silver, Gold, or Diamond Play Button on YouTube...

Love this - Looks like YouTube is now awarding buttons for subscribers...

100,000 subs for silver, 1 million for gold, 10 million gets diamond.

"How does it feel to earn the Silver, Gold, or Diamond Play Button?"

It's the relentless optimism of the YouTube community...

It's infectious.

I've got 11 subscribers.

I think that gets me a brown button.

Well I haven't exactly got it yet.

I need to make one.

Thanks to the kids, it'll almost definitely be "out of Hama beads".

And then I'll make a video of it.

And then I'll put it on YouTube.


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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Made a welcome video. Got attacked by an ostrich.

Finally got round to redoing the welcome video...
It's been bugging me for ages, because the last one is almost as old as my kids.

Edited it using youtube's in-built video editor, and put it on the "Dads With Action Cameras (with no action to point them at)" playlist.

Think it's come out alright.
Even if I didn't.

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How I punish my son. With the Tour De France.

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Sunday, 5 July 2015

How I punish my son. With the Tour De France.

My son was misbehaving at bedtime.

So I punished him by making him watch an Individual Time Trial stage of the Tour De France.

The real-time coverage, not the edited highlights.

Poor thing. Barely kept his eyes open.

Here's some of my favourite Tour De France clips from over the years, all in a handy post...

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Writing more powerful drama and comedy... by combining Sacred and Profane...

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