Sunday, 29 March 2015

May we ask again, What's In Your Fruitbowl? #WhatsInYourFruitBowl

You know you're a tightwad dad, when you play another round of #WhatsInYourFruitBowl

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More sacred and profane for the list...

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Friday, 27 March 2015

More sacred and profane for the list...

There's a writing theory that something has more impact - it's funnier or more dramatic - if something sacred is combined with something profane.

Not done this for a bit, but every Friday I add a few more to the lists of "Sacred and Profane".



Head Office
Fashion model
Summer’s day
Breast milk
Rose petals

= Sacred and Profane)

Toxic chemicals
Ink stain

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Friday, 20 March 2015

Another load of fave Seth Godin posts...

When Push Comes To Hug
This is a much more stable response than pushing coming to shoving, because shoving often leads to something unsustainable.
Hugging is a surprising and difficult response to pushing, but it changes the trajectory, doesn't it?
Full post here

Mass production and mass media
The smart creators today are seeing the shift and doing precisely the opposite:
Produce for a micro market.
Market to a micro market.
When someone wants to know how big you can make (your audience, your market share, your volume), it might be worth pointing out that it's better to be important, to be in sync, to be the one that's hard to be replaced. And the only way to be important is to be relevant, focused and specific.
Full post here

How loud and how angry
"Compare this to the amateur world of media, of customer service and of marketing. Whoever yells the loudest gets our attention. Twitter users who use cutting language to get someone at a company to feel badly. Emailers who should know better who mark their notes as urgent, even when they're not. Politicians who take umbrage as if umbrage was on sale."
"It should be clear (compared to say, astronauts and surgeons) that these people aren't angry because so much is at stake. They're angry because it works. Because attention is reserved in those industries for those who decide to demonstrate their emotions by throwing a tantrum..."
Full post here

Your mood vs. your reality
"The simple shortcut: the way we respond to the things that we can't change can instantly transform our lives. "That's interesting," is a thousand times more productive than, "that's terrible." Even more powerful is our ability to stop experiencing failure before it even happens, because, of course, it usually doesn't."
Full post here

Clear language and respect
If the agreement starts with "whereas" and continues along with, "notwithstanding the foregoing," and when it must be decoded by a lawyer on the other side, something has gone wrong. These codewords, and the dense language that frequently appears in legal agreements, are symptoms of a system out of whack. It's possible to be precise without being obtuse.
Full post here

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Flying Lizards TV on the TV, and I dont know why I love it so much.

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Flying Lizards TV on the TV, and I dont know why I love it so much.

Watched the 1980 Top of the Pops with the kids on BBC Four at the weekend.
(I make it sound like a communal activity, but it involves me shouting over their moaning to get Rescue Bots or Frozen, Tangle, or Puppies (101 Dalmations) back on for half an hour).

We've got a fair system of "GONG" though, where we shout "GONG!" and fast-forward through the rubbish songs. Have to overrule some of those (Dr. Hook usually gets short shrift) but...

When this track came on we all went quiet.
Dropped our jaws to the floor.
And let it play in real time.

It got to the end, and the six-year old said very quietly (having giggled all the way through it)... "Can I see that again?"

So on it went.

I had to rewind to the Simon Bates intro, and whack on the subtitles to get who this was.
(The BBC subtitlers are saints in our noisy house.)

We watched it five more times.
I've watched a lot of old telly (sometimes as a job).
But I've never seen or heard this.
So I started looking up other videos about them.


Deborah Evans-Stickland interview part 1

Deborah Evans-Stickland interview part 1

Flying Lizards on Australian 'Countdown' on 30.03.1980

Made a page for all my fave 70s TV music performances... and dug it up to link here

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So, when did we start starting sentences with so?

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Monday, 16 March 2015

So when did we start starting sentences with so?

So, I have a blog post in my head.
It's about how people now use the word SO at the start of a sentence.
Always when answering a really straightforward either-or question.

"Are you around to meet up at 4."
"So, I've got a meeting at 3.30..."

It's a yes-no question.
We don't need to bring "so" into it, do we?
It's not yes or no or so.

I've only noticed it in the last year.
(Or the last year or SO).
Maybe people always did it.

But it sounds like a bit of media-training daftness that Chief Executives and Spokesmouths are taught to do. To 'regain' control of the conversation.
But when you notice it, it's really, really annoying.

But what's more annoying is that I'm doing it now.
All the time.
"Do you want red or yellow sauce on your hotdog?"
"So, the thing with the sauce situation is..."

Even my six-year old's on it.
"Did you have a nice day at school?"
"So, when I came home from school..."

Maybe soon we'll start routinely ending sentences with "...could you please not start a whole new imaginary conversation and just answer the damn question..."

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