Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Xmas RDA - first week comp show from The Recommended Daily Allowance with John Gordillo

So for the quiet days through the Christmas shutdown, going to upload and link to The Recommended Daily Allowance, just so they're out there.

Sporadically get comments and messages asking if there's any more eps, so here's the lot - every compilation show I can manage - over the next few days...

(S1E20 looks a bit corrupted... so that might not come out, yet or ever)

The RDA with John Gordillo S1E05Pt1 - Recommended Daily Allowance

The RDA with John Gordillo S1E05Pt2

Standup comedian Paul Foot "I have a sore throat"
Sally Gray "I have no idea who you are" - man humping the ground on BBC Record Breakers, most press ups in one minute,
Britt Eckland, and the Jim Davidson Generation Game audience
Discussion of word battyman, what is boring
Lets go to their studio. "If you were Jay Leno, you could do that"
Television Centre corridors, wave with Jim Davidson
Playground Insult Update with teachers live from Cardiff, Liverpool and Bristol
- You fat bap, you donut / doughnut, muppet, nugget, Sly, shady, slack, off key, being extra, facety, extra, mild, your bret stinks, you need a haircut, your mum followed by anything. Your mums a ho.
Jingles night from radio stations. Radio Shropshire full jingle theme with images from todays world news. (Oswestry to Ellesmere)

Full Series - all the episodes of The RDA here

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