Monday, 3 September 2012

Setting the clock on a Lamona oven - UNDERSTANDING YOUR BRITISH DAD #BRITISHDAD

- Setting the clock on a Lamona oven -

changing the time on a howdens kitchen lamona oven, or set the clock

Here’s how to change the clock on a Lamona oven.

Hold down the first two buttons on the left,

then keep holding those 2 buttons down while you use the + or - buttons to set the time.

Here's a badly shot video!

It's not funny and by the time you see this, it’s probably not much use to you either.

But at least I know where I can find the answer now.

I get at least 10 hits per day from people searching for this.
You must all have Howdens Kitchens.

Also - don't think the Lamona oven works until the clock has been set...

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