Thursday, 19 April 2012

DadDesk: Why am I teaching my toddlers about exotic animals?

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Why am I teaching my toddlers the names of exotic animals?

When you get a kid, it's like a given that at some stage you'll make sure they learn the difference between a zebra and a hippo.

When did that happen?

Surely they could do with the names of things that they're more likely to meet
Like Darren. Or South West Trains.

And when did all that start?

Biologically, have we always been teaching our kids the names of things that they are highly unlikely to come across?

I get that it's a good linguistic tool - to stretch their vocabulary to more abstract places...

But why not office equipment?

Or the words to Bohemian Rhapsody?

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Some responses:
@DaveEdw42 interesting. I believe it's useful to teach a toddler anything. It's interaction that's important not content. Animals easiiest?

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

My all-time favourite scene about TV sitcom writing.

It's from Sitting Pretty,
a sitcom-within-a-movie from the barely-known Danny DeVito film "The Ratings Game"...

...and my writing buddy @rowsdowser and I ended up doing an impression of this scene every time we completed a script.

I've put it at number 12 of my 100 all-time Favourite TV - The full list is here.

<-- #11 Pipkins

#13 Engelbert Humperdinck on the 1979 BBC Christmas VT tape -->

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Monday, 16 April 2012

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Watching TV with the kids...

I want to live with the Cbeebies presenters.

They can afford to do potato prints on an Orla Kiely tablecloth.

Turns out watching Rastamouse with my son doesn't count as raising him bilingual.

My 2 year old loves recognising both Brian May & Andrew Marr on the telly.
I feel a KILLER cbeebies pitch coming on.

(They've done Grandpa In My Pocket...
... hope that doesn't nix Andy-Marr in Brian May's Guitar Amp Socket.)

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Children's Story Idea:
The Princess and the Pee.
She could tell when there was some Pee on the mattress.

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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Fave TV #11 - Pipkins

My favourite kids show growing up was this.

Weird seeing it now. Don't think I fully appreciated the ATV gritty studio-drama realism - the detail of that brickwork... get that urban background cityscape buzz track on the sound.

For the first UK kids raised entirely on colour television, this audio sting usually triggers something in a very specific demographic...

This is #11 of my 100 all-time Favourite TV - The full list is here.

<-- #10 Best Action Scene, Ever, Ever, Ever

#12 My all-time favourite scene about TV sitcom writing -->

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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Someone cuts you up? Tailgating? Want to send them a message?

Something for the Easter weekend if you're out driving via @jonmacqueen

Someone cuts you up? Tailgating?

Here's the very British answer: send a message to the car.

Don't get mad. Email a car. lets you leave a public anonymous message for any road user in the world using their car number / registration plate. Check your messages too.

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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Why do all Elderly Crossing road signs show an apparently old heterosexual couple?

She's groping his bum.

It says Elderly People crossing, but she is groping his bum.

Source: Ethan Prater

I love how all Elderly Crossing signs around the world show a heterosexual couple crossing the road.

And I love how he is the one leading.

It’s courteous.

Even though he clearly has difficulty walking.

What kind of cow is that "woman" behind him?

Maybe the figure behind is a transvestite.

Forgive me, I'm making all kinds of assumptions...

For all I know that figure in front could be a woman too.

I think this one is from South Korea.

Source: Audreytravels

Here's one from Canada.

Source: Duncan Creamer

This is the Japanese one.

Source: Julia

And here it is in Welsh.

Source: RogerWendell

The Man (or the male-dressed/moustacheoed one) always looks like he's leading.

Maybe that generation of road sign stick person doesn't feel comfortable being out as a same sex couple.

Here are some of your replies...

I always find it a bit sad. Nowadays couldn't they be enjoying their retirement?
Could he hold a silhouette of a golf club?

(Wonder what she would be carrying?)

For her: maybe a carrier bag? She's taking something back to Next, he's dropping her off on the way to golf. Happy days.

(Maybe she’s exchanging that black housecoat for another black housecoat?)

I would also prefer to see them more erect. Maybe she does pilates now and her posture is improved. Why stoop?

Like the way chap with stick, and unsteady pins, pushed to front. 'Sweet lord them cars are fast. After you dear'.

either that or she's going for his pension

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