Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The News Has Jumped The Shark - and other #DadDirt 183-189

Things in my head next week.

Monday 11 December
The News has jumped the shark.

Tuesday 12 December
I bought 4 terabytes of storage space.
But I’ve only got 183 gigabytes of life to store.

Wednesday 13 December
When you see your bin men in another street on another day, they are absolutely cheating on you.

Thursday 14 December
I always mix up the windscreen wiper and headlights stalks and look like I get angry every time it rains.

Friday 15 December
Be famous for 15 hundred people.

Saturday 16 December
When you’re avoiding dairy, you can have cheese if you use it like chewing tobacco.

Sunday 17 December
We are the cleverest animals on Earth, because we've managed to work out how to cage ourselves.

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