Thursday, 6 October 2011

Meet my lookalike. Footballer Andy Johnson.

My lookalike, footballer Andy Johnson, used to play with CHANG on his top.

andy johnson, andrew johnson, Everton, Fulham FC

In my top, I have changs.

Do you think I should maybe write to him, or contact him?

Does anyone out there have an 'in' with Andrew Johnson?

UPDATE 10.6.12 - Here are some of the replies...

brad pitt

this will be me in ten years time....
(daniel stern..he was in home alone and city slickers)

I'm told I look like French midfielder Samir Nasri:

@NeilMossey Nah you look more like

My famous lookalike was Tom Selleck when I was much younger (according to my sisters). I never saw it, tho.

mine's Mick Hucknall

More like Colonel Sanders

Updated the post "Do You Have A Famous Lookalike? This is mine..." here.

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