Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Toddler Quotes

Some Toddler Quotes:

"High fibe".

Son, sat on sofa eating ice cream he served for himself by taking it out of the freezer.
"It's not real. It's just pretend mummy".

Singing to the Andrew Marr Show title sequence music every Sunday morning.
It’s Andrew Marr.
He’s in his car.
And, he’s driving in to work.
Herrre comes Aaandrew Marr!

Have you ever tried describing the concept of ME to a 2 year old?
Its a bit like a knockoff Abbot and Costello sketch.
("That's me.
That's me.
No, you say that's you.
No, that's me.
No, that's me, Daddy.
That's me.") etc.

Every time son sees someone wearing a bowler hat, he starts singing:
"Every body's going to the party.
Every body's going to the party.
Every body's going to the party..."

"Fffft plsssth".
(Translation: Open the car roof, please)

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