How to write for webseries, or online drama, or multiplatform narrative

Here are all the links I've gathered, and presentations I've written, on writing for webseries... (Or online drama, or multiplatform narrative, or transmedia storytelling)

Over time, I'll add my commentary to these, so feel free to check back here for updates.
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When I first started to talk about writing for online, back in 2008, I had to explain what a social network was.

Nowadays, I need to explain what bebo was - the social network which hosted the drama on which I wrote.

Anyway, first up... as a case study and an explanation - this news package explains the phenomenon that was lonelygirl15.

Lonelygirl15 outed

Then a UK spin-off of lonelygirl15 was commissioned. KateModern.

It used to take me about 20 minutes to explain how it worked, and why it was a bit of a milestone.

Then I found this video, where Ralf Little manages to do the same in two soundbites.

Katemodern behind the scenes - and explained on GMTV...

KateModern looks like it has very low video production values -- a downside of making the vlogging characters authentic.

But, to me, this makes the 67 million cumulative video hits it clocked up by the final episode all the more remarkable.

It tapped into a way of presenting characters which was truly native to how social networks work.

Scripting and storylining an online webseries

The KateModern bebo home page seems now to have been dismantled - so the screengrabs in this next presentation might be all that exists of it. I'll record my commentary to this next powerpoint one day soon, I promise.

Writing on katemodern

Example of interactivity: Outta Here clue resolve

And here is a PDF of the script for this episode.

Example of a live event: 4pm webcast... look at the comments at 02:10!

Writing for multiplatform - The choices you make

Here's another brilliant example of another webseries - episode 1 of THE GUILD

Felicia Day talks about her experiences in creating online shows:

Girls Go Geek - Interview with Felicia Day

Another example of an interactive webseries - IN THE MOTHERHOOD

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