Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Should I keep going? DAY 009 #TightwadDad Vlog 134

I am a #TightwadDad and making my family happy with...

Should I keep going? DAY 009 #TightwadDad Vlog

In these videos, I share everything that we're spending every day online, ooh look old car.
And do you think - cuz you think I should do this for ten days don't you?
Do you think we're gonna spend much today?
What time is it?
It's the first day back at home working for myself after five weeks of working somewhere else for someone else.
I think I'll start like I usually start which is dumping out everything in my head for half an hour
So this could... these aren't even plugged in.
So now it's two o'clock and for some reason we have not spent anything today
which is good and-- I don't know maybe... because I've only got one more day of recording these and sharing them on video, maybe doing that is somehow stopping us from spending?
Maybe it's having an effect on what we're doing?
I haven't even looked at our direct debits yet so that could all go horribly wrong but maybe I should keep going with this?
So we're on our way to football now.
hey I nice only spent on bread today!
I like it when we're late for something, because the other person always grips the handle.
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